Basic Strategy Help?

  1. If you have a spare 90 minutes I'd suggest watching one game by SB. He's good - really good - and I found his videos instructing.

  2. Thanks. I see he pays considerable attention to the tasks and orients his play and builds to fulfilling the tasks. I was incorrectly playing more like a sandbox like Sim City. Didn't realize that following the tasks were so central to the game.

  3. Thanks all for suggestions. Appreciated. Managed a 5 star game on next playthrough. The SB video really helped

  4. Thanks. I just read. After reading this and watching part of the video above, I realize I was playing this far too much like a sandbox - kindof like he was saying in the guide - where I'd get interested in "building out a bunch of planets over here" just because it seemed interesting to do, assuming the game would reward me for building out a bunch of stuff. What I'm taking away is the game has strong preference for task completion and pleasing the advisors to unlock tech/abilities. I'm going to focus on that going forward in next play.

  5. The two biggest things that helped me when I was in your position were using the alt-key on hover to see potential imports/exports... and using the option to pin colony types to game out possible development plans.

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