Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily - 6/7/22 (Tuesday)

  1. The boost states that this starts tomorrow and not today and I’m actually getting that this is below fair value.

  2. For DK MLB risk-free SGP, Yordan HR, HOU +5.5, HOU o1.5 is +340. This is -3.4% EV without the risk-free but obviously very much so with getting 70% of your stake back.

  3. Also, damn I gotta find a way to set up notifications on starting pitchers getting scratched. I realized Skubal was scratched about 15 minutes after, had a +425 play that was +300 on FD and then it got pulled in my slip! A whole 15 minutes were available to come up with a SGP!

  4. Hey if you still want to persue this, then try DMing their twitter support. They seem to be on a much higher level of service.

  5. If you click on the "50% boost" badge in your bet history, it'll open up a popup that shows the boost applied to the parlay for each # of legs. You'll notice how it shows 50% for both 1 and 2 legs as well. I'd send them a screenshot of that

  6. The way these work seems to be odd. I had a 3 legger with the 50% boost yesterday and one leg got voided. The payout was no longer boosted.

  7. I’m in Michigan and don’t see this. I see curry to score first 3-pointer. Can you direct me to it? Or maybe that’s my state specific boost. Thank you

  8. Going on a trip to Virginia this weekend. I don’t see a sportbooks megathread to go through. Any notable differences there? Coming from NJ

  9. ARB with DK boost (+150) on HR hitter for TOR Blue Jays @ KC Royals ... maybe Ontario books only?

  10. FD Verlander, Darvish, Kopech each to throw 5+ Strikeouts boosted to +220. Only place I even have lines for alt strikeouts is FD, so I'm assuming this is no good but who the hell knows

  11. Running this against FD alt lines and 7% vig gives +220 FV. Theres reason to believe the vig is higher then 7% too.

  12. The FD parlay of this right now is currently +145, so assuming it did actually start at +160 it has moved in our favor. I also can't find any alt lines anywhere else though.

  13. Questionable penalty awarded in the 88th minute and ensuing goal by England has most likely blown the FD +EV soccer boost.

  14. How can they award a PK when the guy was offside? Been watching soccer over 20 years unless they changed the offsides rules you cant be ahead of all the players and the ball for fucksake.

  15. FanDuel has a +400 boost for MLB: Alek Manoah to Record 7+ Strikeouts and Blue Jays to Score 5+ Runs (Jun 7, Max Bet $50).

  16. In all likelihood, either team should get more than 10 threes. So if you do a $1000 wager, this effectively becomes a 60% / $250 profit boost (convertible to roughly ~$90, in my mind)...

  17. FD [email protected] HR lines are finally in. Judge, Buxton, Donaldson, and Gallo all appear +EV at the moment. I pulled a JDog round robin strat on it.

  18. For the record, I have no idea if SGP round robins are +EV. They’re fine for a promo but for a straight-up play, I’m not sure as FD zaps some of the pricing in the name of positive correlation.

  19. Anyone have a slot suggestion for Golden Nugget that's not Starmania or a website that I can filter out slots to find something on there with low volatility?

  20. FD NY Boost - Alonso to get a hit Zibanejad 1+ point, and Sabrina Ionescu to make 2 + threes boosted to +400. I don't have any WBNA props anywhere, but seems like she's a 3 pt shooter. Probably a good boost. Anyone have math on this?

  21. I just worked it out, 62% chance for Ionescu 2+ threes, 59.4% Zibanejad points, 65.6% on Alonso hit. FV of +314, 20.7% EV

  22. Based on lines across multiple sites for Alonso and Zibanjad, this boost would be around 0% EV if Ionescu leg is 50/50. But based on her career, she made 2+ 3pts in 29/48 games. (7/11 this season) So this leg is closer to -150.

  23. Seeing a lot of variance based on book. I think it’s an easy max if you are limited to $10 or $25 but I can see the argument for not being a full max depending on what book you use. FD having this exact prop at +110/-134 only gives me a 1u play.

  24. CZR: Zibanejad PP Point and Shesterin 35 saves boosted to +550 is interesting. Z PP point is about FV +175. Would need the Shesterkin leg to be around +140 FV in order for this boost to be fair. Lightning absolutely lit up Shesterkin last game, he ended with 49 saves. There's no lines for35 saves, Shesterkin's o/u is 32.5 and favoring over. I think adding 2 goals to this gives us slight positive EV or right at FV.

  25. IS CZR's casino sound just not on for slots for anyone else? Pressing the unmute button at the top just makes it spin forever which is driving me crazy- I'm so used to the motorhead sound effects

  26. Got another casino promo on DK today, up to $750 casino credits, unlock up to $250 on BJ, $1 for every $50 bet, $1 for every $25 for roulette, I forget what the 3rd was, guessing slots. Good for stacking with the deposit bonus, if you haven't played through that.

  27. Anyone else finding themselves limited on DK today? Wondering if there’s another wave of sweeps coming after the latest DK comments about shunning sharp bettors. Hoping my situation was just an anomaly but getting limited to $100 on a F5 ML was a shocking surprise today.

  28. Fucking FD now with a “longshot” SGP promo on baseball. Quit betting these things or that’s all that promos are gonna be in a weeks time on DK and FD. THE FUCKING RUBES.

  29. Not listed in CZR promos but I got an email for a 50% profit boost for the RBC Canadian Open. Max bet of $25.

  30. Good sign up bonus - $750 site credit, but otherwise not a very pleasant app and kambi lines are plentiful on other books.

  31. Promo: It’s time to step into the batter’s box and open the betPARX app. Opt-in each day Monday, June 6 through Thursday, June 9, and get a Free Bet if your Baseball Same Game Parlay doesn’t hit.

  32. The lines are very limited - max profit would be throwing 500 on a +300 SGP (assuming 70% conversion you are betting 150 to win 1500 at +300 odds - can't get much better than that for team EV)

  33. You only get the bonus after your first bet settles. SB doesn’t have many alt lines either so it’s harder to maximize the ROI. I’ve been finding success with the MLB under 0.5 hits player props on SB versus FD, but I’m limited on FD. 2.5 hours is a small window considering I’ve been working through the bonus for a week now

  34. Haven’t done it yet, but another quick point. Be sure not to create an account until the exact day that you are going to deposit/wager. if you create an account before, it will void the bonus offer.

  35. LOL just got done finishing this as well. I concur with your analysis except for the Dodgers/Giants/Padres one, I was getting that it was FV only.

  36. Click the opt-in button from the promo page again and it will take you to the leaderboard. The updating is sporadic though, not real time.

  37. For the Fanduel SGP promos, is the eligibility affected by leg(s) voiding and dropping your bet below the original minimum odds threshold? I had a +562 parlay for the no-sweat MLB promo today, but one of the legs voided due to a rainout, and based on the theoretical payout before it settled, it looked like the odds would have actually been around +285 (though it still shows the +562 from when I originally made the bet). I ended up losing the parlay, but I didn’t see a free bet credited. I looked back at the promo and it shows that I opted in (which I know I did before I made my bet as well), but it doesn’t show that I made a qualifying bet aka the bar says 0% completed. I could have sworn this happened once before and I still got credited back since the leg voiding is out of my control. I could be wrong though, anyone know the protocol? I can’t tell from the fine print.

  38. Talk to support, it tends to vary. Typically for me in your scenario the bet doesn’t qualify, but other people have had different experiences

  39. So tonight I had FD homer bets on Drury and Walker in the rain-shortened Cincinnati game. Drury paid out, Walker voided. In theory, this means any rain shortened game would have free rolls on home runs.

  40. That's the positive side. If the game is suspended and continued the next day, they are one of the few books that won't void in that situation. I got screwed on this with the Astros/Twins I believe a few weeks ago.

  41. FD also unfortunately doesn't void if the player doesn't start though, and subs in as a pinch hitter. So maybe it kinda cancels out from that perspective, but def good to note!

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