Do planets not require their "needs" to export their "production"?

  1. Ok, but further exports require needs to be met? And by "first export" does that mean that if a planet's initial export is two commodities, it can export both of them (with unhappiness) before needs are met?

  2. To add to everyone else's posts, there are a few cases where the planet does not produce until getting the need met. Prime example is energy. These are shown with a lock icon However, nearly all cases will produce without them import.

  3. If the planets didn't produce anything before they got anything back then no trade routes could be established. Because both sides would be waiting for the other part to send anything so they themselves could start producing. So its needed to be like this to even start the trade routes.

  4. In the tutorial it explains that two or more planets with mutually compatible resources will produce through one another. My whole first game was seeded on a two- planet symbiosis.

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