The Bengals defeat the Raiders to win first playoff game in 31 years, end NFL's longest playoff victory drought

  1. Carr does stupid shit like this all the time. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you would not throw it into the end zone in that situation. Even if his guy catches it the game is still over.

  2. Yeah, I really hated this throw from Carr, his pocket is clean, if he doesn’t rush it he might have Waller 1v1 on the out and up. Who knows if he makes it but three yards short of the goal line in double coverage has such a low chance.

  3. He had the guy running the out too! Just lob it up in the back corner and trust your receiver! ETF was that throw selection? Like, even if you make it, you've lost.

  4. I’m talking both ways because I’m not a fan of either team. But, the officiating for that game was fucking atrocious. That crew does not belong on a playoff game ever again.

  5. Moved to Cincy, my first time in US, when Jon Kitna was QB and 2 win seasons were the norm. Stuck thru the disappointment of Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton injuries. Feels amazing to be expected to win and then actually deliver. Jungle was rocking today. Who Dey !!

  6. Ah. Look up the Icky Shuffle. I felt so bad for the guy after they got beat in the super bowl. Nothing worse than a shtick that people forget because you lost.

  7. Uhm, everyone in Cincinnati still knows the shuffle. Plus Icky had that insurance commercial were he celebrates getting the cold cuts with the shuffle.

  8. I dunno, did you know that the Seattle Kraken haven't won a single playoff game in the entite history of their team?

  9. To make it worse the Reds haven’t won a playoff series since 1995. So before last night the professional teams in Cincinnati had gone a collective 56 seasons without a playoff victory (game in football, series in baseball).

  10. It feels weird giving a team that had played in 7 games the longest drought. Like, the Twins have a streak that is just over half as long, but they've played in 18 games over that stretch. Incidentally, their last postseason series win was the 1991 World Series. Incidentally, if you ignore the 2002 ALDS they won, their last postseason series win was the 1991 World Series.

  11. I like to root for which ever teams are doing a lot better than they should be. Always leaves me an underdog to cheer for in playoffs😅

  12. And to think, this is just the beginning for this team. They're extremely young and have two absolute STUDS at QB and WR (Chase). More playoff wins and success for them in the years to come.

  13. There's kid's that have been born, grown up, went to war, fucking died, and never got to see a text message about a Bengals playoff win.

  14. Hell... he could've grown up, went to war, came home after two tours, went to school on his GI Bill, graduated with a master's degree, got married, had a baby, had another baby, then died after a months stay in the hospital after an old piece of shrapnel dislodged in his body, and never even got to see a text message about a Bengals playoff win.

  15. Unrelated but that’s not a superb playcall. Your two best receivers on flats 5 yards short of the end zone? And even if that ball is caught he’s a full yard short. I know I’m not an NFL OC, but IDK about that playcall

  16. Looking at it. Maybe toss it to Waller to see if he can beat the DB one on one to the end zone if throws it a half-second later? I’ve only seen this angle so I could be wrong on whose in the position there. They may have only set the two to the end zone because the O-line was not holding up well enough to allow more time for more routes to develop.

  17. Bengals fan here. That errant whistle screwed the Raiders big time though. Both teams were getting dumb calls.

  18. He is, but honestly, Jamarr Chase is the best player on the team. That guy is freakishly good. Already in contention for best WR in the league right now imo, and they use him for rushing, too.

  19. I’m gonna eat my chili drink my bourbon and just laugh and scream sporadically until I fall asleep. Y’all don’t know how this FEELS! I’ve waited my whole life for this! WHO DEY?!?!????!

  20. Right there with you. Lifelong Cincinnatian. I came home from the hospital on the Super Bowl in 1989 adorned in Bengals gear. It feels so good to win!

  21. Can we all agree that the referees need to stop making the game about them? Stop blowing phantom whistles (but if you do, follow the fucking rules) and stop calling drive-killing BS holding calls, and for the love of God, if a pass rusher coughs on a QB, call the CDC, don’t throw a flag. NFL Officials are a joke.

  22. I thought the Carson Palmer/Chad Johnson team were Superbowl contenders until the Steelers decided to do Steeler things and hurt Carson early.

  23. The Detroit Lions haven't won a playoff game since 1992, 30 years ago - they haven't been in the SB nor have they won any championship since 1957.

  24. wowwwww I didn’t fully see the play live, holy hell did he rush that throw. he had plenty of time and the throw wasn’t even in the end zone even if the receiver had caught it!! nerves got to him. congrats to the bengals!

  25. Was that Hendrickson? You could really see the drop off after he left the game. They couldn’t get to Carr.

  26. Unbelievably poor decision by Derek Carr on the last play. After they did such a good job taking the ball down the field with under 2 mins left he panicked and threw that ball to Jones who wasn’t even in the end zone and covered by two guys, just a bad decision there

  27. Yeah but let’s not talk about that bs timeout call. If it was the other way around you’d be crying like a bitch

  28. It may have been an ok decision when Carr decided he was going to throw it there, but his windup is soooo long that by the time the ball released, the defenders already saw where it was going to go. The dude wound up like he was pitching a 98 mph fastball.

  29. Derek “Throws interceptions at the worst possible time” Carr? Yeah I know him, I’ve been wanting him gone for the past 3 years.

  30. You heard of his brother? Sucks-so-bad-at-passing-the-panthers-run-it-all-game-but-like-6-plays? Yeah he got the panthers that first pick of cam newton.

  31. Cities here long for a sports team well some do, the Raiders were actually in Oakland when a new stadium couldn't be built there Las Vegas stepped up and built one under the condition that the team move to Las Vegas. so it's a money thing bud. Merica

  32. Over time, the Radiers moved from Oakland to LA, moved back to Oakland, and then moved a third time from Oakland to Las Vegas. The owner can put the team wherever he or she wants. Some cities throw a lot of money in incentives for stadium construction, training facilities, etc. to have a team call their place home. Most teams, players, coaches, etc. have no loyalty to a place - it is only a job. Yet fans are still stupid loyal to their team, even if they are not geographically close.

  33. Dumb calls for both teams. Refs were so bad the whole game. Though that errant whistle was just ridiculous.

  34. Oh shit. That cat I saw on TikTok was right. The Patriots should win against whoever they're playing. No idea. Not a sports guy. Just a random video on the fyp

  35. Not even close. Mariners had Griffey and went to the playoffs and won the ALDS in 2001. (~20 year gap)

  36. It's weird because in football you only get the one chance. As far as I know, all the others use series wins, which means that you have to lose more than one game to be out of the playoffs, mostly (MLB has the wild card round which is a one game play in). So you get things like the Twins, who's playoff win drought is just over half as long in seasons (17), but is nearly 2.5 times as long in games played (18).

  37. Belichick, Pete Carroll, and Marvin Lewis all had their first season in the same year. Guess who’s out of a job

  38. I thought the longest was the Lions. Anyway I was in 10th grade. I would have thought during the Marvin Lewis years when they went to the playoffs multiple times the would have won at least one. I guess not.

  39. Lions won one in 1992 I think, Bengals were 1991, so you weren't that far off. Before tonight's game, the Lions also had one more playoff game in that stretch.

  40. How were they in business if they didn't win for 31 years? I don't follow NFL that much so not sure about sponsors and their terms...

  41. Man they are lucky the Chargers pulled a Chargers and choked last week. Had they won, they would have had to play the Patriots and the Bills the Chargers. All the homes teams lucked out with the seeding, it could have been much harder for them.

  42. I don't watch football, but I assume such a long drought can only be caused by management/CEO for profit margin reasons. I'm guessing they kind of accidently moneyballed some players here and that their players are going to get poached very soon and they'll be right back to not winning anything?

  43. 0:29 - Bengals fans realizing they won a playoffs game is hilarious, some were confused like "is this what winning is?"

  44. I thought the raiders battled well and in the end I really think I was expecting an overtime shoot out, I was pleased the bengals went thru, they've been an exciting watch all season

  45. I came home from the hospital when the Bengals were in the Super Bowl. Today was amazing. I've lived through Jeff Blake, was at the game when Palmer tore his ACL, was crushed when Burfict and friends decided to thug it out against the Steelers. This team is real and is special.

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