Choppy download

  1. I’ve thought of that but sadly it’s only steam with this issue I download off battle net perfectly fine with no chopping

  2. I’ve noticed this too. I just narrowed it down to steam prioritizing the writing onto the disk rather than the download. It doesn’t last long, usually between 30 seconds to a minute depending on your drives write speed. It’s normal.

  3. The issue is that it doesn’t stop it’s has been happening for several months. Something that should take an hour takes an extra couple it buffers the whole download and will randomly shoot back up to 90mbs. It used to be half way before it started but now it’s the entire download

  4. Then at this point its there server. My Steam Deck has had issues downloading in the past meaning some slow speeds here and there. But not as bad when I downloaded games from the ESHOP Nintendo store to the Nintendo Switch. Those download speeds were horrible.

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