[The Athletic] Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch wants his struggling side to take inspiration from the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Muhammad Ali in their attempt to avoid relegation from the Premier League.

  1. Give Gandhi a chance and that fucker would nuke one of the PL clubs at the smallest possible hint of banter or provocation 'to set an example'.

  2. Alex Ferguson gave Wayne Rooney the DVD of The World At War documentary series narrated by Laurence Olivier to motivate Derby players. It's an incredible series which I'd recommend but if I'm a sportsman and my coach hands me that to get motivated for a game of football I'd find it weird too.

  3. Honestly I bet this shit happens way more often at the top level than people realize, and it's probably not as weird to those footballers as randos on the internet think it is. Hell Klopp himself said he quoted Rocky at his Dortmund players (and then realized they were all so young nobody understood the reference).

  4. I don’t like that the British press are trying to play up to stereotypes and make this guy sound like an American clown to be honest.

  5. It's not weird, it's part and parcel of building a team mentality by making something a common reference point which a manager can keep drawing from when trying to build a team mentality, inspire/motivate players (or staff members for that matter), comfort them etc.

  6. Reminds of that match where Big Sam showed clips from Gladiator to motivate players at half-time and got thrashed 5-0 or something in the second half.

  7. They've been in the missionary position for a while now, don't see how Mother Theresa is supposed to change that.

  8. After the City game he said "well first of all I think the man of the match award should go to our fans". This guy is levels above Rodgers in cringe

  9. “I have 52 excerpts from books that I sometimes give players when, individually, I think they need something to motivate them based on where they are in their development path or who they are as people to reach them differently rather than the conversations I have with them.

  10. Reminds me of that quote from a player who played under Fat Sam and apparently Fat Sam made them watch Gladiator before a game with Manchester United to inspire the boys, only for them to get thrashed by Man United either way

  11. I really, really can't believe she's still regarded so highly. Her preaching caused so much misery and suffering for thousands, if not millions of people all over the world.

  12. Muhammad Ali i can understand. WTF do Gandhi and Teresa have to do with this. Like Gandhi is literally the type of person to " turn the other cheek" and get relegated.

  13. You don't think Gandhi has anything to teach us about perseverance, overcoming adversity, standing up for what you believe in, and so on?

  14. Played soccer with Mother Teresa and Gandhi in my time and I got to say Gandhi was an excellent goalkeeper, while mother Teresa could’ve been a world renowned striker

  15. Tell me that you’re an American managing a soccer side without telling me that you’re an American managing a soccer side.

  16. Klopp uses Rocky Balboa as inspiration. Don’t get why so many people think using people from history/culture as inspiration is such a negatively American phenomenon?

  17. Yeah, but she had a decent goals per 90 and deep progression stat, so pundits are still wanking over her, just like they were for Leeds the last two years.

  18. I am hoping their defenders don't take too much inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, and practice non violence by not making any challenges.

  19. Managers have been doing similar things for time immemorial. Marsch has become a target because he is American but I applaud the fact he just laughs it all off, if you watch him during games he isn’t having any nonsense from referees or opposing managers either. He’s got the right character to do well, whether he has the talent remains to be seen.

  20. "And Jesus Christ guys, y'know? That fucker was coming back from the dead, surely ye can get more points than this Everton team. If we wanna save the Leads Men's National Team Franchise FC, we've gotta be looking at men like Christ for inspiration and have the sort of arrogance and belief that man had. WE are ALL sons of God, even you Luke Ayling, yes you, take your hand out of your trousers and say it with me now... WE are ALL children of GOD" - Jesse Marsch's half time team talk on the pitch, 3-0 down on the final day.

  21. I'm getting annoyed by how the press of sneering at American coaches as Ted Lasso rip offs. This is the most basic of things. He reads books about inspirational figures. If he thinks a quote he read would be helpful to a players mental state then he'd show them it. That's basic human management.

  22. If a German or Italian manager told his players to go home and read the art of war he’d probably get praised for it for “helping his players grow as people” but no, Ted lasso jokes are better

  23. It blows my mind the amount of hate Americans get for trying to love the sport. Or participate in it with the rest of the world. Somehow because others in our country don't care for it. That somehow means none of us can have the same passion or knowledge of the sport. It typically comes from English people too that don't like foreigners supporting their hometown team.

  24. ITT people acting like Jesse Marsch is the reason Leeds will get relegated. Any Jesse Marsch thread becomes the

  25. No, that Leeds was going to get relegated was practically a given. Even though Marsch could maybe have had a more positive impact, he has been pretty unimpressive, relegation isn't his fault.

  26. "We must take inspiration from the dead, as we shall soon join them in death" - Jesse (Lasso) Marsch

  27. Mother Teresa was a piece of shit. The world is long overdo in finally accepting all the harm that she's done.

  28. There’s no need to go such great lengths to motivate players since they’re playing Charity FC next and we never disappoint.

  29. y’all can laugh all you want, but Leeds got a goal back and had a chance to tie at the end while DOWN A MAN. That’s a hell of a performance. Maybe it worked

  30. Mother Theresa said to those in pain, enjoy the pain, that's your salvation or something to that effect. So I guess Jesse is saying enjoy relegation?

  31. Not sure this is as big a deal as people are making out. If it motivates the players even a tiny bit more im all for it

  32. I don’t think it helps Marsch’s case that everything he says inside the dressing room is automatically making press headlines, whether it be tactics or what he says in the dressing room, especially with what he uses for motivation.

  33. Just watxhed an episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit! show from the 2000’s shitting on Gandhi and mother Teresa, accusing them of being horrible people. Quite funny that I see this quote today.

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