Zaniolo knows he was wrong for refusing to play against Spezia. However, he feels that both the media and the club were pressuring him 'insanely' to accept Bournemouth's offer. He has turned off comments on his social media, and is afraid of the backlash he will face

  1. His contract expires next year, club offered a new contract, he demanded to have the same wage as Dybala, which is insane. Club said no, he got pissed and decided to leave.

  2. This. If a player doesn't sign a new contract but still remains professional, turns up to training and matches and gives 100% when asked of him, then leaves as a free agent in the summer there is nothing wrong with that. Sure an early transfer could recoup some money for the club but at the same time having them stick around for the remainder of the contract could be pivotal to how they end their season.

  3. Its understandable that he doesnt want to play for Bournemouth, but its also understandable why everyone else is pissed. He should have been sure he had a club to go to before he started all this drama

  4. Transfers should be done quietly behind the scenes. The first anyone else should know of it is when the club announces the signing.

  5. Mourinho just said yesterday he is doing this for over a month. Spezia was the game where he made the whole thing public

  6. It would be fun to sit in on Zaniolo’s next meeting with his agent. One of the two seems completely detached from the reality of the situation, but it’s hard to know which it is.

  7. This is kind of his third path. Fire his agent and make him take the blame and slowly work back. Penance mode for 6 months, start next season with a goal.

  8. Keep in mind these thoughts are all from Gianluca Lengua, writer of the article on Il Messaggero, who has a long history of hating on this ownership after his buddy Pallotta left.

  9. Not wanting to play for Bournemouth is fine , the reason why everyone is so pissed is because he refused to play to force a transfer without even being sure there was a good offer coming up. Milan offered a Loan with a conditional obligation (CL qualification) Roma was never taking that

  10. I'm yet to find an instance where the player does this type of shit and expects it to go well. The fans will dislike you, the manager will obviously take offence, the club paying you to have a top notch life will be obviously mad and whatever the club you are trying to move to is signalled that you might be doing the same to them. I will never get this. Can you, at the least of possibilities, but professional and keep on training and playing as the club is honoring their contract to you? In essence, can you not be a fucking dickhead?

  11. Maybe he could have thought this through and stopped to consider whether or not there would be offers on the table before pulling this cute stunt.

  12. As a chelsea fan, fuck that cunt Zaniolo, Ziyech is quality on his day but unfortunately his time at Chelsea just hasn’t worked out. Would have loved to see what he could do at Roma.

  13. really good example of why you need that prerequisite "club offering to buy you that you want to play for" before trying to force a move.

  14. He just didn’t want those cold Tuesday nights in Stoke next season, can’t blame him when he shits the bed on a warm Sunday evening in Udine

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