Salt Lick

  1. I do love their ribs and potato salad. I thought the rest was okay. But I will always upvote a picture of their meat shrine. Also after you have had your fill there, head down the road and go to Jester King Brewery for some beer or hit up Treaty Oak distillery.

  2. Driftwood is a great setting and experience plus it is byob. Unpopular opinion, but I actually prefer them to some of the places people love tout. The Round Rock location not so much.

  3. It’s good for commercial mass production BBQ. I’ve eaten there several times. It’s certainly not a Texas monthly top 50 by any means though.

  4. It's as good as Rudy's(atx locations), which is OK for work day lunch or drunk-ass dinner. Like you said, the location makes up for it. Have had some good times there with cooler in tow. I dig the sides and family style setup.

  5. I wouldn’t call it ass. It’s nice for a sit down place without a wait. Better to get to Terry Blacks at 11am for no wait and way better bbq.

  6. Haaaaa…It’s not ass but it’s worth the experience. But driving there you’ll pass 20 better places. It’s Carolina-style but in Texas. German-style sides when the sauce is already heavy vinegar. And expensive. And you need to BYOB. Still worth one trip.

  7. It needs to be said because for whatever reason it’s one of the most recognizable BBQ joints in central Texas and we all look like amateurs when tourists come and get served this absolute trash on a plate. Imagine if all the tourists to NY went to Sbarro like Michael Scott.

  8. Having grown up 15 minutes from here I can say that their BBQ has gone down hill in the last 15 years or so. When it was just the main building and less of a touristy area if was much better.

  9. My Texas relatives took me there a handful of times when i was a kid in the 90s. Always remembered it being awesome.

  10. Has it really gone downhill or has bbq just in general gotten better. I grew up eating at the green mesquite in oak hill and thinking it was pretty good bbq at the time. In retrospect I don’t think it compares to what is out there these days.

  11. The bbq is okay, but I absolutely enjoy their sauce! I used it for my brisket this weekend. As for the airport store, they had a stand in the morning that served brisket and egg tacos which I truly miss.

  12. I ate at the airport location on the way to Vegas... was the best part of the trip out... but that is saying much. I will say that it was the best "chain" BBQ I've had. Wasn't insanely priced as I thought it would be for at the airport. I'll eat there again if I'm routed through Austin again.

  13. As someone who has repeatedly tried all their locations (and watched their quality trickle down over the years), I swear the airport location is the best of the 3. I think it's because they keep the meat in warmers all day, which gives the fat more time to render.

  14. Airport Salt Lick doesn’t crack my top ten bbq places in Austin, but it is probably my favorite food in any airport I’ve ever been in, and it is easily better bbq than I can get in most northern states.

  15. Am Australian, did a 5000 mile road trip from Chicago to Fort Worth in 2017 to see the eclipse and we went to a lot of bbq places, best I had was Melvin’s in Huntsville Alabama but I was looking forward to salt lick the most from seeing it on man vs food. But was really disappointed. Probably the most bland we had in 4 weeks. Overall though bbq is amazing anywhere we tried it. But southern states food is just awesome.

  16. It’s not even a real pit, this is just for warming pre cooked meat back to temp. Everything about Salt Lick is made to look good and taste like shit.

  17. Ten minutes from my parents' house, even 30 years ago it was packed. Not the best BBQ in the world but good on site and fun to go.

  18. We grew up in Austin and went there every chance we got. The sausage is till my absolute favorite.

  19. How do you guys feel about bark on wood you’re smoking with? I don’t have a position I just know that bark is naturally fire retardant and was curious if anyone knows if it has any effect on the flavor

  20. Oh round Rock... You have so many nice things going for you! Old Settlers, Dell diamond, Kalahari now. Why do you have to pretend to be hill country? We like you just fine for what you are.

  21. Salt lick has a great atmosphere, but the food just isn’t good. They make a ton of money off of tourists since it “looks like” the quintessential Texas BBQ joint, but most of us can make food 10x better in our own backyards.

  22. What's your opinion on Hard 8 BBQ (if you've tried it) that was where the locals recommended I try when I was in the DFW area for over a month for work, and it was by far the best BBQ I've ever had.

  23. Oh hey I work at the country club right next to salt lick (actually on their property they sold to the course, early in development we still do their catering events) they’re pretty cool, crazy amount of money they fly over us in private helicopters and shit it’s wild

  24. In college one of my good friends worked for Salt Licks catering service. Every Saturday night he would bring home leftovers from whatever event they were working that evening. We were broke and drunk and ate like kings. That dude was our hero lol.

  25. This seems like a pretty unusual set up compared to most others I see (I’m in CA in an area of no real good bbq, so most of what I see is pictures). Does this type of pit make a difference in flavor itself?

  26. Everything I've heard about this place has been negative. Isn't it just a tourist trap? From what I understand there are 100 bbq places within 50 miles of here that are far superior.

  27. I’ve moved from Austin to Canada. I’ve managed to find and make my own copy of Salt Lick Habanero sauce, my kids are as hooked on it as I am! The bbq is ok at Salt Lick but I LOVE that sauce!

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