For anyone that Sous Vides bacon, here is a game changer for you. Don’t separate all of the slices after the bath. It’s hard to do anyway! These 3 and 5 thick slices were absolutely amazing!

  1. I asked the same thing on this thread, someone told me I had to try it and Im glad I did! It softens the bacon so the center is chewy and the outside crisp. Keeping the slices together when crisping exaggerated the effect. I’d only do it on larger quantities, obviously it’s useless if you want a quick breakfast!

  2. Frying in a pan just like I’d cook it without Sous vide. I start with the single slices to get some grease in the pan, then put the thicker slices in so they can swim a bit.

  3. Forgot to mention it’s easier if you buy the block of slices vs the shingled packs. 145 for 12-24 hours.

  4. How does this method compare to baking your bacon instead? I bake my bacon for 15-20 mins at 400 depending on thickness. I tend to get that chewy inside and crispy outside, plus the fat kind of melts in a really great way too.

  5. The biggest advantage for this in my opinion is it crisps up in minutes, even after being chilled. If I want to have bacon in the morning and I have to get out of the house quickly, sous vide bacon fits the bill perfectly

  6. You still have to crisp the bacon, so you can either finish in a CI pan or on a cookie sheet. All you have done SV is rendered off most of the fat.

  7. Air fryer cold bacon is the best bacon you'll ever have. 12 minutes from cold at 400 degrees, single layer. Watch it in 30 second increments, and it's freakin perfect. I'm all about SV, but this makes absolutely no sense.

  8. That’s what I thought when I first heard of this but Kenji thinks otherwise. I haven’t tried it yet but I intend to.

  9. My only downside with an AF is that it makes such a mess and a pain to clean. A CI pan is perfect; scrape off all the bits and just wipe it down with a paper towel and it’s perfectly seasoned for the next use.

  10. Wrong, it makes a lot of sense. I have done this countless times and it's the best bacon I've ever had bar none. You need to buy thick cut though. Haven't tried the air fryer but I can't see how it could beat this method either.

  11. Seems like a lot of work for bacon anyway. There are some things that are great sousvide, and some things that are not worth dragging out the stuff for. This is one of them. Too easy to cook great bacon consistently on a cookie sheet.

  12. SV bacon can be polarizing as it depends on how you like your bacon. If you are a crispy bacon person the SV doesn’t add much. My wife likes her bacon crunchy and hated SV. I, on the other hand, like my bacon fatty with a touch of crispy on the outside. SV makes incredible fatty bacon it’s basically bacon con feit. You need thicker slices if you want to add any crispness without drying out the center.

  13. I'm surprised how many people are discounting this. Sous vide bacon DOES have a point, it tenderizes the meat. Try the same bacon cooked regular and then try it cooked sous vide. It's night and day different. The first one will be tough and chewy, even if you get it crispy. The sous vide bacon will be crispy on the outside but oh so tender and delicious on the inside. This is not "sous vide gone crazy" this definitely adds a ton of value to your bacon, unless you like tough and chewy, then to each his own.

  14. Dude... I literally sous vide'd a batch this weekend... They didnt have the thicc ones at the meat counter so I had to get ones from the shelves. The bacon was so thin, it was such a pain in the ass to separate and put into the sous vide bags. I kept thinking, this is so dumb, I'm surely overthinking this...

  15. I didn’t separate these, I ate them just like this and they were amazing! I went right from the bath into the pan and cooked 3 pounds at once for a big breakfast. Separating them after the bath was tough so I gave up after ripping a few slices and these turned out to be the best pieces. Crisp outside, tender inside.

  16. I never thought of it! Someone posted what’s NOT good to cook Sous vide and in joking I said pancakes, waffles, and bacon…and someone told me to try it! Give it a shot!

  17. Can’t believe how this thread of a well established technique brought out so many knuckleheads. “You’re wrong because I would never try this” “You can cook it in the OVEN!” Ugh. This time of year the sub is always full of “I’ve had it a month and now I’m an expert,” and endless Guga quotes. Just ugh.

  18. Does SV prevent the fat from rendering out as much? So that more stays on the bacon and doesn’t end up in the pan / baking sheet?

  19. Ok this is it. I’m blocking this sub. Y’all are such pathetic cooks. FUCKING BACON….. are you kidding me….

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