[Fabrizio Romano] Serie A’s FIGC Prosecutor has ruled that Juventus will be given a -15 point deduction as result of the “Plusvalenza Case”, club’s capital gain violations

  1. yes, but they can appeal. But there's also another trial waiting to happen which might potentially have even bigger consequences

  2. They can appeal in the next 40 days. But it cannot change the penalty, at most they can appeal and prove that the trial wasn't conducted properly and thus they shouldn't be charged.

  3. Remember, this is just the serie A. UEFA Can and sanction them as well. The have major violations against ffp. Could be a couple of year without European games - that’s going to hurt their economy, which is already hurting

  4. And this is even before the trial for the faked accountings, that's in March. Forget CL, they may very well not even be in Serie A next year

  5. Turned out to be quite a credible punishment. Shows what FA and UEFA also could do when taking sanctions seriously

  6. ok so i havent actually followed this thing too closely, is the -15 for that ronaldo wages document too that came out yesterday or is it just the plusvalenze

  7. it's just about the capital gains, they were virtually unprovable and they got off with just a fine, but then the paperwork emerged and they revaluated the issue

  8. There’s apparently a bigger sentence to be given in March for something else. Could be getting worse for Juve

  9. For that the judge can only relegate the club in case that if those wages and everything else was in the books Juve would not be able to register for this ongoing season

  10. correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the right word be demanded. I don’t think a prosecutor can rule anything.

  11. I think this is their sentence but juve can now appeal the decision. The Italian legal system is very complicated and it takes ages to get to a real conclusion

  12. From what I gather they swapped players with artificially inflated market values. For example they swapped Pjanic (68M) with Melo (72M) from Barca despite them not being worth that much.

  13. Would feel pissed if I was a Juve player and this happened honestly. You have no involvement in it whatsoever, and your hard work goes down the drain.

  14. And this is only the part about giving non coherent values to players during their sales, which was something really really hard to prove and not so much illegal after all. Now there is still all the stuff about false declarations in financial reports, which presumably is a lot worse lol.

  15. It's illegal because Juve is a public company, it's on the stock market. Inflating the values of the assets you own (e.g. players) is fraud. The problem was it ws difficult to prove that a player value has been inflated, because after all who can rule how much a player is worth?

  16. The other 8 teams were already acquitted, together with Juventus, in May. Then new irrefutable evidence came out against Juventus and this is what led to this ruling.

  17. Paratici was actually wearing a disguise and pretending to be Bartomeu when we sold Pjanic to Barcelona, didn't you know?

  18. At least accounting issues should mean fines, not deducting points. But justice in Italy is far from being fair.

  19. The basic understanding I'm reading is there is actual proof via recordings of this happening from phone conversations. The allegations in general are extremely hard to prove overall, which is why the other teams (That don't have hard evidence) are getting off easy.

  20. Yeah, this is Juve taking 99% of the blame all over again, and fans of other clubs get to act all high and mighty. Football is a dirty business, and people acting like Juve is the only club doing this stuff is hilarious.

  21. I'm smelling corruption here, absolutely shocking, not that Juve have been punished but that the other clubs have probably done something behind the scenes to get away with it. And the FIGC wonder why average clubs like Spezia and Salernitana with rubbish players are completely safe in the top flight?

  22. I feel bad that Juve is the only team being punished. I say Napoli and Inter should be deducted 15 points too, so they don't feel too targeted

  23. What the hell?! I'm not complaing but this is HUGE. Are they really going after every clubs involved in shady plusvalenze?

  24. I love to see when people who try to steal the game from the people like Agnelli eat shit. I feel a bit bad for the Juventus fans but yeah, screw Agnelli and all people like him.

  25. Really hard to understand how we get punished for alleged fraudolent exchanges while the clubs we traded with are considered completely innocent

  26. I asked elsewhere but I'll ask you too. Wouldn't this discrepancy be easy to explain by the fact that while it obviously takes 2 clubs for a transfer to occur, Juventus were the common factor in the shady dealings?

  27. Well there are actual proofs for you, because paratici and agnelli were dumb as a brick, whereas there are no proofs for the other teams, quite simple

  28. What's interesting about this decision is that FIGC can decide a player's transfer value? So from this point they will check every transfer and decide if it was worth? Why can't the teams decide how much they want to pay? Because selling/buying for inflated prices are not free money. Later you have to amortize more money.

  29. This would be incomprehensible for any other club, but Juve bad is the norm so I guess it's fine...

  30. You know Inter were acquitted on plusvalenze on the same grounds as us and your case could be reopened as well, right?

  31. All Juventinis in Italy with their narrative, "we're honest", like 2006, then justice comes. You can do your propaganda and convince yourself your team is a honest one, but you keep getting caught. Why? Conspiracy?

  32. Not conspiracy, just targeted 'justice'. In this case, it's only logical. Unless Juventus was selling and buying players with itself, there must be at least another club guilty of the same charges. Instead, Juventus is again the only club being targeted.

  33. So everyone else is honest yet we get punished for illegally inflating our finances by selling players to... ourselves?

  34. this is just half of the trial though, it's just about capital gains, there's the issue about pain wages behind the scenes while declaring that the players refused the wages for helping the club. that way they got a much better financial situation, and evaded a lot of taxes

  35. No European football will likely hit their finances hard then compound that with whatever the big punishment from the case in March ends up being and they could end up fucked.

  36. Why are Juventus such crooks? Don't they ever learn from past mistakes? It is not a surprise that so many people hate them. It would be ridiculous if they get sent to Serie B again.

  37. Ignoring the usual idiots on here who breathe only to shit on Juve, I was pleasantly surprised to see other Serie A supporters question this judgement. It makes no sense, for a transfer to occur there must be at least two parties (duh), and the judge declared that all the other clubs are acquitted. Would be interesting to hear the judge explain with whom did Juventus effect these transfers then.

  38. Big deduction, but not a big enough deduction to make them play on a cold and rainy Wednesday night at Drusus-Stadion in Bozen next season..

  39. How is this only affecting juve and not other serie a clubs? Wtf? How does FIGC evaluate a players value? All of the player prices in all leagues are inflated as fuck. How about the other serie a clubs that have demanded big money from Juve during transfers?

  40. Gotta wonder how many players will want to stay with the team if they get sent down to Serie B (assuming they could even stay given their wages)

  41. Need to wait for the inevitable appeal to see how this actually ends. But FFS if I feel vindicated for that Sturaro transfer to Genoa.

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