NASA still “pushing” for a Russian cosmonaut to fly on next SpaceX mission

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  2. There needs to be cooperation between NASA & Russia for the safety of the astronauts and ISS. You have to have a working relationship in this case with current events.

  3. Science and exploration will always overrule politics. Just because Russias dictator and government are shit it does not mean that all their people, cosmonauts, scientists, etc are bad people.

  4. When Putin gave battlefield commissions to the commanders responsible for Bucha. Russia made its decision to not wanting to be a part of the civilized world and the future of space cooperation.

  5. Is Russia really willing to commit an act of war and think they can get away with it over having a cosmonaut booted from going to the ISS on an American rocket? NATO will have Putin’s head and bomb western Russia into the Stone Age. Don’t you think the international community can deal with Russian munitions aim at ISS? Did you even give the situation any thought?

  6. And as they should. This has been an absolutely disgusting war and fully Russias fault but it should not be the unwinding of 40 years of cooperation between NASA and Roscosmos. Space should be permanently spared from politics so we can keep cooperations and progression like this but only time will tell.

  7. The problem is you don't reward the rhetoric of that blowhard in charge of Roscosmos. You just don't.

  8. You don't think a country's war crimes should have them shunned on the global stage? Isn't the cosmonaut program directly funded by the Russian government?

  9. I support ukraine. I support sending weapons to ukraine to defend their country. And i support US and Russian cooperation on the space station. In order for manned presence to continue on the ISS we need both teams. If we and russia wanna build our own stations later that makes me sad but its fine. But as far as the ISS is concerned we need to keep it going. I'm not gonna tell a US astronaut that he can't fly with his colleague, its unprofessional. Those of you complaining simply have zero nuance in your world view. The russians can be dead wrong on the invasion and still be valuable partners in the pursuit of science FOR ALL MANKIND. Remember that despite our wars and petty differences we are all stuck on this little blue marble hurtling through the universe and we need each other.

  10. I think if the partnership crumbled, and the ISS was decommissioned next week, the Original partners, plus extra additions, and maybe even India will work their ass off to create a new ISS, or expand on the moon gateway to ensure china isn't the only space station in op. Having ru as a partner is not required or desirable IMO. Ru needs partners, where the other iss partner nations (NASA, ESA, CSA) and potential newcomers don't need ru.

  11. but if one (ru) part use it for political point to justify war in Ukraine and as a platform spread propaganda - how can you still pretend its OK and we just need to focus on world peace ?

  12. Sadly my viewpoint on this has changed as of late and I disagree. Cooperation as a means to an end yes, because the US, etc, rely on Russia for ISS opps, but moving on away from rus reliance is way forward. Russia doesn't deserve to work with more civilized nations in their space program after what they are doing and have done.

  13. Everyone down voting you should go force themselves to watch the bombs and rockets that land on kids or families, go view the aftermath of that hospital full of babies and pregnant women with a 12ft deep crater out front, or that theater labeled "children" that got leveled, or any number of apartment buildings left in ruin and bodies of loved ones left behind.

  14. Right, because the US hasn't invaded countries.. Oh sorry... I meant "stationed troops" in countries on the other side of the world under false pretenses. Give me a break.

  15. Russian cosmonaut most likely has nothing to do with what russia is doing right now and shouldn't be penalized because of that madman pootin's decisions.

  16. odd take, so you don't blame the Nazi's for Hitler? They were just following orders, like the Russian troops in Ukraine.

  17. Turns out it was a coincidence, those were the colors of the university they were from. There's no way Roscosmos would allow a blatantly pro-Ukrainian gesture like that, the agency's head is one of the biggest cheerleaders of the war.

  18. Judging by the massive losses Russian soldiers are experiencing, I'm thinking that Russia seems very willing to win any conflict at the expense of every able person who can still invade a neighbour.

  19. NASA is trying to do what is best for the world, I am glad they are not letting dirty politics get in their way of establishing humanity's bigger picture in motion.

  20. i thought scientists and people that overlook space corporations were further from the meaningless politics and actually make logical decisions

  21. During these “missions” they develop certain technologies which they use later on in making weapons. They’re closely tied.. That’s why no russians or chinese should be involved in those missions.. Next, china will invade taiwan, because they saw that sanctions are all bs.. Russian ruble is now more valuable than before invasion..

  22. Nasa, and up until very recently, Roscosmos, has always put science over politics. This is not a political move.

  23. I suppose it is hopeless to suggest there is no point in re-litigating every war anyone has been in since the Civil War? It serves no purpose. Russia is not Iraq. You won't shock and awe them. If you present as an existential risk they could get serious and start flinging nukes. It's beneficial to act like it's normal until it isn't and hope that everyone figures it out.

  24. Didn't we ride with them for years? Clearly they have the means to get into space just send them the address and we'll meet them there.

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