Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily - 5/1/22 (Sunday)

  1. Looks like the FD mexico open boost with Jihn Rahm and Tony Finau top 10 boost actually cashed. I completely forgot sbout it. Was +500 shocked it hit.

  2. The other day somebody was shitting on the Bet and Get (free bet) promos. I've made almost $2500 off of them in the last 4 months ($2000 after conversion). ROI is close to 20% on them.

  3. Hedging question: when DK had the NBA futures promo I put 100 on Celtics at 26:1 and now they are 5:1. After getting crushed in game 1 vs bucks I’m trying to think of a proper hedging strategy with 3 teams to go through to win the championship. Since I bet 100 to win 2600 I was thinking bet 200 on other team this series then 400 next series and 800 the final series, that way worst case I lose 1400 and win the 2600 - thoughts on how best to deal with this? Appreciate your help…

  4. Take any free bets you have and spread them around on the teams left to win. You will get something and recoup whatever you played on the Celtics

  5. He was pitching incredibly and also the Mets who are the Knicks of baseball are having a great start to the season so their fans are extra amped up

  6. In addition to what was said below, Max is one of the most fun pitchers to watch if you're a baseball fan. He's super intense, often curses while on the mound, and strikes out a bunch. Brings a ton of energy every time he throws.

  7. CZR boost that ends in about 20 minutes- Alonso and Schwarber to each hit a HR at +3300. Additive might be the best way to de-vig this due to it being a longshot, and that does spit out a firmly negative FV +3703 using DK lines. However, if you place a greater emphasis on the traditional method, you do get FV of +2883 for 14% EV.

  8. Not the craziest bet in the world but HR lines vary so much I like to look for the pessimistic ones to analyze and if they say + then I go. In this case, DK was more optimistic than either FD or BR.

  9. I haven't checked since I was limited to 11 dollars on a cbb conference finals game, I think it was the big ten, main spread. Seems like it varies but I felt it coming, first the promo bans for like 2 weeks, then one review, then full limits.

  10. As much as I think lots of these boosts are misleading you can’t just righteously announce your picks halfway through the game

  11. Do people know that boom offers a one day pass for $5? For these size free bets just go do that if you don’t want to shell out $15 for the month.

  12. They just reset the tier points. I was Elite last year, got nada for it. They limited me hard right before the 175k level, so I never had a chance at Owner's Club. I think they did that on purpose.

  13. There's a free 7 day cruise for elite. Not sure how it works yet, I just made elite like 2 weeks ago. Other than that I don't think there's anything worthwhile

  14. Resorts World has an Amazing promo where you bet $50 on Yankees Mets Run line for every game in May and get a $1 Free Bet for every home run your team for that game.

  15. Are there any good websites out there that provide low hold / arb picks for free? Just looking to convert some free bets and don't want to pay for odds jam/boom

  16. Not seeing this. I see a section for 10+ rebounds but Grant isn’t in that one. No 5+ rebound bet is there

  17. Their rules are complicated and there may be a difference between true rain outs and shortened official games. My best read is that if the market is conclusive it is action but others may say that is wrong. But I think a hit should be a winner on O0.5.

  18. Dk has 50% boost on 3 leg sgp for Phillies / Mets, max $50 Fanduel has $10 3 leg parlay +400 min odds, get $10 free bet for Phillies / Mets win or lose

  19. It means that if 14 drivers finish in the lead lap and you bet the over you win. If you bet the under you lose. A lap is one time around the track. And drivers are people inside of cars.

  20. Shorter track that often has long stretches of green flag racing which in turn means more cars lose a lap to the leader. Last 2 races at the same track had 17 and 21 cars on the lead lap but only 12, 8, and 11 cars finished lead lap in the 3 beforehand.

  21. Running the same lap as the leader. So if you crash, have car problems or just the leader passes you, you arent on the lead lap anymore. For those who dont follow racing and want to bet this, top lapped car gets back on the lead lap if theres a caution.

  22. If I bet on an MLB game moneyline and the starting pitcher gets injured and doesn’t pitch, are there any apps that will void the bet?

  23. I took advantage of this and used bloodsuckers but it didn’t count towards completion of the rollover anyone else run into this?

  24. Did anyone have 3 100% profit boosts from the VIP MLB bet and get the other day, use one or two of them, and then have the remaining fall off overnight? Did I miss that they expired within 2 days?

  25. Pro Tip: When checking SGP lines for devigging a boost, make sure to place your bet on the boost, not on one of the other combos. 🤦‍♂️

  26. How did this turn into the daily +EV bet thread? Shouldn't we really have another thread for these? This thread has become -EV with all these "this FD boost is +25% EV devigged against FD own lines bullshit". Maybe the books have figured us out.

  27. Huh? Isn't it important to know if the boost is good or not? I appreciate immensely the work folks put into grading the boosts. You should too.

  28. I mean it’s pretty rare anyone posts a play with EV analysis that isn’t a boost (which is a promo) so…

  29. When they legalized in more and more states, the bots came in and ruined it. This place was a gold mine about 2 years ago, hasn’t been the same since.

  30. promos got way shittier,lines move way faster than they used to,more people have done every sign up bonus they can do already etc

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