NASA to announce Hubble Space Telescope discovery next week

  1. 'for the record books' would seem to imply that they've captured an object or event considered so incredibly rare that they don't expect Hubble or JWST to ever encounter/observe another example again in the foreseeable future.

  2. Hubble has been combing the universe for so long that the babies born in the year of it's launch can operate it. What could it have possibly found that would warranty those powerful words?

  3. In science the record books means discovering a new phenomenon or process as opposed to simply gathering data points. Scientists spend decades and often entire careers waiting for results relevant enough that we add to our collective body of knowledge.

  4. “We discovered an earth sized planet around a main sequence star 1200 light years away!”

  5. I never understood the last one. I thought we didn't know what dark matter was actually composed of? (which is why it's called dark) So how the hell do they know there's no dark matter in a galaxy?

  6. My local astronomy club just had a presentation by a JPL scientist about using gravitational lensing to discover new exoplanets. It was recorded but we can't post the video until next week. Also some of the sources for data was not shared during the presentation and followup QnA. So I'd not be surprised if it is an exoplanet.

  7. It's probably something that to most seems like not a big deal. I'm sure this subreddit will be excited either way though. I do of course always hope it is something to do with life in space but I doubt it.

  8. Anyone know where the actual media advisory is? I wanted to check that out because it usually says who's presenting, which gives some insight into what they're going to be talking about. For this one the only source I can find is the Space article - which, being a Space article, is worthless - and a bunch of plagiarism sites which just copied the same story and threw a thesaurus at it.

  9. "We've noticed odd signal waves emanating from far off, which abruptly stopped. Our telescope has noticed noticed a green mass of energy encircling the approximate source of this signal. Based on the initial pattern of the waves, we're naming this signal source The Eye"

  10. At least our civilization would never be united for a common purpose, least of all for the pursuit of knowledge of any kind, so our planet won't be destroyed because of that.

  11. Why tease? Seriously. It just invites speculation and inevitable disappointment when it is just some stale (to the lay person) announcement about some exotic star.

  12. It would be cool if it had something to do with all those people they hired to study the psychological impact of discovering alien life....

  13. Would be great if something like that was discovered by the humble Hubble after 30 years in service while the JWST is spooling up. Talk about stealing some thunder

  14. I feel like it'll be something like water detected in the atmosphere of Proxima B, or a planet 'confirmed' in the Whirlpool or Andromeda galaxy. I think those type of things have been previously speculated or been raised to a likely status, but not outright confirmed. Not like it'll be aliens or something really wild.

  15. April Fool aside, the last two times they've done this have been anticlimactic at best. I'll cross my fingers but I'm not holding my breath.

  16. That's not entirely fair. We get bombarded by fantastical claims and advance previews of new knowledge at the time. NASA could announce confirmation of proof of life on other planets and a ton of people would be like "yawn, we've figured on that a long time now, tell us something new like is there porn of this alien life?"

  17. "Take us to your leader" "But all our leaders are dicks except that guy from Ukraine, he's alright, and could do with some help"

  18. The way the last years have been going, it's bound to be something that can be classified as an impending doom.

  19. The Extremely Large Telescope being built by European Southern Observatory is 40m in diameter with advanced adaptive optics to try and fix the atmospheric distortion uses visible light. I'm not sure on the exact details but it is far more powerful than hubble and probably around the power of Webb, it also only cost a fraction of the amount of Webb to build and so i think unless they can find a way to reduce the cost of space telescopes significantly, we will see an increase in extremely large visible light ground telescopes.

  20. We all know it's not going to be aliens, and everyone's going to report it as "IS IT ALIENS!??!?" - then NASA will announce it's something scientifically very interesting, but not really to the general public after having the hype train tell them we've found aliens and then it'll just be a disappointment.

  21. I don't understand how they have just discovered it? They've been getting photos from it for over 30 years, surely that was evidence enough it existed. I'm not even sure how they forgot they put it there in the first place.

  22. If this is the start of an april fools prank Im going to be pretty pissed. Then impressed with the planning. Then pissed some more. Then Ill move on with my day and probably get chipotle or something...

  23. I expect to be disappointed. Only thing that would excite me is life outside earth which this news will not be.

  24. I really really dislike the trend of news about news. It's all over the place these days. How about when news breaks or something it's released, it makes the news then. Information travels fast enough now anyways, why does it matter that we get a heads up.

  25. They spotted a variable star - transmitting in morse code. Using English. Saying : “You are blocking our freeway development. Please prepare for roadwork for the next million years.”

  26. Hubble has been combing the universe for so long that the babies born in the year of it's launch can operate it. What could it have possibly found that would warranty those powerful words?

  27. I've become desensitized to NASA's announcements on discoveries mostly because of Mars where there is some press conference followed by some follow up study a few years later that disputes it. Or there is some hype and the announcement ends up being something like "interesting rock found on Mars that looks like Big Chungus." Okay that last one was a joke but

  28. It's harder to have discussion or Q&A through a press release. To do those well you need peoples' schedules to line up, which is what these "we're announcing something next week" notices are for.

  29. So they're announcing an announcement, but making us wait rather than just telling us what it is. Stupid.

  30. NASA does this every time, they schedule a press release and make an announcement of the release in order to give other agencies, journalists, academics, and politicians the opportunity to make arrangements.

  31. The Webb telescope is so powerful I would not be surprised if they soon announce the discovery of city lights on one of the exo planets.

  32. We've probably discovered some sort of red dwarf system that has even more planets in the 'habitable zone', like 12 or so. Maybe they'll announce confirmation that one of the planets has an unexciting atmosphere, like mostly Argon and Nitrogen or something like that.

  33. why on earth do you make an announcement saying your going to have an announcement about something important. Just tell us, tell us now!

  34. I'm hoping it's going to be something like a Dyson sphere or a wormhole. Well, I can dream, right?

  35. Looks like they accidentally announced it in this title. Discovering the Hubble Space Telescope is pretty big, though.

  36. Not being rude, but if its another fucking stupid planet 1200 light-years away, I'm going to scream. At least if it was a Dyson Sphere or something unfathomable it would be important.

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