Ajax 1 - [3] Napoli - Zielinski 45’

  1. Yeah aight, Seattle down lmaoooo. Every year everyone but Napoli fans say stuff like this and we bottle every year, I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy🧐.

  2. im actually not a single bit confident that we're getting a result against bloody FC Volendam on Saturday anymore

  3. Not really, we play against Napoli at its best right now while somehow tadic and blind are still fucking starters. Beyond embarrassing.

  4. Napoli really dominating this. I am surprised but actually before this match they have 6 wins in a row, including trashing Liverpool 4-0 and beating AC Milan and Lazio away. They are in top form.

  5. Yeah, we're done at this level. Lost way too much quality over the summer break. Still a rude awakening after 4 amazing years with ETH though

  6. Napoli are so fun to watch. Very exciting football. It leaves them open at times but we get to see Kim and Rrahmani make some blocks and tackles as well or charge out from the back and intercept.

  7. Insigne was a limited player and you have to adapt your playstile to him. Kvara is more versatile and has a different pace and dribbling. At the end, they replaced a finished player with one that has the potential to be one of the best if not the best in the next years.

  8. Ajax gets gutted every year of a lot of its best players, so no surprise its a bit shit right now. Especially since they also lost ETH and got a bald fraud instead.

  9. Napoli is simply a better team than overrated Ajax. Maybe in the second time Ajax’ll win, but overall, Napoli is better in every aspect. It’s one of the best and most in form in Europe rn

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