Daily Ask Anything: 2018-12-14

  1. I’m on TRT and i was struggling with eleveted hematocrit. Grapefruit seed extract helped me normalize it, so it’s fine now. However, I’m borderline hypertensive and I want to take beet root extract for its anti-hypertensive properties as well as performance enhancement.

  2. Is it normal to get anxiety when your body is aromatizing? I don't feel like making a huge detailed post right now, but I've been on 100mg test cyp a week with ~.5mg arimidex. E2 tested at 13, and I haven't been feeling super great. However, 2 days after my shot without any AI, I'm definitely feeling anxious and sort of flushed sometimes with hot prickly skin, although I have noticed more boners and stuff. I also don't think theres been enough time for my E2 to have gotten high either which is why I suspect it's just the fact the anxiety is just from my E2 levels adjusting rather than where they are, if that makes sense. I've noticed this when I didn't take it before as well, so I don't think it's a coincidence. Will the anxiety likely go away whenever I settle into a steady state/homestasis/whatever you call it? I'm on TRT fwiw and with a doctor who likely doesn't know what he's doing it seems, so I need to figure out my AI dose myself(he wants me to take 1mg a week and exclaimed that an E2 of 13 was right where I should be at, among other weird decisions). If I still feel like crap/anxious after not taking the AI for a while, I guess I'll try .25mg arimidex a week. Honestly going by how I felt with my E2 at 13, I think right around 20-25 would be the sweet spot for me but that's just a guess. When I first went on TRT, my E2 was at 36 at my 6 week check in with no AI if that's relevant as well.

  3. I had to google that to find out that it was just dianabol. There are several experience threads on dianabol or Dbol in here that should help you out.

  4. You guys find proviron helps with e2 much? On 750mg test p, 300mg tren a and 80mg tbol right now. Nips are wayy puffier and itchy today and the only thing thats changed is I ranout of proviron that Ive been running at 50mg ed for the last few months.

  5. How long does it take before one notices the effect of the beginner cycle in the wiki either physically or mentally? I've read that regular TRT usually takes about 4-6 weeks before one notices it. However, I assume that at 500mg test a week it one might notice it sooner. This is assuming no front loading etc.

  6. I only start noticing Test E. after 6 weeks or so, and I can tell real differences after 8 weeks.

  7. Only one i could see is if you still need to rest and take it essy. Instead of killing it in the gym on gear. But 4 weeks could be adequate healing time, idk.

  8. Since I've been taking rad140 for 3 weeks next Monday, should I be able to hit the weights alot more than normal? I've already felt the strength increase and have gone from 78 to 83.5kg (I'm also taking mk677 so could be water weight).

  9. I had a decent strength increase on rad and no weight gain. Mk makes some people bloat really bad. My gf gained 10 pounds bloat on 20mg in a week on it.

  10. Neither. I mean I guess 350 for 8 if I had a gun to my head. At least you’d get something out of that. 175 is nothing man.

  11. Probably a good question to send to modmail. Ya know, since they’re the only ones that can do anything with the wiki.

  12. 4 week Ostarine cycle, 25mg a day. Finished this 6 weeks ago. No PCT as I read it isn't required for a short cycle. Sore lumps behind nipples, possible Gyno and weight gain has occured.

  13. Ordering NAC, TUDCA, and non-flush Niacin for support on 500mg Test E/wk. Anything else for on-cycle support?

  14. You don't need tudca. If you want natural support a good milk thistle supposed will be fine or even one with dandelion and yellow dock to help with any bloating

  15. Damn is it my vitamins with niacin why I’m always red ? This is my first cycle and i donated blood and the checked my hematocrit everything was good still flushing a lot

  16. Saw a previous comment about fitbits and a heart rate increase on cycle. Is the calorie counting function on it accurate, especially on something like moderate doses of test/tren. Cheers!

  17. Like anything else it's a tool, if you use that tool consistently it's accuracy can go up. While there is a margin of error it's a nice supplement to something like MyFitnessPal. If you aren't tracking food id start there before investing in a Fitbit.

  18. 4th week in on sustanon 600mg a week. I have seen 0 results except weighing a little more. Damn you guys were right about sustanon this stuff is weak.

  19. I’d think with the short esters hat you’d have felt some recovery benefits and libido increase pretty quickly. Are you sure it’s legit?

  20. My dick has definitely gotten bigger with my current cycle of 400mg eq and 150mg test/ week. Does this stay after pct? I wonder if it’s just the increase in RBC?

  21. I’m guessing it will go back? I wouldn’t say my dick got bigger but erections have definitely been stronger. Are you sure your dick got bigger?

  22. Wonder if machine benching is different... i am 95.5kg at 185cm and honestly no clue on body fat abs uncovered partially now and do 100kg x 16 x 3... because my machine goes to 100kg tops on bench, the other stations go to 130-215kg. I use dumbells or the cables for the heavy sets.

  23. Well the fact that you're bench is higher than squat and deadlift, and you can only bench 2 plates for 5 tells me that you've got a long ass way to go kiddo

  24. Hey guys, sorry this is a dumb question but I’m kind of desperate. I just got back on cycle yesterday, this morning I woke up with test flu, this is not my first time having test flu. It usually lasts 3 days after my first injection then I’m good. However, I have a very physically demanding job and I was just told that we are doing Pt tests early tomorrow morning, which includes an ocean swim. I’m fucked, I know I am. I feel weak and sore and fatigued. One of my buddies said something really dumb, but it’s worth asking, because I’m truly desperate. He said maybe if I smoked some weed my body would go numb to the test flu and it could help me not feel like complete shit for 2 hours so that I can perform. Has anybody ever tried smoking weed while having test flu? And I’m not worried about the weed slowing me down too much, I’ve ran and done obstacle courses while high before. Thanks guys, please don’t bash me, if worst comes to worst I’m going to just be honest.

  25. Just say you are sick, I mean in the end you technically are. Test flu is a weird thing for me because I don’t get many of the flu like symptoms other than feeling cold all the time.

  26. Expiry dates of ancilliaries, am I still good to use HCG and Aromasin that's 1-2 months expired and am I good to use them for the next 3-6 months?

  27. HcG is a peptide hormone and easier to break down. At 2 months dry it will be fine. The aromasin will last years and years.

  28. Can I pin on Friday’s and Monday’s? Friday nights and Monday mornings. Or is that too long between pins?

  29. i just started wearing tight tank tops while working out , seeing the fat jiggle while working out reminded me why im cutting right now and its a easy way to see progress cuz less fat = more veinz and muscles popping more and seeing muscle fibers working.

  30. Yeah probably, dude looks like he has very high natural test/GH judging by his face characteristics, almost acromegaly like. But he seems to have aged well so doubt it's that.

  31. Anyone with a fitbit on cycle? Im starting a cycle and noticed my resting HR seems to have bumped up about 10 beats per minute. Anyone with experience that can tell me just how much a cycle will affect my HR? Currently on test e 500mg/week and winstrol 50mg /day

  32. You should be able to run Var with zero issues. I don’t believe tren aromatises but you should double check that. No dbol lol.

  33. Wow this is like the same question I was gonna ask pretty soon. Also on TRT and am sensitive to adex. On new protocol and dropped adex, waiting to get my bloods at check up next month. But I’m definitely saving this because I’ve been thinking about running the same compounds at low doses as well.

  34. After this winter bulk, I was thinking of running a low-dose DNP cycle for a few weeks directly before starting my spring/summer Tren blast.

  35. Maintain for a month or so after the bulk but before the dnp cut. Try lowering the tren next time around or, if you choose to not use it entirely, make sure aas are high enough to prevent catabolism because dnp causes a hell of a deficit very easily (higher test with var or Adrol are good alternatives). Moda or EC to stim yourself to life.

  36. Agreed with BicepBandito. The pin sizes could be improved. I'd also state that an oral is not recommended, but if it must be used then to use it at the end when all other factors are perfect.

  37. I’d change the pins it recommend to get. 1 1/2” are way too big. Most people only need 1” needles. I’d also pick up a box of 1ml 29g 1/2” skin pins. 1” for glutes 1/2” for everywhere else.

  38. Currently cutting right now and enjoying 350mg/week of 140mg/140mg/70mg (40%, 40%, 20%) Testosterone Propionate/Trenbolone Acetate/Drostanolone Propionate

  39. Brother, this really sounds like something you should talk to your doctor about, not seek help from people on the internet

  40. Going to be starting Sustanon in a few weeks for a new cycle. Never done it before. For those that have did you notice a tangible difference as compared to Test-E cycles?

  41. Ive only ever ran test e and sus. On sus i felt less godlike, but libido was even higher. Its like the mental effects were less because of all the different esters, instead of one being pumped into you, but physical effects were definitely there.

  42. Mtren is what gave me gyno lumps, then like a year later i tried regular tren and it irritated the lumps. They didnt grow though. But i guess im just super sensitive to 19nors. I almost dont wanna use any tren again. But i have some on hand i will one day use.

  43. Yup. If I’m ever running another 19nor on blast (which I usually am lol) I always carry caber. Mtren always seems to spike my prolactin more than tren or Nand do.

  44. I’ve run it a decent amount (low doses though like 200mcg pwo) and I’m also running 525Nand per week. I’ve got my Caber with me but I’ve been great on just vitamin E and P5P ed.

  45. I have some omnis from someone's script. What blood test do I get to determine if it's real. I figure shooting 5 IU's prior to test would work. But they have igf and do not have a GH serum test. However multiple GH tests. What do I ask for to find out if it's legit?

  46. I am prone to it too and my skin looks great running test as long as I keep my e2 in check. I'd use accutane as a very last resort.

  47. Just curious I was reading the wiki on low e sides and loss of girth and sensitivity were labeled....How is that possible? Can you actually lose that due to low e2?

  48. People mix esters all the time. Hell that marketing gimmick garbage sustanon is a bunch of esters mixed in one carrier oil.

  49. Finishing up a cruise of low dose Test E (~250mg/week), and heading into a 12 week blast of Test/Tren, problem is my package was lost in the mail and I’m stuck without any Test for at least another week until I can get another package here.

  50. I wouldn’t start a cycle without all my shit nor would any other sane person. Sounds like your test levels are going to drop until you get your supplies.

  51. Vacuum sealed and stored at -20 centigrade will get you 3 years from any AAS, including trenbolone (these are lab tested results)

  52. Vacuum seal in plastic bags, and store the plastic bags in a sealed mason jar in the freezer. Don't open the jar until you've let it thaw out.

  53. If you’re that worried about keeping the seal then double or triple seal it. Don’t use zip lock bags, buy a food saver.

  54. Anyone got an anecdotal recommendation for AI increase for using dbol? I'll be running 40mg a day with split dose. I typically use 12.5mg aromasin on pin days (MWF) for 525 test/deca and so far I've been dialed in.

  55. I aromatize hard as well, but I don't get any serious high e2 sides so I didn't notice until I got bloods done. I ran 50mg dbol and 500 test and I'm pretty sure I could've ran 12.5mg aromasin everyday and not crashed my e2. I think starting with EOD would be wise and adjusting from there though.

  56. I was walking into my physical therapist’s office. They’re in the back of a gym (all DPTs, nice setting, but walk through the cable machines to get to them). I shit you not I heard some jack wagon ask an old guy squatting in the rack how many sets he had left. Jack wagon wanted to get his curls in and didn’t want to wait.

  57. If you’re aiming for like 700 trt. Do you aim for that number on the peak or the trough? Levels came back at 500 like 50 hours after pin.

  58. If it's getting prescribed, definitely trough. If you're doing it yourself, then like 48h after your pin is a good time to get bloods for that.

  59. Something seems off about this. It's either training, diet, underdosed/bunk gear or a combination of all 3.

  60. More than anything, stop seeking validation from sources outside yourself. You’re only tying to look better for a girl. Not even a specific girl, just the idea of a girl. That is a recipe for failure. You’re not doing anything for yourself. No wonder you consistently fail.

  61. Honestly felt the need to chime in here, you are fat because of the way your lifestyle habits have been your whole life, you cannot expect that to change overnight EVEN WITH STEROIDS. It took you 30 years to get to where you are now and now you have to face the consequences. Before I even get into helping you, you need to help yourself. I was the same exact way when I first started lifting. Giving up once I had a good body because the girls would come swarming. But in the end guess what? The relationship didn’t last and there I was worse than square one. Once you realize it is for you and only you, thats when you won’t give up. Shut the fuck up about “I need to see some results to push myself” results dont come quick when you dont have your diet in order or a high body fat (you having both). You are a high body fat and I highly recommend you actually start cutting. You never mentioned your height which would be helpful. Start doing cardio 5-6 times a week, track all your foods and be in a caloric deficit. IT TAKES TIME. You need to trust the process man. Make sure your protein intake is high and fill the rest with a healthy amount of fats and carbohydrates. If you need help there are plenty of websites that will lay out a daily diet for you, all you have to do is input your macro goals and caloric intake goals.

  62. 80/20 rule my dude. 80% of results come from 20% of causes. Focus on a couple of very significant factors, like diet and gym progression, then worry about other factors like gear. It's pretty easy to spin your wheels trying to manage every miniscule variables (meal timing, recomp strategies, etc.) While the shit that matters is ignored.

  63. Why are you making excuses and argue with people who obviously know what they are doing? Sounds like more than anything you need some discipline. This shit isn't rocket science

  64. Why do anything if you're gonna let it all fucking go when you meet a girl. You need therapy man, and a better understanding of general training principles.

  65. Second question for today, but if a moderate amount of blood came out after my injection, do I need to redo it? I know that for small amounts there isn't a need, but in this case there was enough blood to trickle down my thigh and form a small pool (really small lol) on my chair, so I dunno if I lost a lot of oil there.

  66. You’re good dude. Any amount of oil that comes out is super negligible. I’ve had blood literally shoot across the room when I pull out, epic when it first happens but it’s just a vein.

  67. Who here has run an “advanced” oral stack? by that i mean more than 2 compounds. What did you run and how did it work out for you?

  68. I enjoy stacking orals for science. Whenever I stack orals I run a minimum of 1g tudca and 2g NAC. I’ll add more if it’s a particularly harsh combo. If there’s a combo below I can elaborate on lemme know

  69. What should I do for a first cycle ? I have done ostrine and LGD before and now just finishing an LGD/GW stack. ?

  70. Directly to the right of my comment, on my computer is a link that says "Your First Cycle." its in the wiki you havent read.

  71. Have any of you used specifically to help heal from an injury? If so, what type of injury and what were the results?

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