Match Thread: Qatar vs Ecuador | 2022 FIFA World Cup, Group A

  1. Not in the least bit, the fullest part of the stadium was the Ecuadorian fan section. Parts of the stadium were empty by the end as Qatari were leaving in the 50’

  2. India should definitely bid for the WC... A billion people potential market place... But i fear India govt doesn't have enough money for bribes. I've watched Kerala Blasters play... Good team.

  3. I know we're dunking on Qatar for having no football culture but I feel like that's crossing the line between xenophobia there.

  4. Oh boy! For Qatar the party is already over! $200Billions just to loose on Day1 against the weakest team of their Group! Next will be against nothing less than Netherlands and Senegal (Winner of African cup) Karma sure is a bitch!

  5. So Qatari. It's been non stop bluster about how proud they are and as soon as it's not going their way, they're off.

  6. Hope this isn’t an omen for the rest of the World Cup. Or I’ll be giving most of the games a miss. Shame because I’ve been waiting all year for it. Hopefully things will liven up for the knockouts.

  7. that may be as easy as it going to be for qatar. predicting an embarrassing tournament. stadium half empty at half time. wonder what the crowds will look like when they go out?

  8. Qatar being so awful that half the stadium doesn’t come out for the second half of the World Cup’s opening game is… just too perfectly on brand for this World Cup.

  9. Today I feel rich because all the FIFA members that voted Qatar still have 10m USD in their account, and as FIFA chief I'm still getting more.

  10. Qatar sucked but in a reasonable way. People are exaggerating. The atmosphere was okay. The game went as expected. People do need to chill a little bit

  11. In a reasonable way…? Look up how many Qatari shots on target there were. Hint: you wont need to use either hand to count.

  12. One of the weakest teams ever at a world cup, they are playing in their stadium and still this is what they have? Hahaha

  13. First team to win against the host in the inaugural game. For those who doubted us, Ecuador is going to the next round

  14. You should’ve ran up the score probably because a draw against Senegal is very much possible and you ain’t winning against us. Now you have to win against Senegal or hope they don’t score as much against Qatar.

  15. I’m pulling for you guys because when I’m drunk and crying, I can pretend those yellow kits are Colombia’s

  16. Fifa bald fraud : Today i feel Qatari and LGBT because i know how it feels to get ass fucked by Ecuadorians

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