Tesla hit $694 today. The first time below $700 since August 2021

  1. Love how OP responded to all the comments except the ones that called out the price had dipped before

  2. Tesla was as LOW as $680 just 1 week ago (May12). Furthermore, it dipped to $689.03 on Feb 23 2022. Will not be surprised to see more price correction. The CEO is certainly not focusing on what he should be doing.

  3. Annoyingly, I had a buy order set up at exactly 680 and it didn’t go through. It taught me to not set up orders on whole numbers.

  4. Here is the thing. If it hit 160, chances are there is an underlining reason it hit that and you likely would have hesitations at that price based on the new information that resulted in such a drop.

  5. I mean, i'm not saying it will definitely hit that or anything, but dropping down to $160, what would that mean in terms of valuation for Tesla? Would they be about the same as Toyota or Mercedes Benz then? Doesn't seem too unrealistic.

  6. I'm invested in it(tough I already took a bit chunk of profit), have a base price of $630. and tough I believe the stock will in the future rise again, it very much can fall beneath $500.

  7. I think $160 is a bit over ambitious, I bought some yesterday, and will buy again in the $600s if possible. Cheers!!

  8. resistance levels are real, but its not a floor to for the stock price, just that they'll be more buyers or sellers at certain price points.

  9. If you're a long-term investor, you shouldn't worry about market psychology & technicals. They typically don't hold over years. But traders need to be very aware of psychology and technicals because they guide most of the near-term movements.

  10. I remember getting downvoted for saying this 2 months ago on this subreddit. I warned this bubble will pop for Tesla and it cannot continue to keep going up. I got downvoted so much by all these delusioned meme stock idiots. Glad to see finally people are coming to reality with this actual valuation & market cap discrepency

  11. How the fuck is 1,040% return over 5 years a bad stock? How? Ignore the names, the bias and all non-important factors, they’re an amazing stock with very steady growth and unmatched vision & management. Sometimes valuation multiples do justify themselves.

  12. Elon needs to shut up and work. They need to take away his phone and not let him do interviews. He is slowly destroying the Tesla brand

  13. Liability, dude is a master of pump and dumping everything he touches. I wonder how many people lost money in dogecoin from his pump antics. Here we are repeating the same shit with twitter, before all this the endless promises.

  14. Tesla is still a fantastic company, and I have no doubt they company will do well long term. The only problem has been the stratospheric valuation. If and when it drops to its fair price of $160, I will be buying up shares like crazy.

  15. And, there was a chilling report issued a couple days ago (I forgot what brokerage it was) saying that Volkswagen and other carmakers have caught and surpassed Tesla in quality, value, and potential growth.

  16. If they return to a rational PE then fine. It was over 1000 last year when annualized EPS was $2 and it's 100 now at $13. EPS is simply not going to grow much more and it would have to grow 4-5X again to justify this PE. If they can get to $17 EPS and 25 PE the stock stops at $420.

  17. To be fair, if any company out there is comparable to the dot com bubble it is Tesla. Not saying it will drop 80% or whatever, but if there is any over hyped company it would be them i guess.

  18. I don't understand why you're implying it won't happen. No one expected 70%-99% drops in 2000 for companies that are still alive today. But guess what, it did happen.

  19. With recession at the door and Chinese EV flooding china, I don't see Tesla "double digits" revenue growth continues in the second half of this year

  20. Tesla is dramatically overvalued as a strict car company, like 10-15x the pe ratio of Toyota. If the market stops believing it's about to invent AI and self-driving android robot taxis, it could be heading down for awhile.

  21. I know. It makes me sound like a Tesla fanboy, but I did quite a deep analysis to come up with that bullish figure of $160.

  22. I’m just here wondering why nobody is taking the overall market into account. At this current moment many people are speculating on specific dipping stocks even though most or even all those stocks are following the market.

  23. Why do people think this is an intelligent response? LFVN is a MLM pyramid scheme that hawks miracle cures for all kinds of shit like cancer, ALS, etc. (via testimonials of course to avoid technically breaking the law) and has even gotten warning from the FDA. Just because it's a shit scam company doesn't mean I'm going to short it. People are irrational as fuck and the risk profile of a short can absolutely destroy you. Even if the company is complete shit.

  24. It's a moderately successful luxury car manufacturer with a niche market and an erratic CEO who acts impulsively and recklessly and has lots of other companies and pursuits that occupy most of his time.

  25. The price of Tesla driving the recession? Come on now. It's natural business cycles and people retiring should know not to have too much invested in stocks.

  26. The Tesla brand is Elon. They don't advertise, it's all him. He's decided to become a Rogan bro, and competitors are ramping up manufacturing, benefited by the $7500 federal EV tax credit. It's become common knowledge that Tesla build quality isn't up to par, and that (safe) FSD isn't becoming a reality any time soon.

  27. I did an analysis recently that showed $160 to be fair value for Tesla. But just a few days later saw a much more indepth analysis showing that I must be a Tesla fanboy and that a fairer value was $130.

  28. I had 30 shares at $212 pre split and sold for $750 pre split in 2020. I’d love for it to go down to make myself feel better about selling back then. Lol

  29. So, you think the stock is going to fall another 77%? Why would you buy in @ 160? The price has been @ 50~70$ for a long time, why not buy there?

  30. Bad Q2 numbers are being priced in. Shanghai factory shutdown for a month and a slow ramp up to full capacity will hurt Q2 numbers. Also Germany production is slower then expected.

  31. Good. Musk is a creepy little weasel and Teslas have some of the worst quality ratings on the market. The fact that Tesla fanboys keep jerking off all over Tesla is just sad.

  32. Yup don’t bet against Bill. Jesus he’s having the last laugh on that one. And it’s just pocket money to him too.

  33. $500 here we come ! Let’s margin call Elon. We know he doesn’t have backers and now need to lower his buy price.

  34. Tesla is not worth $200, was an overvalued meme stock and it will keep going down. The big car makers are about to outperform them in tech already and soon also in production.

  35. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahqhahqhahqhahqhqhqhahahahahaha. 160 and DCA from there. You'll never own tesla then.

  36. This clown a while ago was posting about how he couldn't comprehend why Baba dropped 3% in no news and now is out here with a miraculous dd he made giving him a 160 entry point that he refused to post until now

  37. Well, it should be clear that the CEO doesn't give a shit about shareholders or those that are deeply invested in TSLA. It seems that these days he is more worried about being a dank meme lord than doing things.

  38. I mean looking at the chart today it does look like there are quite a few buyers at the $700 price. The fact a few sold just under that does not negate where the buyers are.

  39. wait until tesla taxi, ai robot, cyber truck, insurance, full self drive is out.....u all know how cheap it is right now. got tons 100$ pre split and all in again at 690🫰🏻

  40. It's a start, but TSLA should probably go lower. The market cap is still pretty outrageous even if you buy the bull thesis ( I don't ).

  41. Lol educate yourself on the company growth will outpace pe. Last year pe was over 1000, now under 100 that’s an earnings 10x with the stock price probably the same. What do you think will happen when Tesla sells cars at scale. This is just getting started.

  42. Are you serious? The total global car sales is ~75m per year and you think tesla will sell 1/4 of the total with an average sale price of $50k? The only way I see that happening is if they build 5 more gigafactories and release two sub $30k models. Which isn’t happening by 2030 which is only 7.5 years away.

  43. TSLA remains relatively cheap given their projected growth, but with all the uncertainty in the economy and Elon diving into a bunch of distractions, it begins to make a little more sense.

  44. I called it earlier this year. It would hit 600 by June. If it does Tesla will hit another massive sell off. 600 is where a lot of people have stop loss. It is likely tesla will by at 300 by EOY. That will destroy confidence in the company by investors.

  45. To anyone defending Tesla - I hope you realize Tesla is still Level 2 in autonomous driving, while Mercedes is Level 3, and Volkswagen says they'll reach Level 4 before 2024.

  46. Yes it is on a critical support line now,sooner or later it will break then Musk will learn some lesson about being manupulative

  47. Last I heard, $TSLA share price was around 60x earnings. That was several months ago and this was very predictable. I should have shorted in the $1000’s.

  48. psychological barriers...Yeah Elon mouth...He probably has to pay billion dollars because he canceled the Twitter sale and he broke the NDA about the ghost accounts of Twitter.

  49. So with an estimated eps this year of $13-15, that would put their PE ratio hovering around 10 if the stock falls to 160. How can you be super bullish abt a company that shows little signs of slowing below its 50%+ growth rate, but then believe a PE of 10 would be a realistic entry point? Don’t get me wrong, I’d also love to buy Tesla at $160 but that’s similar to saying I’d only buy Apple or Microsoft under a PE of 10. Tesla grew its eps Q1 yoy by ~6x keep in mind.

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