Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily - 4/19/22 (Tuesday)

  1. First time doing Dingers. In my head I sort of had 32 homers or $160 in free bets as a safe and conservative estimate of the insurance provided by the promo.

  2. Yes I’m curious how much in free bets one would get today If they bet every game as a percentage and then even using the past couple weeks as samples to determine how much additional ev we really get from these juiced up lines

  3. For those that took the fanduel Jose Altuve/Shohei Ohtani boost to each get a hit...did you get a refund of your wager because Altuve is out? Or did they keep it with just Ohtani

  4. Joey Gallo strikeouts would be an awesome promo. I did not take him- have Judge and Stanton but I love me some Gallo bashing.

  5. For those of us who were not around until football season last year, we're all sitting around saying "this is what they've been blathering on about for 7 months?"

  6. The best part about Dinger Day is seeing a new homer pop up, thinking you hit it because the last name sounds familiar, and then realizing you bet on that name on a different team...

  7. Check your DK rewards. If you had the deposit 1k to get an exclusive leader board promo apparently dk just deposited $100 in casino credits in your account due to technical difficulties.

  8. Thanks. I did opt into that but it disappeared from my promo tab so had no idea when it was for. I do have $50 in global casino credits in my account.

  9. I love that DK has a "bet on these stars to stay hot in South Beach tonight" promo that includes Trae Young even though he's been anything but hot.

  10. FYI for anyone doing the resorts world 3 point promo. Even though I opted in earlier today, everytime I log in I have to opt in again. Before placing your bets, make sure to click opt in again even if you did it previously.

  11. RWB is horrendous. I msg'd support who told me I wasn't opted in even though I had a screenshot. This would explain why. They awarded me a FB anyway at least

  12. Do we like the FD ja Morant and Anthony Edward's to score 25+ pts boost at +170? Not too worried about ja but worried tonight might be KAT nighg after Edward's big game last time out.

  13. Did you guys notice fanduel stopped offering NHL ML parlays? Favs in NHL have been crushing it, they are so smart.

  14. It wasn’t dumb it was intentional. They were trying to get you to bet on a injured player; they want your money.

  15. Did Bet Rivers remove credit card deposits? I don't see it listed under my "other payment methods"

  16. Weird - seems like it's hit or miss for some reason. I'm in CO and only have Trustly, Paypal, Wire Transfer, Vanilla, BR+ and cash. I last deposited via credit card on April 9th.

  17. Be careful with this with MGM. They have a bizarre "closed loop" system where they compel you to withdraw to the gift card you used to fund, even if it was months earlier. I had to go several rounds with them to get them to remove the gift cards from my account.

  18. What card would you say is the best churn opportunity right now? I did the Chase 100k points and that was well worth it, not sure if that's still be best for anyone here who may look to churn as a new hustle

  19. Forgot I can't even partake in Dinger Tuesday, average amount I can get down on a HR prop is like $15 lol. Thanks Fanduel.

  20. The limits are higher this year. They also weren’t an issue last year once it got closer to game time.

  21. For what it's worth, devigging Pinnacle gets a FV of -103 for -EV. Still plenty of time before the game starts, but worth noting.

  22. Steven Adams was the same way yesterday, SGP DD was much higher than regular DD and took DK a while to catch it. I actually did butler DD and butler 15pts for +400 he rarely gets less than 20

  23. Fanduel nerfed a boost and I'm about to go on vacation to a non-gambling state? Positive regression is coming, my friends.

  24. Maybe youll get lucky. I went on a week long vacation in March. Checked up on this place and everyone was in shambles. Made the Mojitos that much sweeter.

  25. are there any tangentially related areas to be an early adopter in? Don’t get me wrong, there’s still EV to be made in these promos, but I’m remembering even a year ago when DK offered essentially 10% ($2,000) on a game with a house edge of <1%. 10k then instant release of the casino bonus. Just thought about this with what some other commenters were saying about DK boosts these days being worse as well.

  26. It was more short lived than the online poker boom, but arguably less stressful. The current EV downswong isn’t even nearly as bad as one of the poker ones. I guess I was lucky enough to be involved in both.

  27. check out horse betting sign up promos, not as easy to hedge/arb IMO, but some of the sites have decent offers for new users

  28. If there was I think we would be all over it. 2020-2021 we will look back at as the easiest money we ever made in our lives. Personal opinion, but I really think it was once in a lifetime. Golden Age.

  29. BR has a boost to +345 for O4.5 Goals during the Liverpool-Man U match. I was getting a minimum of 4% EV+ via any method on the devigger. Closes in about 20 minutes.

  30. Looks like it is locked now - not sure on the reason, but they just nerfed another boost. Hopefully the same doesn't happen here.

  31. Ja and Edwards each 25+ FD boost +200: Getting FV of +160 for 15.4% EV using FD alts (assuming no correlation). Max bet.

  32. I'd really love to know the story behind FD not offering EPL boosts in NY. It's weird because they offer the UCL ones, just not EPL...

  33. How do you calculate fair value line for two players combining for a point total? Looking at McCollum and Valanciunas to combine for o44.5 boosted to +115 on fox bet

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