Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily - 6/14/22 (Tuesday)

  1. Anyone have an idea when Twinspires Sportsbook/Casino is closing in PA? Got some money in there I gotta take care of before they close

  2. They are not a straight Sportsbook they are horse racing first and foremost. The program you buy from the race track for races that day at any track is the Daily Racing Form. So yes, while the Sportsbook may not last long, the brand has been around since the late 1800s and it’s not going anywhere

  3. For those in NY you can arb the DK 40% profit boosts (Mets/Brewers) for about $16 using FD and moneylines for tonight’s games. Probably better out there, but has to place beets before flying out of NY

  4. You can use code “ACTION” for $750. I just did this and had my first bet voided. (I bet an alt mlb line -1 and it pushed)I contacted chat and they said I was still eligible for my risk free bet and just to chat them again if my next bet lost. So I placed another one and it lost, contacted chat and was given site credit immediately. Chat was maybe 2 minutes. I was impressed by the customer service for how bad I had heard the book is.

  5. If you think it hits 20% then you can bet it on FD unboosted too since that would be +EV by your estimations.

  6. FanDuel BODYARMOR Edge Boost (???) - Dodgers to win, Betts & Ohtani 1+ hits each boosted to +270. If you build the SGP on DK, it's +240, on Caesars it's +250. Based on typical juice for same-game parlays I'm guessing it's fair at best but probably 5-10% negative EV.

  7. i got the message for the boost in my notifications but didn’t get the actual boost on my screen (?) not sure why

  8. If you’re going to do the VIP Boost Club you might as well do it in $10 chunks to make some progress on the leaderboard. I might just do that and stop at the $100 free bet. Not sure if it’s worth the grind at +100 odds now.

  9. I concur on the HR boost. When I looked earlier at the 3 team parlay using FD lines it was right around fair, maybe up to 3% +EV.

  10. RW Bet $50 on the spread of any stanley cup games and get a $3 free bet for each goal your team scores.

  11. Surprised DK has no promos today, not even the weekly "TBS Tuesday" MLB SGP boost. As someone mentioned in this thread, the well is indeed drying up. And the promo offers at all books are going to get less and less starting in a few weeks time when both the NBA and NHL seasons are over.

  12. There also haven't been any new states going live recently. California is dragging their feet, and may mandate on-site tribal only. Texas, with all their freedom, won't legalize it any time soon. Florida tried and failed. Every other state is either already legal or won't move the needle enough to make a difference.

  13. I agree that the past week or so has been slow but there have been a number of times before when the promos were as bad as this and then a week later I was drowning in promos again. Give it some time before you call it dead.

  14. You guys have reasons as to why you think it’s happening? Stock performance, regulatory reasons, etc.

  15. This is the worst time of year for sports, I know NHL and NBA finals are still going but not today. So it's just baseball. And you still have Dinger Tuesday and the DK SGP leaderboard.

  16. The days of raking in 1000s of dollars every month are over. Making some extra side income here and there to help with everyday expenses is likely not going anywhere as long as there is competition in the market.

  17. Hey everyone. I was team arb on free bets for a long time but recently have started just playing free bets on games I enjoy watching at odds of +250 to +400.

  18. No need to hedge as long as the bet is on long odds. In fact, not hedging makes you more money! (Unless your hedge is +ev)

  19. Allowing for more game enjoyment is the bread and butter that leads to a lot of lost money in sports gambling. I'm not pro or against arbing, and this doesn't really have to do with utilizing your free bets, but making bets for the enjoyment of the game is a dangerous game.

  20. Kambi SGP likes this much less than DK, offering +170 for USA+u3.5+BTTS NO, but it still comes out to +6.3% EV additive method with the full devig:

  21. From a quick glance, you did cover all of the possible outcomes (i.e., this would work as an arb/hedge), but when you devig using a combination of different types of bets (e.g., 3 leg SGPs and Moneylines/Draws), it adds a lot of noise to the devig.

  22. For anyone still in need of unloading FBs from last week's Dinger Tuesday: OAK/BOS o14.5 +500 FD; u14.5 -480 MGM. 80% conversion.

  23. How do you calculate EV on SGPs with correlation and there are not lines available to calculate all expected outcomes within the SGP?

  24. Maybe look at it like a 3-way market: Avs + Makar, TB + Makar, NO Makar. If he doesn't score, it doesn't matter who wins. FD has yes/no goal lines

  25. Some people like to devig the odds of both sides Makar to score + col win, makar to score + lighting win.

  26. Any easy way to calculate how to maximize risk free bet promos? Of course its the easiest if you take the chance and win 100%, but was wondering what's the easiest way to hedge this

  27. Late to the leaderboard party and missed the last few weeks. Quick question if anyone nice enough to answer. Can’t find in a Reddit search. Multiple $10 bets on same game (with same picks) would yield multiple points or that’s promotional abuse? Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.

  28. I wanted to test this yesterday so I placed one -130 parlay and one +100 parlay. Somehow, NEITHER ONE counted.

  29. I didn’t do it last week. Does it track your points if you are not on the leaderboard? Only did a few yesterday but seeing a blank box for my “standings”

  30. Does the stepped up parlay count for leaderboard? Nothing in terms say it does not but just checking with those who have done it the last two weeks. Edit — Ahh, missed it in the terms. Thanks all. Sorry.

  31. So DraftKings changed their opt-in page for the SPG Leaderboard promo. Yesterday it was -250, now it is +100. garbage.

  32. They fixed the T&C yesterday and left the leaderboard the same then a few hours later changed that, czr level shit right there.

  33. Anyone know if in the calculator if you can put in several odds for the same bet and get an avg of those lines?

  34. you’re just asking for a normal calculator, to get an average add all the numbers then divide by the amount of numbers you added up

  35. I'm guessing we get some half-assed promos for opening weekend and thats about it. We have the NBA and NHL championships going on simultaneously and their ain't shit for either.

  36. It’s dinger Tuesday. Where are you buy 15 x $25 lottery ticket and if you’re lucky you get $10 in free bets returned After you lose every single one of those

  37. NY targeted on DK. Issued 3 40% profit boosts on Mets/Brewers series. Can be used on straight or parlays. Max $50 for me.

  38. Appears that it can be used on any MLB game, not just the NYM/MIL games, as DK let me apply the boost in my betslip.

  39. So is anybody else having a hard time finding even 70% MGM conversions? Did they change their odds service or has the vig really just increased that much?

  40. I haven’t gone through them yet but lines for make/miss the cut on US Open came out this morning and you can usually find a couple that are off from different books enough to find a decent conversion/arb.

  41. Resortsworld (who is really only good for their shot-takers promo, and for being a "once-in-a-blue-moon" hedge book) has quietly promo-banned me. P2 and I are on the same wifi (but different devices, bank accounts, etc.) and make similar bets, so I guess they put two-and-two together.

  42. I doubt you're banned, their website is just a skin copied from PB and they don't have the best IT dept. I had to email them 5 separate times in the NBA semi-finals to get my free bets after every game. Then right before the finals their system gave me the sum of those 5 free bets (like $55) in free bets again. Just email them nothing to lose.

  43. Superbook has warriors at +160. Arb with kambi Celtics -150 but I’m thinking Superbook is the one with the off line

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