[Martyn Ziegler] Exclusive: Ukraine is set to be part of Spain and Portugal’s joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

  1. Just give it to Argentina and Uruguay tbh. The rest of the bids just reek of blocks trying to get easy votes with ukraine or to bypass continental blocks with saudi

  2. Don't mind joint bids as it allows smaller countries and doesn't need countries to waste money on stadiums tbf but only if it makes sense. Like saudi should wait their turn for an Asia bid and ukraine doesn't even share a border with spain/Portugal

  3. I’m okay with a couple of co-hosting nations if it’s smaller countries in a reasonable geographic distance, but stuff like 2026 where the WC is practically hosted all over a fucking continent is just ridiculous.

  4. Welp. I don't see why it can't be a Uruguay-Argentina-Chile-Paraguay-Portugal-Spain-Ukraine multi-joint 2030 bid then. It would really follow the same logic.

  5. I can see a Continent-based WC being a thing in the future. Each WC veing hosted by whole of Europe, then Asia, then NA, then SA then Africa then back to Europe.

  6. No more joint bids after 2024. It makes sense for North America to have a joint bid, but now it’s getting ridiculous. Wtf do Saudi/Egypt/Greece or Spain/Portugal/Ukraine have in common

  7. Does Uruguay have the facilities to host it? I remember that video of Suarez in a dressing room that was more like an attic than an actual dressing room.

  8. Portugal and Spain got tired of their bids always being beat by dystopian countries so they decided their best chance was to add a war zone to the mix. Makes absolute sense to me.

  9. Qatar out of bribes and corruption in 2022 and Ukaine -which currently has major cities being destroyed with no clear end in sight- out of neo-liberal political sympathy in 2030, this world is well and truly finished

  10. Exactly. Reconstruction is a necessity, and I doubt that the Ukrainian gov would prioritize building and refurbishing stadiums even after the war is over.

  11. Dude your country is at war , why the fuck would you spend money on bribing Fifa to get a couple of games at the WC?

  12. From the makers of Russia 2018, Qatar 2022 and North America 2026, comes FIFA’s next brilliantly-idiotic form of a complete cash grab!

  13. I'm all for having a World Cup in Ukraine once the war is over, but that should probably be done in cooperation with neighboring countries like Romania and Poland, or even Turkey.

  14. Football administrators are doing an amazing job of ruining something that should be un-ruinable. I’m already worried the 48 team WC is going to be significantly less enjoyable because of the disastrous group stage format. Now I’m worried there might never be another WC where all the host nations border one another

  15. Donbas Arena is also under the control of Russia and included in the annexed areas, there is quite a significant chance that it wouldn't be Ukrainian in eight years. In fact the Ukrainian government hasn't even controlled Donbas Arena since the DPR militias occupied Donetsk in 2014

  16. Argentina has enough big stadiums I assume. Uruguay has the centenario, Chile probably at least one. Paraguay I don't think so, Bolivia could only be Santa Cruz because of the altitude I would assume. I guess the bigger problem is that every second match would be in Buenos Aires

  17. I understand that Portugal and Spain want to beef up the application, but we don't know if Ukraine will be able to prepare for this - we don't even know if the war will be over by then.

  18. What? Why?? That makes absolutely no sense at all, it already makes way more sense to have it in Uruguay/Argentina anyway since the first World Cup in 1930 was held in Uruguay and played in the Estadio Centenario (literally Centenary Stadium) and the centenary after that in 2030 should be played there as well, only doubt is the how it would work since the infraestructure is not quite there, but with this? Kinda kills the Spain/Portugal bid.

  19. So true, and will be so irrelevant by 2030 when everybody’s moved on to the next most virtuous thing in the news.

  20. "A Saudi Arabia/Egypt/Greece joint bid would be formidable, however, even though it would mean the tournament being played in the winter again"

  21. Can you imagine how much fun that would be? So much vibrancy, culture, and passion across those 3 beautiful countries. Such a missed opportunity.

  22. It's like a pity inclusion you do to you friends or siblings in things you wouldn't normally include if they are going through something.

  23. Bruh, hosting a world cup is costly asf and you hardly get any of the revenue, a recovering Ukraine hosting the world cup sounds like a terrible idea for that country

  24. This makes absolutely no fucking sense. Beyond the obvious geographic distance, I'm fairly sure that regardless of how long the war lasts, they will still be rebuilding the country 7 years from now and will surely have bigger priorities than organising a football tournament, specially one of this scale.

  25. Sadly, I just don't see Ukraine being able to finance and construct the infrastructure that would be required anytime in the next few decades.

  26. I never thought I'd say this, but this makes the sharing of 2026 between the US, Canada, and Mexico look smart

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