1. Soda and beer are most often the two that people don't seem to realize that their adding 500-1000 calories to their daily intake.

  2. My biggest problem was milk. Literally just milk. I drank milk cause I was too lazy to pour myself a glass of water and milk tasted better. The moment I dropped milk was the moment I stopped gaining weight.

  3. Sometimes, it’s not even these things. It’s being a short, fairly inactive woman eating average meals over a period of several years. I know this from experience.

  4. I have stopped eating ALL of these (except pizza) and I lost 10kg so far (2 months). Shit works, go diet (obviously exercise also helps a lot)

  5. Exercising is great for your body, but it pales in comparison for weight loss compared to diet. For reference, running a mile burns ~100 calories (equivalent to cutting a granola bar out of your diet). Most people who are working out for weight loss don't have the base to do massive caloric intensive workouts, like when you hear that Michael Phelps burns 3000 calories every day. Definitely work out, but diet is key.

  6. I would also add that the same people who say they don’t eat this stuff but still struggle with weight are the same people addicted to things like Mountain Dew lol

  7. You dont want that kind of weight anyways. Try going to the gym, it helped me gain a lot of weight and it was all in muscle.

  8. If you don’t exercise, then that could also be a contributing factor. But sometimes people have conditions that make it harder to lose weight

  9. Exercise is great for overall health, including mental health, but if your goal is to lose weight about 80% of that is diet. Exercising for an hour a day 3-4 days a week will take care of a bit of excess calories, but each of those sessions is probably accounting for a maximum of 600 calories, and that's if you're already in decent shape. Meanwhile, cutting out soda entirely for a person who drinks a liter a day will add up to a total net loss of 450-500 calories every single day without any other effort.

  10. Man I’ve got the workout routine and the diet but since my job requires me to be sat basically all day I’m still gaining a tiny bit day by day.

  11. Buddy, I work 9-5 sitting on a desk and I've been loosing 1lb per week, 46lbs total so far. I suggest you start tracking your calories because your diet isnt working.

  12. in my case, i wonder how i don't gain weight. i eat a lot of junk food (i still eat healthy stuff in between but still), and i'm not a very active person. yet i'm still pretty skinny.

  13. Age is also a factor. I would guess you’re pretty young right now. Without changes in your diet now your later years are going to be tough…

  14. I don't eat junky food. I eat loads of grains, rye bread, eggs, fish, veggies, hummus...drink ONLY water, 4-5 times weekly gym. Only things I loose are hair and muscles. Fat remains as it was. You asked me how? Insulin resistance. Even if I cut my carbs and eat more proteins I get hypoglycaemia instead of loosing fat. Life sucks

  15. eat more calories than you lose in a day, it’s called cico (Calories in > calories out) and the reverse is weight loss (calories in < calories out)

  16. ye lemme just afford healthy living and rent at the same time, I've saved up some money and i got no outstanding credits, let's see how long i can la...

  17. you’re not eating enough calories to gain, simple math. eating more calories than you lose in a day, it’s called cico (Calories in > calories out) and cause weight again. the reverse is weight loss (calories in < calories out)

  18. “i dont even eat that much, it must be genetics. skinny people eat more than me and don’t gain a thing!” idiots

  19. Blames “low metabolism” or genetics. Claims to have a friend that can eat anything they want and not gain weight (ignores the scientific fact of energy used vs energy gained from food)

  20. I try to do the right things so that I don't feel like shit all the time. I eat healthy, almost entirely homemade meals, I drink soda extremely rarely (less than one can per week), I try to keep snacking between meals to a minimum and when I do, I try to make it healthy. I work out 4-5 days a week for an hour each time, most of the liquid I drink is water, and I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, and you know what? I still feel like shit pretty often.

  21. The biggest problem is people are tackling the problem in the wrong order. They're tackling what they eat before they deal with why they eat and thus the cycle of weight loss and weight gain continues.

  22. Half & half and sugar in my coffee. I have legit lost 25lbs just from switching to a non fat creamer and Splenda. For sure not as good, but I feel better. Lol. Everything else is 100 on here tho. Doritos and weed.

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