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  1. The post doesn't say "most redditor" but "annoying redditor". Doesn't necessarily have to be the same. And Musk-lovers are still plenty to be found.

  2. I really don’t get the Keanu hype. Like yeah he’s cool and an ok actor but there’s this massive circlejerk around him constantly here

  3. I definitely agree with what you are saying, idolization is a problem. My big issue is that I question how many people simply add to the circle by liking what the man is saying as opposed to joining in and doing what he is doing.

  4. He's a shit actor but seems like a really nice guy. Also picks good roles where he doesn't have to say much.

  5. Echoing some others, I think there's just not much to dislike. I personally feel he's not that great an actor, but he seems down to earth and grounded as far as celebrities go and its hard not to like him

  6. He's also just super wholesome. I'd rather circlejerk someone as wholesome and nice as him than 90% of celebrities we see now.

  7. I knew a guy a few years back who would refer to guys as beta or soy boys, while he himself thought he was the shit. In reality, he was one of the most insecure people I have come across.

  8. unfortunately, you don't know anything about the sigma male grindset. You will never know what it means to be on that grind, getting that bag, secure a better future, and yelling at my girlfriend for putting my favorite tank top in the washing machine when I told her that true sigmas embrace their own odors. It's okay though. Maybe one day you'll learn. I'm just a lone wolf, I don't follow any sheep. Sigma male, out

  9. It's a local network IP address. There are a few different ranges that can be used for that, it depends on your router. It's possible that this shows up when you try checking address on your own machine (not when looking from outside of network, like "googling what's my ip").

  10. Wow you got a lot of uplikes for this comment, so yeah I agree, calling people beta males invalidates your opinion

  11. Hating EA for being greedy when Activision is pushing workers to suicide through sexual harassment is tone deaf

  12. Why? They have some good not p2w multiplayer games now, and their working conditions are said to be some of the best in the industry. But oh ea bad they made a p2w game like 5 years ago and recycle fifa😢😢

  13. I think what’s being pointed out here is how none of this person’s thoughts are really their own, since while they admonish the ruthlessly capitalistic practices of the game company, they still praise Elon Musk who is equally, if not even more vicious in his exploitation.

  14. Actually, liking Elon is not trendy right now. Also, Keanu is not as trendy as he was a couple of years ago either. All trends have a lifespan, and after they are done, you have to hate them otherwise you're just a fanboi. You could put Rick and Morty up there too, it fits into that category, but they haven't made any episodes for a while, so it's kinda out of the zeitgeist.

  15. Whenever they see a comment with -1 points they write 'you could have just told us you're an edgy 12-year-old' or rewrite the comment with soyjack grammar

  16. One of the few posts to make me actually laugh out loud. Something about the way everything is organized in the photo works really well comedically.

  17. I mean can you give me a single reason why i should like ea or the terrible business practices they bring to the gaming industry

  18. How the fuck is hatred for EA and Fortnite annoying?! I think OP works for one of these companies and is spreading propaganda like he spreads his cheeks

  19. Fortnite hate is annoying bcs it's just a nice online game that isn't doing anything wrong but you and other people hate it just bcs it's popular

  20. Wait but a actually do love Keanu. Elon can suck a duck but Keanu’s like, really nice. And hot. What’s not to love

  21. don't hate Fortnite I just got board of it, I don't nesesarily care about elon or reeves,I'm not a Greg but I am a male, I don't hate America just watching it burn... What kind of redditor am I?

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