[Blood Work] What were your pre gear natty T levels?

  1. High 900s working out 6 days a week and eating actual fucking garbage (but high fat lowish carb garbage!). Gear is still mind blowing even if you're in the top end of the range.

  2. learn to meal prep and eat better,relying on youth to keep you thin doesnt last forever,trust me i was sexy as fuck in my teens and early 20s but then came my late 20s and i put on 5 stone and took me ages to get rid of it with hard work.

  3. 260 ng/dL @early 20’s - I was depressed, couldn’t get a full pump no matter how hard I worked out a muscle, felt constantly lethargic, looked and felt flat, had severe anxiety and confidence problems.

  4. I've seen two other guys with similarly high levels (1400-1500ng/dl) and both had chronic illnesses - one had chronic fatigue (I believe he found it he had Lyme disease eventually) while the other had some undiagnosed problems (IIRC, he thought he had low T before he got bloods).

  5. Did you still get noticeable results even though you had high test to start with? I know this is ridiculous, but I get jealous of guys who have low test since they know they will get a significant benefit from juicing.

  6. My total test was ~700 before. I'm going through my first PCT right now so I'll be interested to see how well I recover. I was BnC for a few years.

  7. 437 ng/dl was the only pre-gear test I got. I was experiencing symptoms of low t, and they didn't want to prescribe anything to me. Just told me to sleep more and exercise (I was unemployed, sleeping about 9 hours a day and lifting for two).

  8. 480 - which shocked me because i was one of the biggest natties ive ever seen on social media and irl (comparison to Chris Jones etc) at my 5'11" (180cm) i was around 95kg at 13%. Had lifted seriously for almost ten years, i was expecting test levels of 700+. Did the test right before i hopped on @28yr old.

  9. Yeah. I think muscle composition genetics probably play a bigger role than T within the natural range when it comes to size.

  10. A lot of it has to do with androgen sensitivity as well. You could have high androgen sensitivity and low test and do very well or low androgen sensitivity and high test and do poorly.

  11. Never had mine tested but when I did my first cycle. Think I was around 23-25. I had zero facial hair very soft skin like a girl, I was skinny fat like a chick. I’m now 33 and full facial hair that started from cycles and no longer get estrogenic fat/ baby fat. So I’m pretty sure I always had low T even my father and brother still look the way I looked so it makes me think it’s a genetic thing. I should see if I can get my bother to take a blood test to see what his is at.

  12. Just done testosterone blood test, it showed 645 ng/dl but still feel the low test symptoms. Had to check my levels before I start any cycle

  13. At 645, test is not the source of your symptoms. It will probably make you feel better but I would keep looking at other stuff too. Could be as simple as sleep or diet, or could be psychological /stress related.

  14. I was 25 years old with Total test around 380. Used to be very anxious and TRT made my life so much better. Only complaint now is that I aromatize like crazy even on 80-100mg test per week. I need upwards of 12.5 Asin daily on a 500 test blast

  15. I have basically identical numbers to you age 24. I don't rsally have any mental issues ATM, achieving goals I want to achieve , happy life, only a little bit of anxiety now and then everyone everyone. I don't expect too much mental benefits, about to start 500-600mg a week for 12-15 wks test cyp basic wiki cycle

  16. I feel amazing honestly. No longer depressed and my dick actually works now. I’m 20 now and about to start my second cycle. I find cruising on 400 test works very well for me. Asked one of my friends who had similar numbers to me (he’s on TRT) and he said he takes 200 a week. So I figured to stay on the low end of the anabolic side to only take essentially 200 extra

  17. Took a few tests, first one came at 300 but they did not tell me anything so i drank a bit and ate shit before, after it was 700ish 2 times, delayed gear as i figured its good enough for a 25ish year old.

  18. Test 500 to 750. Used others but low dose to try them... also most orals. Anadrol i use 100mg, dbol 25 to 37, tbol 30 to 60, etc.

  19. 207ng/dL and 205 on the confirmation test a couple weeks later. I’d been working out an hour a day 5+ days a week, eating what all the calculators I could find said would lose me the weight, and was still fat (seriously, 30%+ bf), sad, and generally unmotivated.

  20. Natty t was ~175ng/dL, natty e2 ~80pg/mL. I made next to zero gains and was always super skinny growing up, started TRT in my late teens and have been on gear ever since. Interestingly, despite my naturally high estrogen levels, I don't need any AI until ~750mg/wk test, and only 25mg/wk on 1.5g/wk.

  21. 750 ng/dL average on 3 blood tests with free T 1% and e2 sub-teens (pg/mL). I wish I had tested SHBG. Online tools tell me it was most definitely extra high. I've tried using Clomid monotherapy, total T was even higher, free T was halved, e2 was 20-something... SHBG must have been triple digits or something absurd.

  22. My buddy always ALWAYS hits back the same 700 ng/dL he had pre-gear. We do HCG mono-PCT, I convinced him Nolva*Clomid is an outdated protocol at best. He got his SHBG tested tho and it's upper third of the range which is nice. Supposing his liver is stronger than mine since I eat even stricter than he does

  23. Blood work in Canada uses different units that you'll have to convert on your own, but I'll include the reference ranges for convenience.

  24. 280 @ 19. I was stuck at about 165 bodyweight, any time I got above 170-175 it would just be fluff I was putting on. Dick wasn't working either and depression started to build.

  25. My total testosterone hovered around the 250-300 ng/dl range. Found a good doctor to manage my TRT and finally fixed my hormones. After being on TRT for about a year, I started adding other compounds and the rest is history.

  26. Total T - 340 Free T - I wanna say mid 60s? Trying to find that paperwork still to confirm. Liver, kidneys, and E2 was still in range (still was, prior to recent blast; waiting 30 days to get retested to confirm everything is back in range on TRT dose.

  27. Between the ages of 22 and 28 my natty total T fluctuated between 650 and 850. SHBG was almost always above the reference range. Steronz took care of that lil glitch though...

  28. nah man go online and order a test online, much easier and possibly cheaper depending on your insurance situation. order the test online and then go to the lab and they will take your blood there.

  29. I got it from my doc cause it was a regular check up and my insurance covers my visits and blood work. It's a bitch to get them to test what you need them to though I had to go back a couple times for more extensive tests with different doctors and I won't be doing it this way anymore. Plus if you go in on cycle your doctor will know and you risk that your a user going on your file.

  30. Pre levels were 341 for my total testosterone at age 19. About to start my second cycle and haven’t gotten any bloodwork done since then.

  31. Total Test: 238 ng/dL at age 19. My doctor denied me TRT, now I have moved to another country. Perhaps I should try again if I can get on TRT. Starting a new cycle tomorrow so I am hoping to go see and Endo after I am done with PCT or should I go directly after cycle?

  32. Not sure the exact days and such but, you could time the cycle with the doctor appointment perfectly so you’re levels are complete shit after coming off when they give you the blood test. Somebody with more experience would have to say more though.

  33. Was 896 at 27 yrs old all natty. Still have this blood test in a file. Did two short cycles, a bulk and cut 6 months apart and then didn’t use AAS till 33.

  34. Around 450ng/dL natty during my early 20s. I was training, eating, and sleeping well at that time. That number jumped to 3500 after starting my first cycle of 500mg test-e pw. Have been blast and cruise ever since.

  35. I was at ~200 ng/dL for 3 tests, 3 months, now around ~1000 on self prescribed TRT, 125mg test e weekly

  36. You could easly get trt prescribed... i think its much more convenient to travel across country with a recipe.

  37. Tested once at 2 in the afternoon noon came back at 126 then a couple times at 8 in the morning both around 300 to 350. E2 was 14 both times.

  38. Hey bro if you don't get any answers try posting this in the daily ask anything thread sometime in the morning when it was recently put up. Those threads are a lot more active and a lot more people will see your post.

  39. 850 ng/DL at 33 years. Before the bloodtest I felt like I would be on the low end of the spectrum but it turns out I was pretty wrong.

  40. Total test was I believe 345 ng/dL @ 32 years old, E2 was in the mid 20s IIRC, within the normal range. This was the first time I had had my levels tested and it was my pre-cycle bloods so I had already made the decision to hop on, but seeing natty levels at the very bottom of the reference range just reinforced my decision to do so.

  41. These results can change based on many factors. 300 is low tbh. What time did you check? What's your age? Why don't you do once more?

  42. First blood test came back at 405 ng/dL. This was in the thick of my IBS/stomach issues (I still haven't fully figured out what is wrong) and I expected it to be low as I had lost 15 lbs due to not being able to eat. I then spent a year perfecting my diet, sleep, and working out harder than I ever had. Got bloods done a year later after gaining 20 lbs and it was 304 ng/dL. At that point I said fuck it and hopped on.

  43. 257 total T, I went on TRT as a 23 year old. Started at a low dose with my Endo but didn’t do much so I switched doctors and went up to 250mg/wk + 3mg Arimidex and I feel much better, finally able to lose weight after watching fat pile on no matter how much I dieted and worked out.

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