[Highlights] LeBron James threw the ball at Scottie Barnes during their games vs Raptors.

  1. Barnes went 21-9-5. But looking at the highlights and how bad the Lakers defence was, you have to wonder whether he could have easily roasted them for even more.

  2. Scottie over here looking at the ref call him out of bounds lmao. He didn’t even care of flinch about lebron he wanted the call. Makes sense when you are out scoring the Lakers at that point he was locked in.

  3. I think Barnes was confused lol. Like “did he really just throw the ball at me? Did anybody else see that? No? Alright well let’s play I guess.”

  4. I mean I’ve watched a lot of basketball, I’ve never seen someone throw it as hard as this intentionally at a player laying down in my life. Then instantly try to walk up to him like he was going to confront him.

  5. I've seen guys throw it hard before but they'll often apologize, check on the guy, or help him up. The only reason it's hard is because it has to be to make it work.

  6. Professional watchers in this thread saying "this happens every game." It's like saying "Mike Tyson didn't do anything wrong to Holyfield because boxers get their ears hurt all the time"

  7. Did he suffer any consequences? A fine? Ejection? Game suspension? In the NHL that play would probably get you a 10min penalty if not ejected.

  8. I've been watching basketball for over 30 years. Throwing it hard off the other player to get an out of bounds call in your favour is pretty standard, this one just looked ugly because of the positions of everyone. Personally, I would've done the same thing to get the same call.

  9. Notably, Barnes was killing them in the low post all through the first half at that point. Yes James was trying to put the ball off of him out of bounds, but that was an overzealous double-handed throw. Totally venting for a crap night.

  10. I mean he had 2 Lakers ready for him to pass it to them. He just decided why not throw it with all my might at the one guy who’s pissing me off and hopefully get the ball. Just another example of poor sportsmanship. Sometimes you gotta take your lumps as you do your victories.

  11. I get the venting; he was pissed at himself and his teammates. But a few inches either way, and that could have been a head or hand that was injured.

  12. Maybe it's just the hockey fan inside of me, but purposely whipping the ball at a downed player is grounds for getting your ass whipped by the whole other team.

  13. Regardless of this being a basketball play you can tell how frustrated and unwarranted this throw at Barnes head was. Lebron even seemed to look for confrontation afterwards standing over him for a possible reaction.

  14. lebron been in the league almost 20 years now and he’s doing that to a rookie. squaring up to him after he did it as well, absolute bully and man child

  15. Really, he's furious with time itself. He can't do what he used to do. He's slower and knows it. The end is nigh.

  16. I mean it’s a basketball move laced with malice. Raptors got to him that game and showed his frustration here, albeit completely unnecessary.

  17. Please explain why this wasn’t considered a flagrant foul/technical? Lebron is arguably in the top 3 who ever played the game and well as the top 3 little bitches that ever played the game. WTF?

  18. Yeah let that be LeBron on the ground. He’d STILL be rolling on the ground holding his face. Probably show up the rest of the season with a face shield on looking like Rip Hamilton.

  19. How was he not ejected for that shit? He threw it right at a young players fucking head? Man fuck LeBron constantly getting babied by Refs.

  20. Lebron James.... Wasn't that the guy complaining about people speaking negatively about China? Likes to act like he's the good guy, but is basically just a money hungry a-hole? Looks like something a person like that would do.

  21. Was talking to a coworker just now about the childish behavior and inability to control emotions during a game as a reason he’ll never truly be GOAT

  22. That and the fact that while Jordan was an egotistical dick, he didn't directly support any genocidal dictatorships that I know of.

  23. I'm starting to think every person claiming MJ is better than LJ is an over 40 male who just doesn't want to believe their era didn't have the absolute best player.

  24. Lol if you think this is bad then I know you never watched Jordan play. Jordan did shit far worse than this. I don't think LeBron is better than Jordan but this comment is just ridiculous.

  25. That was malicious. He threw it at dude's head. And secondly he had two teammates under the goal wide open that he could have thrown it in to. The other 6 people were completely out of the picture.

  26. Is this now illegal in basketball? This used to be pretty common to have it “go out” off the opposing team. You’d throw it hard so they couldn’t catch it or react and it would ricochet out of bounds- typically aim for the butt or leg not to be a dick.

  27. Lol isn't this common when the ball is moving out? You hit the player with it so it becomes your ball or this sub everyone just hates LeBron? I genuinely don't understand why everyone is calling LeBron a bitch

  28. Anyone whose played basketball at any moderately high level knows that this is nothing huge. You do this to regain possession when diving out of bounds for a ball, he could’ve NOT done it, sure. However they’d be playing defense instead of offense the next possession.

  29. I'm not trying to defend LeBron here but isn't this a pretty normal play? He maybe threw it a little harder than normal but it's not like he's gonna say oh this guy is laying down, I'll just take the ball out of bounds

  30. I don’t respect this dude, everything he does just tells me he’s an entitled bitch willing to harm others to get his way

  31. I’m a raptors fan and I fucking hate lebron but this doesn’t seem that bad he’s just trying to keep possession by putting it out of bounds of Scottie

  32. I think it’s just that the throw felt too aggressive. Like it’s less about keeping possession and more just venting because they’re losing and he’s frustrated

  33. A picture of this Lakers team should be next to the word “Schadenfreude” in the dictionary. Losing bad with the cockyness of the 2011 Heat, and players blaming everyone but themselves. Love it!

  34. Don't care how popular you are, how good you are how many games you win or points you score, or even how much money you make, you act this this and you ARE just an ass. Grow up

  35. I’ve always hated LeBron James and I don’t think I’ve ever watched 10 minutes of an NBA game. Everything I see of him just makes him look like a whiny, entitled bitch.

  36. Between the 50-point games and the increased frequency of James Rage can we just admit that Lebron is on some sort of testosterone replacement therapy?

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