Overtraining for beginners??

  1. Eating and drinking enough? Getting some electrolytes in your hydration? Take a week off from everything (including stressing over steps) and see how you feel?

  2. Anxiety, poor sleep, insufficient energy intake have all caused these issues for me in the past. I think of one of running coach David Roche's aphorisms: the body doesn't know miles, it knows stress.

  3. It took me longer to regain my mileage than I thought after being fairly lazy about it over the winter. I had all those same concerns and my times were getting worse and had days where I just had to stop and walk even though I was going pretty slow. There wasn’t anything wrong with me, it just took me longer to regain my baseline endurance than I expected.

  4. You’ve had a lot of good advice here. I’d also suggest going to see your dr if you can to have a complete physical and full blood work. What you’re describing could also be due to low iron, thyroid issues, or a vitamin deficiency. Trying to lose weight could exacerbate the issue.

  5. That is a valid point. I believe overreaching is more common than overtraining in people who aren't at a professional level. There were many times in the past that I thought I was overtraining but I know now it was overreaching. Seeing a doctor and getting blood work is good advice.

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