Nice, really happy with the design of the road.

  1. Lol the leg vibrations. I ride my long board all over that shit. Kind of scared about tearing up the bearings and trucks but the wheels handle it like a champ. My legs on the other hand…

  2. There might be people here like:go skate somewhere else. I CANT this road design is everywhere I cant go anywhere BECAUSE they are all like this.

  3. No parks I assume? I lived in a place like that, I ended up investing in a mini ramp to build for myself

  4. I seriously would have been so happy with that.. Grew up in a rural area with a really rough road to skate. Also, used to have brick landings for staircases when I grew up. Some of the bricks were missing also so it was fun to avoid slamming on your landing. Be thankful for what you've got! It could be much worse.

  5. Bro I wish I could take pics of the roads and areas of my town to post here.. You'd have a new appreciation for your streets 😅 ffr tho

  6. I grew up skating on something like this a lot. It’s not that bad. There was an area on a parking lot in my town where they put a lot of stuff for skaters and it’s was very much rideable. Everybody regularly going there had wheels on the bigger side though. We still enjoyed better surfaces in other places but had a good time there.

  7. Campus was like this, skated it all the time cause it was the quickest way to get around while I lived there. Got used to the bumps real quick, wasn’t any fun, though.

  8. I just visited Dresden a few weeks ago. Rocks cobblestone everywhere. It was nice to look at but but I should not have brought my 99A wheels with me

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