Daily Ask Anything: 2019-02-05

  1. Is test cyp an option for female? Got only test cyp raws. Could brew a very low dose solution and use minimal dosage. Also is there a way to create dermal gel kind of thing or is the dosage too unpredictable? Thanks

  2. Is donating blood the only way to lower hematocrit? I wan’t to run eq in the future but i think my hematocrit is pretty high atm (i’ll get results this week)

  3. Elevated HCT isn’t really as bad as people here make it out to be. It’s got to be incredibly high for there to be any legitimate medical concerns (assuming no previous CV history, etc).

  4. Take naringin, drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit. Has worked for me so far and there is a study on pubmed.

  5. Is trouble sleeping, and night sweats a sign of high E2 or low E2? Not having any joint pain. Currently on the beginner 500mg cycle Arimidex .5mg twice a week.

  6. Typically high e2. Low e2 gives more lethargic symptoms and makes you tired as fuck. But sometimes low and high can mimic symptoms. Its impossible to truly know without bloodwork.

  7. Most dudes can't even look like her without gear. But to answer your question, I'm 99% sure that she is enhanced

  8. It's not way more. One is 500mg per week, one is 600mg per week. You're not going to notice an obnoxious increase in gains by upping the test by 100mg.

  9. how many of y’all get shit sleep ? This is my 2nd no sleep night since starting my cycle and i’m worries it’s going to affect my gains a lot

  10. rule nr 1, stop stressing. it aint optimal for sure but worrying will make it worse. just try to get all the sleep in you can. I myself am a very light sleeper which sucks. but I just accept it and try to get the best sleep I can

  11. Just reduce calories. Winstrol isn't going to matter unless you're already very low BF and 500/400 Test/Deca is already plenty to help prevent muscle loss.

  12. Gonna start a 600 test E 300 tren e 15 wk cycle and im using vials for the first time. Planning on pinning twice a week, 2ml each day. Should i use diferent needles for drawing from each vial? And a third one to pin? Or just one needle for all is fine?

  13. Currently cutting on a cruise of 120mg test e a week. Once I get my body fat lower, would it be safe and beneficial to add in 120mg of mast a week to finish off my cruise?

  14. Would it be safe... Sure. Wouldn't be a cruise anymore though. The lowest I've heard mast run with positive effects was right around the 200 mark. Fyi.

  15. keep e2 in check, just a high aromatizer and had some pubertal gyno before cycling. every cycle my gyno flares no matter how much serm and ai i take. can even run a crashed e2 and they still remain it on test alone.

  16. The guys above just ignored your question lol. I hate when people respond with a bunch of other questions lol. Anyway, 300 test p, 300 mast per week would be a great place to start. Winny at 50mg a day. See how that goes and adjust from there if needed. Simple 🙂

  17. There's a chance you crashed your AI. You really don't need to be taking it until you start seeing side effects...as evidence in my earlier posts...and at least once a day... Estrogen is anabolic. Try to keep is as high as you can manage while fending off the side effects.

  18. Halfway though cycle and putting on weight a bit too quickly. Or I have body dysmorphia. In either event, how do I proceed other than reducing calories? Just fucking deal with it and burn off later?

  19. Been planning my first cycle and just went and got pre cycle bloods done, test came back at 10.5 nm/l (around 303 ng/dl) aged 24.

  20. You can’t get a good reading on natty test from one single test and the fact that you’re cutting and not sleeping is definitely knocking your levels down. If you ever want a good pre cycle natural baseline, I’d get a few more done and average then out.

  21. Is it OK to combine vials of the same compound? I have some tiny 2ml vials of Sustanon and a normal 10ml vial of the same. Is it OK/safe to withdraw from the small vials to inject into the 10ml vial? I just want to condense the number of vials in my bag.

  22. Depends what exactly you want to use it for. Check out the examine.com page on it. Tends to be a good easy reference

  23. Any supplements or OTC meds for irritability? Always have a low tolerance to bullshit and E2 fluctuations are not helping.

  24. Is that known to cause hives? You might need to just see a doctor and tell them you got into something that caused a reaction

  25. What blood work should I be running if I specifically want to look at estrogen and if I am running the right amount of aromatase inhibitors? Will just E2 do it or should I test something else as well. I've been reading the Estrogen handbook, but I can't seem to find the answer

  26. Does Proviron really increase the size of your loads? I've taken Masteron before and noticed my balls don't go inside me as much when having sex. Anyway, what's the over consensus with Proviron and sexual performance?

  27. Proviron isn’t used for load size by bodybuilders. The prescription is for male infertility. I haven’t looked into load size but as far as I know it improves sperm health or number which may be where the confusion comes from.

  28. Turns out I’m going to Mexico next month, which is awesome, but I’ll be right in the middle of my cycle. I’ll only be gone for a week, would I be good if I did my injection a few hours before I leave, and then just pickups right where I left off, or should I inject twice the amount since I’ll inevitably miss a pin?

  29. Maximum effective dose is 25mg a day. You can use letrizole, it’s cheaper from what I’ve seen but harder to dial on estrogen because measuring such small amounts can be difficult.

  30. Why wouldn’t you just up the dose lol? Aromasin being suicidal is the newest generation of AI and is effective

  31. If it’s tren e at least every 3.5 if tren a at least EOD. I pin everything ed for more stable levels and less sides

  32. I'm considering doing a cycle of Test because it helps to be in better shape for my work, where appearance matters. I have no desire to compete as a bodybuilder, so I don't need to be a monster. As it is, I'm 6'2, 185lbs and 12% bodyfat. My ideal goal is about 200lbs and 10% bodyfat, and I don't know if a cycle would be of use. I know it can lead to great progress, but given where I'm at now and where I want to be, I don't know how much I would lose coming off. I still would be going to the gym a lot and managing my diet and it's well below my natural limit, too. Am I being reasonable?

  33. It’d help more if you showed pics. Right now at your size you could probably be bigger without it if you trained and recovered/ate right. In my experience it’s possibly not worth it to dive in unless you’re in it for a longer term because it wasn’t as profound as I had expected. After test you’ll be inclined to want something that gives you the “real” experience like stronger compounds. You would never look like a pro by accident, it’s very difficult even with a lot of drugs

  34. I'm running 200mg tren and 125mg test e every 5 days. How long do you think I can safely run this dose for before dropping the tren and cruising on the test?

  35. I think the other comments are wrong. Deca has been shown to improve healing but I’m not sure specifically about joint health.

  36. It is just a major lubricator, this is why many run medical dose nearly all year long even when on trt if they have a body breaking job, sport etc.

  37. Masks it unfortunately. Consider it like a higher level of lubricant. I'd try to address the underlying issue before hiding it and adding to the problem.

  38. Nope. If you don’t have another spot, open a new muscle. You’ll have pip in two places (yay!), but it’s worth it not to pin too often/into inflammation.

  39. Sure man there’s nothing technically wrong with mixing it at such a low concentration, that’s just a really odd way to do it.

  40. Nigga, these are signs of low E2. FFS, you're running without a test base, your libido and sense of being is gonna be in the shitter.

  41. any testosterone? or other roids? or just 500 tren and 700 npp? are you taking AI? youve been on 2 months, you shouldve gotten bloodwork already with those short esters

  42. 3.5 weeks until I get to start back after taking the mandated cycle off time. Feeling good, except that I am not getting sick gains and have just been trying to maintain this whole cycle instead of cutting (much better for size/strength retention, who would have known /s).

  43. Currently on test/tren/eq. Can’t say EQ is noticeable, granted it’s tren not NPP. But with just test/eq at 1-1.5g/.9-1200g I PERSONALLY don’t know that eq was all that useful. I will be switching to mast in a few weeks and dropping eq.

  44. I'd run number 1 test/npp for your second cycle but drop the mast. Learn one component at a time. This way if you hate something... Or love something you know where it's coming from.

  45. Don't do deca on first cycle man, you will have a hard time managing E2 sides. You CAN do adrol but if you also can take it out better.

  46. Nobody here will tell you to do deca your first cycle because it’s pretty fucking stupid.

  47. Is it fine to pre load tren ace in slin pins and store them for around 3 days or is that too long. Do different compounds/oils degrade the rubber differently?

  48. Your only real risk is an increased chance of contamination and possibly degradation of the stopper, but neither should be problems you run into if you're only storing for a few days. Throw them in a ziploc bag or sealed jar to be safe and you'll be fine. I've injected test I preloaded weeks prior and had no issues.

  49. What week to start shooting test e? Currently on test prop 30mg ED tren a 50mg ed for 12 weeks blast and after going to cruise on tren e.

  50. 10 to 14 days before you stop prop. You're gonna have to deal with a little horomone fluctuations, just part of it.

  51. Start by middle of week 10-11. No you won’t notice it. I think full blood concentration would be 10.5 days. So that’s why I would go mid week of 10-11. That’s how I’ve done it and it worked out smoothly.

  52. Can someone explain why im growing and gettinf stronger but the scale isnt moving at all, im not getting leaner either.

  53. If you are adding muscle you must be losing something or the scale is not working... or you are bending the laws of physics.

  54. .8 of the blend will be good. That’ll be like 560mgtest/420mgnpp. As for tren, maybe throw in low dose. I’m Assuming you have caber or prami for the prolactin increase from the combo of npp and tren? If you decide to not use the tren, then p5p should be good for controlling prolactin. I’m not sure if p5p will be enough for tren and npp but everyone is different.

  55. Technically hCG is meant to be injected IM, but realistically either option is fine. Most people here go subQ.

  56. So, Currently I am 18, been going gym for around a year , and I know that isnt long, and I should try reach my genetic limit before I do anything, but the thing is ive made such small gains, and pretty much felt like shit. I thought I might have been suffering from low testestrone, given that I am pretty much tired all the time, developed gyno, general depression, pretty low muscle mass and strength and my sex drive is completely fucked. Went to the doc and got my test levels tested, and my total t levels where 530ng/dL, which my doctor said was in the normal range, but I feel like thats pretty low since they can range from 300-1200ng/dL naturally, so I was wondering if I should go on trt, something like a low does (100mg a week ) to get me into the higher end of the normal range. I would also take some kind of aromatase inhibitor. Would this be a bad idea? is it worth it?

  57. You risk being in trt for life amd maaaany other bsd things doing it so young, only you can say if its worth it.

  58. You don't need to reach your "genetic limit", that's just something weirdos like to say. Do your research and know what you are doing, eat and train properly, etc. (if you do decide to taste the secret sauce)

  59. 30 here. Past accutane user as well in my late twenties. I for one still break out really bad off coming off of a cycle. I just keep minocycline in stock and use an erythromycin gel and that really helps but you will still get the occasional cyst but nothing close to needing accutane again.

  60. If you’re not already somewhat prone to acne, which it sounds like you’re not, you shouldn’t have any issues at all with your skin. Especially since you’ve used accutane successfully in the past.

  61. Hi, I PCT'd following a 2 and half year B&C and finished nearly two months ago, In short I feel terrible; strength is dropping almost by the week and sex drive is lower than ever along with a general depression.

  62. try leaving yourself in the no gyro sweet spot and increase your fluid intake. From what I've read all E2 bloat is water retention, so I'd try to find ways to combat that specifically and leave the libido intact. One of the more fun parts of being on, I think

  63. Man, if you are as sexual of a person as I am then I would definitely just deal with the bloat and enjoy the libido. I love having high libido. It's become part of my personality. Truthfully, most people don't notice your bloat as much as you do. Maybe taking rx water pills could help you with the bloat if it bothers you that much?

  64. Good morning! Got my bloods back. Cycle: test e 250 E3D, asin 12.5 mg E3D. Tested at 5 weeks. E2 is 59.3 pg/mL, which is on the high range according to that giant graphic on the blood work wiki.

  65. Whats the drug called that everyone preaches for injury recovery? A peptide called bpc? I dont remember the name, anyone?

  66. What's the de facto BP med people use on cycle? I'm using dianabol (maybe first time using something that's real) and my face is bright red, head pounding, etc.

  67. I think starting with the least agressive one possible that takes care of your symtoms and gets you in a healthy range. I am on hydrotheclorithide or something like that.

  68. Lisinopril has been amazing for controlling my BP. Prior to lisinopril my BP was 190/100. Now, after several months it's on average of 118/80.

  69. So I’m on my first cycle (15 weeks, 600 mg test, 50 mg winstrol) that I started exactly a month ago and I’m already up 10 pounds. So I’m wondering, how fast is too fast in terms of gaining weight? I’ve gotten substantially bigger and honestly look even more cut than I ever have, and I figure a lot of it is water weight. My bulk has been fairly dirty so far, so if my weight gain has been too much I can always dial it back.

  70. You’re going to jump up a chunk of “weight” in water retention the first week or two you’re on cycle. It’s just what happens. I gained 15lb in two weeks my first time. You’re likely fine if you aren’t eating shit food. After that initial gain I wouldn’t want to gain more than 1-2lb a week on though or you’re looking at a ton of fat gain.

  71. Its a lot of glycogen and water. You’re 4 weeks in your test is finally saturating, heres where the real gains come in.

  72. 10 days since glute injection and spot is red and swelled up..there was no mark and was fine for the first few days after and then it flared up. Doesnt really hurt..but kinda freaking out reading forums that it could be an infection. Also wouldn't know how to talk to my doctor about that..any advice?

  73. 2 questions: What do you put in your intraworkout drink, if you use one? Some kind of carbs and whey? Citrulline malate? Other? Have you had any success with spot reduction at all? E.g. using Helios or something else? Cheers

  74. i don't think intraworkout drinks are necessary but if you're going to use one, do essential amino acids and some kind of carb drink that sits well with you. Vitargo and branched cyclic dextrin are common but pricey. Plain gatorade will work as well. I wouldn't recommend protein powder.

  75. no way you should put whey in your intra. some dextrose or similar and citruline and such supps are optional. but if you.are using it for fuel dextrose or vitargo or such is what you are looking for ;)

  76. Hello everyone. So I've decided to do my first cycle and I've been posting here a bit, reading the wiki, reading research and books. I've posted an outline before but I'm gonna post my full updated plan below.

  77. If you want a good BP med on hand, skip the propanolol and get Nebivolol; propanolol is better for killing physical signs of anxiety before a big presentation at work/school/etc. on rare occasions. Chronic nonselective beta blocker usage has a lot of negative effects, but Nebivolol is extremely cardioselective and one of the best BP meds for steroid users

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