[James Ducker] Exclusive: Having wanted to keep Ronaldo when he first took over, Erik Ten Hag will now not stand in his way if a good offer comes in.

  1. It's a nothing article really. Says he "can" leave in January and ten hag won't stand in his way and this has been the case since he stated his desire to leave in summer. A totally non commitment article.

  2. I have a feeling keeping him was more to not undermine him and the club, rather than a huge desire to call upon him.

  3. Good offer lol good luck with that, they'd be lucky to get rid of him on a free and getting out of his wage bill

  4. Define, "good offer." Hard to see Ronaldo walking away from £25m/yr, and it's hard to see anyone taking on that salary. So in a best case scenario, you'd expect United would have to accept a situation where they're subsidizing him playing for another side by paying part of his wages.

  5. The 25m a year ends next summer. He'll get more than half of that before January, and with only a few months of the season left he might value his dignity over a few million and choose to make a clean exit.

  6. He is rejected more because of his wages than his talent. He is still better than many many strikers out there.

  7. What a dumb take. He scored 18 league goals and was carrying a team that was massively underperforming last season. He got rejected because of his age and wage. If salary wasn’t an issue he would have no lack of suitors.

  8. Didn't let him leave when he wanted to play quoting the reasons he is in his plans but now will let him leave after not playing him. Good shit Ten Hag.

  9. Honest question: what do you think he would have done? He doesn't press, he can't dribble past players anymore, he seems to be most times half a second late to the ball so he can't get a good shot, he's slow.

  10. Ten Hag's ego has come in between Ronaldo and Utd. Ronaldo is an asset for any team, old men need to chill their egos when they are dealing with one of the football GOATS.

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