Will I Ever Be Able To Consume Cannabis Again?

  1. Try some delta 8 or CBD weed it's much more milder and still offers the health benefits/pain relief of normal cannabis. I found since I don't smoke often anymore weed gets me too high and I get that bad anxiety but delta 8 always puts me in the sweet spot, I just have to smoke a little more to get a good buzz going.

  2. If smoking gives you bad bad anxiety it is for a reason, listen to your body and mind and just accept it I guess? I had the same problem and now I am not smoking anymore since 5 years.

  3. Yeah I agree for the most part. I'm going on one year now. Just miss the fun of buying pieces and smoking with friends and coworkers. Nothing like taking a hit off one of those double bubble glass bongs.

  4. For me if i take a tolerance break(6 months or longer) any time i smoke will be overwhelming until i build up the tolerance again. I'll basically just freak out and have a panic attack every time I smoke on low tolerance

  5. Same thing happened to me I can no longer smoke weed and I still have the anxiety thing just not as intense as it used to be it was really bad are you able to trip anymore?

  6. I haven't even attempted tripping again since then. I figure if I can't even consume cannabis anymore, I doubt I could handle an actual trip.

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