RIP. The FOMO killed Cold Shoulder

  1. It's a difficult situation but I'm sure I remember Cristine saying there were a lot of orders for the Zyler polish when she mentioned they might be discontinuing it, so it's not really a surprise that the same thing happened here surely

  2. Yeah I think she's going through some growing pains and I wonder how much of the issue is related to her celebrity in relation to her business. I can't really think of another creator who has a full business and does yt except maybe royalty soaps. Other places may have merch or be a media company but the sort of parsocial relationship aspect of YouTube plus a full time company seems to have some unique challenges. Especially since she's said most ht buyers are people who engage with her content if she waxes poetic about how a polish is so beautiful and she's sad about how it's getting discontinued it's going to have a different effect than a brand just posting something on socials or whatever. In the end like you said it's just nail polish I think people loose sight of that with the whole thing.

  3. Maybe if they announced a polish will be discontinued right after making the last batch of it? Presumably they've made multiple batches of cold shoulder since its initial release, and they've probably known for a while it was a bad seller. If they told us it won't be restocked again after this last one I think it would go down better. That way people who wanted a spare or get FOMO with it being discontinued have a better chance of getting it.

  4. Well damn, I put it in my cart to purchase maybe tomorrow. I fell in love with the heavy metal mixtape so I wanted to buy the other colors. And I do love blue polishes so... womp womp.

  5. I didn't watch the stream and had no idea she was discontinuing it. I was too poor to buy Holo Taco until the last 8 months or so and I've been slowly building up a collection, sad it sold out so quick after she mentioned not bringing it back!

  6. This was the first year I could buy collections as well, my first one was Elelctric holos. I had been listing after it but my job left little money for it. I didn't think I was a fan of the frosted metals until I did heavy metal mixtape and it is amazing!

  7. If you find a dupe, please share it! I wanted cold shoulder & cheap champagne to complete my collection of metals but didn’t want to place an order for just those two. I don’t regret my decision but I am a little bummed that it went so quickly.

  8. I bought a bottle on credit card as well as the rest of the metals I don't own, gift receipt and cheap champagne. I love the metals, I just prioritize buying the LE stuff before the regular collections because I know those will be around longer and I don't have the funds to buy every polish, as much as I wish I did.

  9. I did!! I paired it with other blue shades for one of my holiday manis in December. I actually really liked it. The one metal polish I didn't care for was gift receipt just because it was hard to pair with other polishes for me and I didn't like the textured look of it. Just figured it would have stuck around another day or two until I got paid

  10. Damn, that sucks. I was on the fence about snagging a second bottle because I don't mind it, but I guess it's too late for that now lmao

  11. Tbh id been on the fence until i got benanas in the loot bag and realized theyre actually kinda nice? But cold shoulder always looked especially bad in cristines swatch photos. And then they never promoted it like the others anyway

  12. Damn.. I literally ordered it with the boxing day drop then shortly after I asked customer service to replace it with super glossy taco since I realized I was almost out 🙃 it was one of the last ones I needed to have all the frosted metals

  13. As someone who doesn’t listen/watch SimplyPodlogical it is blowing my mind that people are dragging her/HT for anything. It is at the end of the day fucking nail polish. Is it the youths doing this?? I feel bad for her, jfc.

  14. Maybe it would go better if they did a restock when something is going to get discontinued? Like announce the discontinuation the same day a new batch is ready to go. It might be a bad seller but this plus the influx of orders for the Zyler polish when Cristine mentioned it might get discontinued really shows that a lot of people get FOMO or want a spare bottle when they know it's going to be gone forever. I think it would still sell out but would hopefully remain in stock long enough that everyone who wanted to get it in time can

  15. I think she’s going to have to just let things go quietly. Let things be discontinued with no announcement. Lots of smaller brands don’t announce when a polish/collection will be gone, they just stop making them and when it’s sold out, it’s gone. Most of the polishes I own I will never get to buy again once I run out.

  16. I honestly think they just need to have a part on the website that’s for discontinued polishes and just put the polishes there and let people find out when they find out. I think Cirque does that along with sending an email to let people know. I also think people need to relax tho. She gave the warning, like she said she would, and what people do with that information is not up to her. I heard about it and I didn’t blink bc I was never interested in that shade of blue, plus I already have Midnight Spark. Others were like “damn, let me grab it while I can.” I don’t understand what more she can do.

  17. I'm so upset I really wanted it but was waiting til something else launched. I missed where she said that today.

  18. I tried to get an extra, and it was already sold out. I love the Frosted Metals. I bought the rest in duplicates, especially Cheap Champagne, which is my favorite (I love all the rose golds). I'm bummed, but at least I have the one from the original set I bought when it came out.

  19. Weirdly she announced possible discontinuations months ago. I looked through the bestsellers for a couple of weeks, and I figured that Cold Shoulder would be the first to go.

  20. I believe that was the consensus on stream as well without an actual final note on it. The rest are just the "worst" shades in very popular bundles

  21. Exactly. If it was a faceless company, they’d let it go. They forget that this is a business because we all watch her and feel like we know her, but watching her videos does not make her your friend and it does not obligate her to run her business at a loss for anyone’s convenience. That’s not a way to treat a friend anyway.

  22. I'm legit fucking raging. I'm from New Zealand and have only been able to buy for the last 6 months. She could have given the rest of us a year to catch up. I only had the metals and multichromes left to buy and cold shoulder was my favorite. iT wOn'T sElL oUt ToDaY. I'm so, so upset.

  23. How do you know it’s your fAvOrItE if you don’t even own it? People really need to take stock of their lives if they fly into a rage because they can’t purchase some nail polish, especially a product they had ample time to purchase, but slept on.

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