My model of the MAZ-537, known in-game as the ZiKZ 605r [Trumpeter 1/35]

  1. I’m almost finished with Wisconsin and looking forward to the Zikz, but NOT looking forward to the horror stories of Amur.

  2. Looks like the IRL flair was used on this submission. UPVOTE this comment if this post belongs here. DOWNVOTE this comment if it doesn't.

  3. Cross rc actually makes a remote control version called the BC-8 Mammoth. It's so damned expensive though.

  4. Looking at that video for the mammoth, it's fascinating how much the 1/12 scale model moves exactly like our in-game model, down to the bouncing when hitting a rock at speed.

  5. I love the paint jobs that make me think if it is a hi res render or a model:D Amazing job! The model itself seems to bebquality build, but your painting and weathering are out of this world! Not your first one :)

  6. Slight OT, but if anyone plays Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic, this Maz is a brilliant mod truck that is so useful when it comes to exporting goods.

  7. I haven't played long, maybe around 50 h... Best way for long journeys is NFS U2 soundtrack in the backround and just chill while driving loooong missions

  8. That was my default workhorse in spintires. Scouting and hauling on every map. Sometimes I'd go the little UAZ for some scouting if there were tight spots but then I'd grab this bigboi to rescue it. Even have a screenshot somewhere of it on top of the volcano/montain/thing.

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