Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily - 5/5/22 (Thursday)

  1. Does anyone have any insight on if a large wager on an MLS alt spread would raise red flags? for limit purposes

  2. Yeah awhile back I hit $360 in bonus on roulette on one of these bonuses. I then had to play what felt like 1000 hands of $5 blackjack and its was just awful. Made some money but it didn't feel worth it at all.

  3. Holy shit did anyone take the CZR boost of Zunino/Buxton/Machado HR at +5500?? Have absolutely no idea if it was EV I just saw it on boosts and threw a $25 freebet

  4. That’s fucking awesome, happy for you. Bet you’re glad you lost that Man City SGP lmfao. What’s going on today

  5. Word of caution to people doing NHL parlays: I hedged out of one because I had hit the first 2 legs, then score keeper took a SOG away from Ekblad and now I'm at risk of a double loss...

  6. Luzardo has his 6 Ks for the CZRs boost (Marlins ML and over 5.5 Ks at +275) Currently they're down 2-1 to the Padres.

  7. Now we have the Avs for +250. Best team in the league vs the worst team in the playoffs and a pissed off Fd wizard.

  8. Cannot believe the Mets have had 2 miracle 9th inning come backs within 2 weeks of each other and they BOTH screwed the FD Wizard.

  9. Today and tomorrow PB (yes I know they suck) has 40% profit boost on won live mlb wagers. Unibet has 20% live mlb boost. Easy to arb if you’re into that. PB actually had good odds and slow to update I was able to easily arb even if PB side doesn’t win

  10. DraftKings sponsors the NHL on TNT...they just had a signup offer with a special promo code! $10 if your single game parlay loses

  11. I'm starting to think that OJ owns OB. They make the price for OJ so freaking absurd that everyone flocks to OB and thinks it is the bargain of the century. Genius!

  12. There is also a 3 way arb of the moneyline and two way arb of total goals. Is this obscure enough of a market for the Hammer to come down?

  13. CZR boost for Marlins win and Luzardo o5.5 K +275 is slightly +EV currently, using FD SGP. +1.1% mult and +2.2% add. But CZR SGP gives +250, so FD may be off. Hopefully something moves the lines in our favor in the next 3 hours.

  14. FanDuel sent me a $10 “fantasy bonus” for DFS, but I can’t figure out how to apply it. Every time I go to enter a $10 contest, it ask me to use funds from my balance?

  15. I just entered a contest, and it deducted the entry fee from the bonus. Didn’t indicate that before entry though. Give it a try.

  16. Using Kambi 4 way de-vig, this comes out to be 56% +EV. The uncorrelated odds from most books have this as +EV (5-15% range) as well. Obviously there's quite a bit of positive correlation here, but under the most conservative approach this is still a play.

  17. DK- Opt In Dan Le Batard 25% Parlay boost on Gaethje, Rose, and Chandler to win. As of this writing (still 2 days out from the PPV), the boost gets you to +467. Using the worst case method from Pinnacle lines, I'm getting 9.7% EV.

  18. Yeah, DK has close to the best odds of any book for each one of these legs. So the 25% boost is more than enough to get this to +EV.

  19. Mets/Phillies no run in 1st in -105 on FD seems EV when looking at all other books I have access to. I’m personally not taking it, seems like it could be a high scoring game

  20. Earlier today DK had favorable lines vs Pinnacle on YRFI and on Mets first half over, used some of my profit boost tokens for EV. Here's hoping.

  21. Somebody gave this advice before, but I wouldn’t worry unless you see that you’ve been bypassed on like 3-4 in a row. My rep said there are different targeted audiences is for each. I’m only Gold, so I’m sure they very the higher you get as well.

  22. I’m still so confused and haven’t gotten a clear answer. I got offered vip 3 weeks ago and was told I would hear from a host and start receiving offers. I’ve gotten nothing and the original rep I spoke with has ghosted me

  23. I finally got a new mission (kept getting a dumb $85 SGP mission). Little bit of work, but worth it: "Place 20 $100+ bets and earn $175 in a Free Bet.". Betting some low-hold MLB run lines so I also get credit for my Bet & Get VIP promo that ends tonight.

  24. anyone got a good use for the rangers BR boost today? can't find anything more than a couple percent over ev

  25. I used mine to help arb a $50 bet on MGM for the rangers promo on that. Turned a big 19 cent profit but get a free bet for each series win.

  26. For the CZ NBA bet and get ($25 SGP gets a $10 freebet every day), can a bet be placed today on tomorrow's games, and then another one placed tomorrow on tomorrow's games? The terms read to me like it's based on the day each SGP is placed and not settled.

  27. Dk comes through with a nice VIP casino deposit offer. (Option 1) Opt-In and earn a 100% Casino Deposit Bonus on your next Casino deposit of $100 or more, up to $2,000 in Casino Bonus Funds. Original deposit amount plus the bonus amount are subject to a 15x playthrough requirement which can only be completed on DraftKings Casino.

  28. If you do option 2 is there an odds restriction on the play through? Could you just bet -10000 lines to roll it over 1x?

  29. I'm thinking about doing option 1. 2k For 2k and play thru 60k is bloodsuckers 2/cleopatra/cleopatra/gypsy riches and some others.

  30. For the 2nd one, just make sure you at least bet through your entire deposit 1x (can be all sports bets). I'm guessing it will mention that somewhere in the T&C.

  31. Superbook BTTS 1st period. Lines on other books are all over the place so hard to sort out EV on most of them, but the Penguins Rangers* boost is like 20%+ EV against both FD and DK so it is a must max at the moment.

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