Ajax 1 - [4] Napoli - Raspadori 47’

  1. As we all know, the SSC in Napoli means "Starts Strong Consistently", an adage of their brilliant first halves of each season before falling off once January kicks in.

  2. I think Philippe Clement would do a great job for you guys. The first manager to win the Belgian three times in a row and averaging 1.88 points a game at Monaco.

  3. Literally brought in to continue Ten Hag's philosophy but the team is utterly collapsing under him. I think this defeat will completely destroy team morale for the whole season.

  4. I mean, they fired the manager before Ten Hag (Keijzer) after he lost to us in the KNVB Beker in the same season we were relegated. Its not that long ago

  5. The fact that he immediately reacted to the bad pass also shows the effort Napoli puts in this game. Blind genuinely is standing still for 3 seconds there, while anguissa immediately runs to the ball.

  6. He’s going to get a huge transfer fee if he ever moves. Not many players that big, technical, and athletic. He also has great vision.

  7. Some Juve fans were acting like this kid wasnt Juve material. Been bagging goals for fun for Napoli and the Azzuri. Happy for him and Napoli fans

  8. Allegri would have destroyed him. Napoli is better for his growth and also for the Azzuri. I see so much potential in him.

  9. What a gorgeous piece of dribbling by the guy with the dreads. So happy to see that the youngsters are balling out with their dribbling skills these days.

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