Wayne Rooney steps down as Derby County Manager

  1. Personally I think we have a different owner lined up than we did a week ago and they aren't willing to meet his wage demands. He was likely on a fair whack due to the sponsorship debacle

  2. Sorry of glad to hear this in a weird way. As showw that despite his accent and reputation he clearly had football knowledge.

  3. That must be a sign that they're basically accepting they might go all the way down to league 2 and there's no point in him hanging around for that

  4. The timing of it is even more hard to take. We just got good news around the stadium and future ownership and now we have no manager, and hardly any players.

  5. He heavily tied himself to the Kirchner bid for the club. His agent was going to be director of football. When Kirchner proved to be a charlatan and a new prospective owner got announced today, Rooney then jumps ship. Soils his efforts severely in my eyes.

  6. Honestly with how he handled the Derby job I won't be surprised if he took a stable championship job first instead of jumping straight into the fire

  7. I was actually wondering if he might have had offers in MLS. He seemed to really enjoy his time over there and tbh it would be a great way to get experience at lower level with a chance to win championships and develop younger players

  8. True enough, but aren't all teams sorted for managers already? I know prem is, but i'd assume championship is as well?

  9. Damn I never realised how well-spoken and mature Rooney had become. In my head he’s still the fiery teen for England/United

  10. Honestly, he would learn a lot from a championship team instead of making a move for a team facing relegation in the PL

  11. Everton already tried to get him and he said no. Wonder if Lamps fucks it up again (he will) if he rejects it a second time.

  12. You might get a better manager. No taking away from what he achieved in those circumstances but is he the right man for a very different job next season?

  13. Completely understandable and fair decision. Everyone had their limits and being in admin in league 1 with what’s left of the squad going isn’t a situation he should be in for longer. Big things ahead for Wazza if he’s smart

  14. I think they only have something like 7 players left and theyre back in training, latest takeover fell through as well

  15. He was, but he was always consistent in wanting the ownership situation sorted before pre-season so they can move on to planning for the upcoming season, player-wise. That just hasn't happened.

  16. If he decided to step down, then their situation is probably too difficult to salvage. I guess the circumstances got even worse than they were few months back.

  17. Rooney really proved himself as a fighter as a manager, I'd really like to see him take on a project that actually backs him. Even with Derby getting the restriction on signing players and the massive points deduction he managed to at least fight above his station.

  18. That's a shame. Leicester and derby have a friendly planned, I was looking forward to seeing Rooney Vs vardy 2

  19. Smartest thing to do to jump ship at this point. For me, Rooney did an incredible job last season, but I still think at least part of it was the squad banding together in unique and extreme circumstances to perform above their ability. When that adrenaline wears off and they revert to the norm, it may be that he is lacking as a manager (it’s more than possible, look at his initial season in charge, he was woeful at the beginning) and if he fails at league one level, his career will tank, whereas he can get a stable job in the championship again now.

  20. Fair play to him for staying as long as he has. He’s said before that the takeover had to happen soon and with no clear confirmation of that coming soon I’m not surprised he’s walked. Whoever comes in has a mammoth task to keep the club remotely competitive next season if they still exist. Surely nailed on for another relegation

  21. I will always remember that game derby against someone I can't remember where Rooney was subbed in minute 80' something something to take the freekick, scored the goal that got Derby the tied on that same freekick. Legend

  22. (Potential) new owner didn't want him in maybe? Or was Rooney just steering the ship until they got someone in?

  23. I'd be very surprised if this didn't have to do with the ongoing internal issues at Derby, and their continued failure to find a buyer as opposed to Rooney going back on any promise he made to the side. He's also at even more risk this year in terms of his reputation as a coach if he stays on board.

  24. What is actually going on with Derby? They seem to have people willing to buy but they're not being allowed to. Anyone know why?

  25. I don’t really follow the lower leagues. Can somebody give me a quick synopsis of the situation at Derby County? I know they got relegated, but it seems like there is a lot more that I don’t know

  26. They went into administration last season, got 21 points deducted as a result and then got relegated. The administrators haven’t been able to find a buyer yet, which is made harder by the fact that Mel Morris( the previous owner and the person responsible for the club going into administration) owns Pride Park, Derby’s stadium. Which makes it much harder to sell the club because the new owner would have to rent the stadium

  27. Yo wayne, you reading this? We are on the lookout for a new manager right now. Please give us a call.

  28. Hmmmm… I feel like Wayne would have stuck around if he was more confident in the buyer of the club. A bit worrying, but at the same time I think getting in somebody more experienced in our position is probably a good idea.

  29. Surprised he stayed this long TBF. He’s shown what a good manager he will be with a club that is run properly.

  30. Guessing with the last takeover failing & the wait with the new owner soon, he can't move in the market at all with the club only have 4 players or something

  31. he was always consistent in wanting the ownership situation sorted before pre-season so they can move on to planning for the upcoming season, player-wise. That just hasn't happened.

  32. Allardyce has turned down low end premier league clubs, what makes you think he’s gonna go to Derby?

  33. I feel for derby fans I feel bad enough being an arsenal fan at the moment. I hope they find a buyer soon they can't go out of business. The previous owner has a lot to answer for.

  34. He’s said before the takeover needed to happen soon. He had seven players with nothing to spend and the season starts in a month. Most managers have been running for the hills before now

  35. Damn, I hope Wayne is ok. Sounds like he really went through it in that message. Hell of a job at Derby though. He will get hired real soon by another club if he wants it

  36. Apparently he has always said that the club should sort their issues before pre season to focus on the next season. And the club has not done it so he just stuck to his words.

  37. Didn’t he cheat on his wife and step down. That’s what I thought happened anyway. Didn’t know he still had a job tbh

  38. How on earth is he a fraud? He almost kept them up from an obscene point deficit that was purely due to a financial punishment

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