Match Thread: IR Iran vs. United States | FIFA World Cup

  1. Having no offense is bad for group stage. In knockouts you MUST have good defense to progress which we do - we can take on the Nederlands for sure. They are not threatening up front in the least. Can we go further than that? With the players gassed out after 70 minutes - that would be a tough ask.

  2. I completely agree with you about the fact that a good defense is critical in the knock out stages. However I think you underestimate the Dutch defense:

  3. Having no real striker going up against the worlds 2 best center backs isn’t exactly an advantage for us. This thing will go to penalties. Bet

  4. What a win but the team won’t go far with Bernhalter in charge. His hate for Reyna is absurd. Especially when the other subs are so average and continue to be terrible when brought on.

  5. Dude, you sound like a product of the ‘pay to play’ shit lineage. Your circlejerk buddies already f’d the team up for decades and they’re not welcome back.

  6. Let’s appreciate the fact that we did very well in an otherwise tough group - Iran and Wales are both “better teams” but we did show them didn’t we

  7. I wonder how much longer his leash is after this? Does he get another 4 years automatically for getting out of the group?

  8. Robinson had a few moments where his touch was too big while he tried to pick up speed but overall he looked very very dangerous on that left side and tracked back to win balls all game. One of the best for me tonight easily.

  9. Really? Robinson was very solid. Only near the end did he go kick and run. Every time he had the ball he controlled it well and played it on or did a 1-2. I'm not sure what you saw tbh. You could tell he was a premier league player to be honest

  10. Robinson was good. But Shaq and Wright were hot garbage. Both nearly cost the game and lack game awareness...Wright needed to take that ball to the flag instead of turning it over.

  11. Wright is fucking garbage. Doesn’t press, doesn’t hold on to the ball, can’t head, can’t finish or read space. How that man can call himself a professional is beyond me

  12. As a casual fan, it shocks me it seems like the one thing the US doesn’t have is a good striker. I’d figure that’d be the one positions we’d be loaded at.

  13. We’re actually known for producing incredible goalies believe it or not. We are not known for great strikers as the greats are typically from Europe or South America.

  14. Why would they 20 Iranian flops during the game and you want him to award one at the end? Flopping isn’t a strategy. It’s embarrassing and sad.

  15. I was at a watch party and the only thing I heard from the commentator was word Penalty and then the US players dropped and I thought we blew it

  16. I believe if Iran drew there they would be contenders for the shortest time in front over three games to qualify to the knockouts with the 90+8 vs Wales

  17. that's a shithousery record Queiroz would surely love.. god I hate his tactics, hope we fire him for good this time around

  18. Ignore them. Us Americans hate them too. Just take solace in the knowledge their own people despise them and they will die alone and filled with spite.

  19. I apologize. Most of us aren't like that. Just like most Iranians don't support a government that kills women protesters.

  20. jesus god, taking off an attacker and adding a defender was the wrong move for game management there. once US did that everything stopped for them and it was just defending 90% of the time. would've been better just to keep the field structure the same

  21. Obviously thrilled the US went through but it doesn't feel like with lackluster offense and odd sub/player decisions. 2 goals in 3 games got us to knockouts but that's not gonna work in knockouts

  22. Gregg Berhalter is an idiot. Stop putting in bad players at the end. Put in Reyna. Push for more goals. A strong offense gave us 53% possession in the first half. Moving to five in the back at the end have Iran tons of shots on goal. Wouldn't surprise me if he was being paid to purposely let his foot off the gas pedal.

  23. Greggs an idiot. Terrible subs and bunkering against Iran, thus ceding possession and letting them attack us. Literally the exact wrong move. Haji was terrible and Moore was the absolute wrong sub. Dudes an idiot and thankfully we have a handful of quality players

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