Referral Sticky Thread - January 2021

  1. Finished my original SDC plan, but extended my plan another 2 months to adjust my teeth. So far, so good! Happy to answer any questions.

  2. Get $100 off aligners and 75% off your impression kit!! USA, Awesome offer to get you started. I am on my aligner number 6 and already seen a big difference.

  3. Use my referral link for $150 off your aligners! Today is the last day. I wish I knew about this promo when I signed up for mine :) I'm halfway through my 4-month plan and the results are so exciting. Best of luck with your treatment!

  4. Anyone else experiencing the simile direct website going to a blank page for all referral links regardless of the browsers used?

  5. BYTE: Not a referral link but a discount code for $200 off daytime (HUSH200BBP) and $300 off nighttime aligners (HUSH300BBP) - the email from one of their spam bots is presumptuously telling me that it's "counting on [me] to keep this between us", but they offered me a plan that this sub's evaluators pointed out was incredibly risky and that an orthodontist subsequently told me would leave me with an incredible range of long term, expensive and extensive problems, so please share widely 😂 Expires April 30.

  6. SmileDirectClub is giving friends of the Club £75 off their purchase of clear aligners. In addition, I get a gift card when your aligners ship. Win-win!

  7. Hello! If you are thinking about doing SDC my referral link would give you 50% off your impression kit and $100 off your aligners! Wish I knew about this when I signed up

  8. I believe this gives $100 off for you and an Amazon gift card for me (based in the US)! I’m expecting my first baby in March, so the Amazon gift card would be MUCH appreciated! 😁

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