Daily Ask Anything: 2020-09-13

  1. EQ can have AI effects, if you are taking an ai stop. If not, try upping you test that way your e2 will rise and maybe your dick my start up again.

  2. Difference between puffy nips and actual gyno? Does puffy nips without any lump whatsoever literally just means puffy nips?

  3. Hmm can you post an example? Puffiness is usually caused by breast tissue. Can be high e2 and water retention or fat in chest area

  4. Are u from Israel man? I should start my cycle in 3 weeks from this day, but I’m thinking to wait a little bit until gyms will be re-opened. Regarding muscle lost, this is not that easy. Continue to train at home with what you got and you should be just fine.

  5. If you guys wanted to mix boldenone and Nandralone, what esters would you use? Deca and Equipoise? NPP and Dbol? I want to run a 16 week cycle, but after reading up on NPP it seems that 10 weeks is the range I should be aiming at for that compound. Equipoise is great for a longer cycle and so is Deca. Dbol is a short cycle but, stacking it with NPP seems like a waste due to the shorter length of the cycle. Anyway, I'm probably going to go with Dbol and Deca since i already have a bunch of Dbol. 30mg/day Dbol for 6 weeks, 500mg of test/week, and 400 mg of Deca/week for 16 weeks. Thanks for any advice!

  6. You can run NPP for 16 weeks, why would keeping it to 10 max be better? I personally don't like deca due to the half life, so I stick to NPP

  7. So. ive been on gear for a while now, done a few different cycles include a tren one with no hair shedding issue. Now im doing a basic EQ test C cycle and im shedding like crazy. Im confused because there's no hairloss in my family, any ideas wtf is happening?

  8. Most likely, you did not notice hairloss from tren because miniaturization has not been fully in effect yet but is present. Fast forward to present, it is uncommon for people to experience hairloss from a Test EQ cycle so I highly suspect you are now experiencing shedding from your past tren cycle.

  9. I’d recommend a lot more NAC than that. A lot more taurine as well. NAC + Vit C should be all you need depending on the oral.

  10. im a little late on this but what are some vitamins/supplements someone should take when they are using oral steroids to help your insides a little

  11. NAC, Vit C, Kidney Support, Lipid Health (Fish Oil, Diet, Niacin, LISS), BP control (Fish Oil, Diet, LISS, Cialis), TUDCA (depending on the hepatotoxicity of the oral).

  12. Depends genetics, some people will never be mass monsters no matter what, but yes you can get insanely far without tren, it's not a necessity and more of a contest prep compound in actuality. Ton of huge pros that only use tren in prep and not in off season, and since you just said mass monster and not shredded mass monster well yes.

  13. I don’t think I’ll ever use orals in a “growth” cycle again, but they’re undeniably beneficial for “peaking”, whether that’s cosmetically are the end of a cut or for strength at a powerlifting competition, for example.

  14. I did 500mcg bi-laterally Sunday / Wednesday last summer, with IGF1-lr3 the other days, for 4 weeks. You must split your MGF injections in many small shots to have a well distributed growth. It's not spectacular at all, painful and doesn't worth the hassle in my opinion. Can be a good hobby when you are on a cruise may be.

  15. If a product is 98% pure it’s 98% as effective as an equal dose of 100% purity product. That 2% impurity does not render the drug ineffective or magnitudinally subtract from its efficacy. Highly likely that even FDA approved pharmacy GH often degraded down to 98% or lower by the time its consumed. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on your goals and expectations for dollar:benefit. I love GH but it can underwhelm people considering the cost/benefit ratio relative to that of AAS, which are pretty cheap for what they do.

  16. I've been having this strange pain on my inner quad above my tear drop. At first I thought I pulled something and skipped legs for the week but the pain still random comes and goes when sedentary. I noticed it specifically today a couple hours after pinning my VG; had a bit of a blood spot where I pinned so I'm thinking I hit a vein. Is this anything to be worried about? Read about DVT it's gotten be kind of worried about it.

  17. I'm 5 weeks into a rad cycle and my test is crushed pretty hard, does anyone have some advice on when to start PCT? I have nolva on hand, here is my pre and 5 week

  18. Not Decatest, but I usually see about 2 weeks after dropping EQ. That’s what my coach has me doing as well.

  19. Has anyone tried P5P to control/combat prolactin induced gyno? If yes, how much and how long did you use it for?

  20. What reason did this person give for P5P hindering gains, and did he cite any research? Sounds like utter broscience. P5P is just a form of vitamin b6.

  21. Got alot of heartburn on my anavar cycle aswell as stomach discomfort, anything that may help? Got a hard time getting down the calories because of this aswell

  22. Omeprazol is a short term solution. Drinking a lot more water helps also, upping fiber intake, bromelain seems to help as well as melatonin supplementation.

  23. Why the fuck are you calling it testosterone 250, just cause the label says so? Do you even know what ester it is? Not that it matters as it's prob E or C at that volume but still could be dumb shit like sust, just grinds my gears when people refer to whatever dumb brand names their source has.

  24. Too late to get any valuable baseline values unfortunately. Mid Cycle bloods in 2-4 weeks would serve you better.

  25. I am also unsure. I noticed that they have a bunch of trt specific tests too, I thought it might be one of those. To many to pick from...

  26. They change your tattoos into douchey ones. If you have something really nice it'll probably change into barbed wire or a bro tribal wrapped around your bicep. Rip

  27. Calf is probably fine but i’d avoid bicep. After my first cycle i wanted to get a sleeve done but decided to just go with a half sleeve for now (forearm) and fill it up in like 4-5 years when i’ve gained like 90% of the size i want

  28. It stretched the shit out of all of mine, and threw stretch marks through it, ruining the art work in several places. If I can implore you to wait to get ink great... otherwise you’d better coco butter the shit out of those areas and hope it holds.

  29. I don't feel like test changed much of anything hair-wise. Haven't used GH. Now, tren makes my hair grow faster, darker and thicker...possibly adding more body hair.

  30. If you have the genetics for body hair test is going to help it grow. My beard is almost completelt filled in since starting TRT about 10 months ago. And likewise my ass, chest and stomach have also grown thicker hair lol

  31. Lifting 8 years, serious lifting 6 years, clean eating 6 years, actual diet tracking 1 year. Currently ~250 ~18% bf, 6’5. Here’s my best lifts:

  32. To be blunt, they are not very good for your size. I hit 480 squat, 550 DL and 300 bench at ~190lbs 5'8" after 3-4 years of training and I would still get smoked in any powerlifting meet by far.

  33. Anyone have bloodwork before and after blood donation? It makes sense to me that id have a higher TT after donating if I kept the same dose, but would that mean more E2 conversion (shouldn’t there be the same amount of aromatase, if not less?)? Gave a pint to Red Cross and got all these high E2 symptoms in the week following.

  34. Hi folks. Just got my blood results and test levels are at 317 ng/dl. Cholesterol is at 4.5 with LDL at 2.6. planning to start my first cycle test cyp at 250mg per week for 12 weeks and anavar 20mg per day for 8 weeks. What do you guys think? Is this a decent combo for first cycle?

  35. Terrible “cycle”. Read the wiki linked in the preamble to this thread. There is a section called “your first cycle”. Study that.

  36. I’ve never ran tren. Just wanted to add that a lot of guys on this sub say they see good results and minimal/no sides in the lower dose range like <300/w. If I were going for my first time running it, I’d prob start around 100 with ace and move up like 50mg every 2 weeks or so, but im very risk averse. maybe you got bigger balls than me and wanna blast 350 out the gate lol good luck keep us posted

  37. Have enough Tren A to run at least 350 a week, 200 may be underwhelming, probably will be. Always use Ace your first few cycles, I doubt I’ll ever use E.

  38. If your prolactin is in range and your estrogen is as well but you’ve still got gyno there is most likely a case of prolactin aggravated gyno despite the normal bloodwork.

  39. I have to go to the er, my insurance nurse hotline says I might have a prostate inflammation or something cause I can’t pee

  40. If you go to the e r request a bladder scan (a small ultra sound machine) first rather than just letting them cath you. Generally we will not cath someone unless they have greater than 300ml in the bladder which would qualify as Urinary retention. ER physicians usually won’t dig super deep as to find a cause rather than relieving the chief complaint and suggesting you follow up with a urologist. If you are in fact retaining urine they may send you home with an indwelling Foley catheter with a leg bag until you can follow up with the urologist.

  41. Going to be injecting almost 2ML of primo 200 every 3.5 days. Reading around it looks like the PIP will be a bitch. Anyone who has done this amount of primo have any tips for avoiding the PIP?

  42. Hold off until you get sides, if you even get any sides. I'm 12 weeks in on my first cycle and haven't needed any yet although I took half an asin x2 over the span of a week around week 8 and felt depressed for a few weeks. Avoid it using it if you can

  43. I get all sorts of tweaks but I know what is something I can't train through... I'd say be conservative on this issue but knowing your body is the most important part here

  44. Do infected abscesses usually sit on the surface of the skin exactly where the pin went in or deep under where you put the oil?

  45. Can someone recommend me anything for gut health and digestive aids? Stomach/intestines are fucked, probably due to stress, and I want to try and help them.

  46. If you use a lot of artificial sweeteners, or drink say a lot of diet soda daily, I'd say reduce that amount. 1-2 scoops of whey a day and say a can of diet coke a day shouldn't make an impact but if you use a lot of sweeteners, or drink a large amount of diet soda regularly. that could be the culprit.

  47. Prilosec for 3-5 days to jump start the process, while starting a daily probiotic regime at the same time (50 billion CFUs) should clear up any issues.

  48. If you use finasteride or dutasteride when you start using test you can avoid hair loss and as tat_guy says, check the wiki.

  49. I mean you're certainly old enough to run a cycle so check the wiki. On the other hand have you looked closely at your program nutrition sleep and stress levels?

  50. Probably the Fin decreasing DHT. I don't understand why anyone would want to take Fin due to side effects completely outweigh losing hair.

  51. What should the dosing of Winstrol look like?50mg with 500mg test. Should I take it ED in a single dose or split 8h apart, or EOD? Reading and receiving different opinions (a pro bb recommended I take 50mg in a single dose ED)

  52. past few years my main goal has been to just stay lean through eating right and training 4-5 times per week. this winter i want a bit more size, maybe 5-7lbs of lean mass and i'm thinking of doing the following:

  53. First time I tried to pin quad I tried to hit my vastus lateralus, so aimed for the side of my quad and yeah got this really odd stinging pain that radiated worse and worse each second. Pulled it out and rammed it into my delt with a sigh of relief. Today tho I pinned the big meaty middle section so probably the vastus intermedius and had absolutely zero pain, less than my delts/pecs even. So try the top of your quad (not the teardrop tho, stay far away).

  54. It happens. Yes, it was probably a nerve. Some places have more nerves than others. Are you injecting the outer part of the thigh (vastus lateralis) or the top/front part (rectus femoris)? The VL -- in my experience -- tends to be less sensitive.

  55. I did a .5 ml pin of sust sub q 3 days ago. I've done sub q of prop no problem. Sust left a lump and pain in belly area injection site. Should I be worried. I've been test subq lately as alternative possibly

  56. Painful lumps are a part of the game when you're pinning SubQ. It'll help to pin in your ass fat rather than your stomach fat, and split your dose into two 0.25ml instead of one 0.5ml.

  57. Ok, im looking for a cheap milligram scale preferably from amazon lol im on a budget. I see sales that say 50x0.001 is this a mg scal?? Or could any1 link me a amazon scale thats cheap lol

  58. Yes, 50x0.001 means it will weigh a maximum of 50 g at increments of 0.001 g. (0.001 g = 1 mg) I have this one, and it works fine:

  59. The stretch marks are induced from the skin stretching more than it's elasticity allows, it's got nothing to do with androgen use (only as an indirect cause of you being able to grow faster than without them). Moisturizing regularly should help to prevent as your skin will be smoother, if they are already there just wait, they will fade over time and become less and less visible.

  60. Also start Proviron recently, have never had so much acne on my shoulders in my life but fuck am I looking mighty vascular lol.

  61. Pinned my delt for the first time on Friday morning (2 weeks in on first cycle of 500mg Test E e3.5d). I inject after a warm shower, keep everything clean and swabbed with an alcohol pad and inject slowly (1ml in around 1 minute via 1” 25g).

  62. Sounds like a subq leak or poorly made gear. Ive had this happen with some garbage gear. It worked but whoever made it didnt give 2 fucks about giving someone pip. New source is ballin though 11/10.

  63. Can you post a pic of your arm by chance? Just FYI you don’t need to be anywhere near that careful prepping your injection site. You don’t need to shower and studies show that swabbing with alcohol has basically zero effect on infection. You might have bad gear though.

  64. A few months back I was reading about a new class of steroids that are devoid of typical side effects, however I can't seem to find info on this anywhere - does anyone have an idea of what I'm talking about? E.g. what the chemical names would be?

  65. Probably SARMs. There's a lot more anecdotes about them than clinical testing, which should worry you. Steroids are more effective, highly researched, and can be side effect free if you do it right.

  66. Currently running my TRT test dose 200/wk with 300 primo a week that will be upped to 400 and making decent gains. I want to add in low dose dbol for some extra fullness. Like 10mgs a day only maybe. Def want to avoid estrogenic sides like gyno. WOuld you just dose it once a day pre workout or break the tab in half and split the dose? - ALso should I lower the test dose to stay away from the estrogen sides since the dbol will convert to some test?

  67. My first blast was at 250mg per week and I developed gyno by week 5 or 6, but I had forgotten I had pubertal gyno as a teen, so I had some tissue already there. I seem to be a lot Jess sensitive now meaning I can cruise at 180mg and my test is within range, my E2 is like 50pg/ml, but I have no E2 sides. 200 is a lot for a newbie, but i have friends who started at 250 and run it year round. Give it another couple weeks, but monitor closely.

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