Bought a $50 Steam card. Code peeled of with Sticker. Steam won't help me.

  1. Well really, there’s nothing that steam can do in regards of your situation. Gift cards themselves are pretty trick, seeing how you can’t get a refund on them. Now, if you tried peeling off the sticker and the entire code peeled off, I would be confused as steam gift cards imprint their codes onto, well, the card. My only guess is to see if the sticker has anything stuck to it. Get a knife or something sharp, yet thin, and try cutting the sticker off from the paper thingy? That is connected onto the sticker.

  2. This happened to me with my last Steam gift card! The sticker pulled up the paper backing of the gift card and I had two letters from the code were unreadable. I ended up using a flashlight and was able to barely make out a thin coating on the card and on the peeled sticker. It was super frustrating and you have my sympathy.

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