its 95*F, supposed to be 104*F later. I live in MN

  1. I even setup a pool for him, all he does is walk thru and take a drink. My pup will find the sun whether inside or outside the house and bathe in the sun.

  2. I keep telling my husky pup that this only happens every few years or so. This will be the 7th time since 2000, but surprisingly, he’s more interested in chewing his bones or chasing a ball through the air conditioned house than listening to weather statistics 🤷‍♂️

  3. I've been told that their double coat of fur actually acts as an insulater and keeps them cooler than if they didn't have fur?

  4. I am in Northern Iowa, and I tried to go on a small walk with my four month old, but she was having none of it. We had to exercise her by playing fetch inside.

  5. I live in Hutchinson, MN. One prefers to be inside when it is like this. The other just kind of melts where she is at and I still need to coax her to come inside.

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