Ajax 1 - [5] Napoli - Khvicha Kvaratskhelia 63’

  1. They are giving ajax no time on the ball man, insane tempo and level they are displaying tonight

  2. Me because Napoli has been on an absolute tear to start the season. Very unexpected also. I saw us fighting for 3rd in the league and not having the best Champions League. But the new signings are crushing it. Hopefully the WC doesn’t ruin our form.

  3. Ever since I saw him against Sweden I knew that he would make it to the big leagues. It was ridiculous how much better he was than any other player on both teams.

  4. I really don't know but I'm fuming. His tactic isn't working at all so why not chance it. And then when he make a substitute he takes off the wrong players. It's an absolute joke.

  5. True, but Ajax is also very bad today. Defense is all over the place. Defense under EtH was way more calm and good on the ball.

  6. He kept getting taken out as soon as he touched the ball and ref was hesitant to give yellows. Overall still a solid game for him.

  7. That's one of the greatest things about him. Even if he hasn't been having the best game, he's been consistently popping up with sudden moments of magic which change the game.

  8. https://pyxis.nymag.com/v1/imgs/2e7/5d7/73e020f56c4a86221823bc32113b4316d2-25-ben-affleck-sad-smoke.2x.rvertical.w330.jpg

  9. Schreuder played Kudus at false 9 against Rangers and then proudly proclaimed he had reached his innovation quota for the season, refusing to entertain any thought of changing the squad further. Now they have a squad full of good purchases and a coach who refuses to leave out any of the big names for them, leading to the most stagnant Ajax team in a while.

  10. After our complete lack of any solid play in the last three games, and after Napoli trashed Liverpool 4-1, you still didn't expect us to lose?

  11. Yep. But if you say that, you're basically talking about the city. You could say "Il Napoli è fortissimo" or "Il Napoli gioca benissimo". Unless you actually wanted to talk about the city.

  12. Ahh but the thing is, almost all of our most important players are not going to play in the world cup. Which means that for once we aren't going to be riddled with injuries and in general they'll be fresh and ready to go against a lot of tired teams

  13. Indeed they don't have too many players going to the wc. Italy, Nigeria and Georgia are not there, so basically all the attackers remain at home. Anguissa and Zielinski are the main risk, but also they don't have too many probability to pass the group stage.

  14. He took a really hard hit to his knee before the shot and brushed it off like nothing. A different player goes down looking for the penalty.

  15. Hold on boy, what a player can't catch a break. Honestly idk what to say one of the nest left winger in the world right now

  16. I'm saying it from so long, Kvaratskhelia is one of the best midfielders in Serie A and could potentially be on European level as well.

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