The Daily Check-In for Friday, February 3rd: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Congrats! I'm nearing the start of day 19 too, it's a great feeling of accomplishment to watch the hours tick by and build into days

  2. Nearing the end of week three and feeling a little stronger every day. It's definitely going to take some time before I feel 100% again, but I'm glad I went sober when I did—even still have had to deal with some gnarly withdrawals, including seeing a doctor for jaundice. It is not fun.

  3. Well done on approaching 3 weeks, things changed for me at 3 weeks, wishing you health and ease in your journey 💞

  4. Really rough day today, was my birthday and was making plans after working 3 months straight away from home for a 4 day weekend of Backcountry riding with my brother. Those plans fell through this week and had a rough fight all day over text.

  5. That sucks so much, I’m really sorry to hear that! Personally, birthday-plans falling through makes me feel especially lonely and unloved even when that’s definitely not the message people are trying to send when they have to cancel for whatever reason.

  6. You’re doing great there. I wish I’d kept a journal so I could have noted things down as a number system (1 being low). Monitoring resilience would have been good. I can see that now that over my year my resilience to external factors and stress events has improved. At entering 14 months I’d say Im currently an 8 as I’ve watched myself roll with some tricky difficulties recently. I haven’t gone through the big life changers like death and I’m sure there will be times I’m sorely tempted. But I just wanted you to know that I’ve found only improvements in my coping skills supported by my recoil/aversion attitude. It’s becoming quite an art form to balance it. Have a super day friend 🥰 - you’re doing brilliantly.

  7. Acknowledging vulnerability is strenght. Those who don't do it get arrogant and fail miserably. From what I see from you, you keep going on a journey to know yourself, what works and what doesn't. This is why you're so important to me. Some tools, and I'm talking here about other difficult experiences I had, not related to alcohol, they just organically show up without efforts, and they feel right and available. I have zero doubts everything will get better in time. Don't get me wrong, 284 days of sobriety is a LOT, and congratulations, but it's not even a year in a lifetime. Time is on your side.

  8. I've written and deleted lots of words. Nightshift porridge brain has robbed me of sense - mind you, I'd choose porridge brain over junkie brain all day long 😄.

  9. Checking in, sober sober. I did buy beer today but it was for the workers finishing up some concrete removal on my property. I did feel the tug of the thirst carrying the clinking box of bottles, it’s weird how stupid some triggers are. Still, IWNDWYT.

  10. I will not drink with you today because I have and need my wits about me. I don’t see alcohol as a deserving act any longer and, for that, I’m so grateful - thank you all on the sub for helping me get to this place I’m in. 🥰

  11. I’ve been struggling for a while now. My girlfriend who is sober and a huge support system has been gone for two weeks visiting her family in Asia. Along with the distance, the time difference has been tough to navigate and I’ve been feeling lonely. Trying to preoccupy myself with my own local family and friends but a lot of friendly activity revolves around drinking.

  12. Yesterday was one of the most mentally draining days I’ve had in a really long time. My plan for how the day would unfold went completely out of whack. I got home last night and “could have” drank or even drowned my exhaustion in junk food, but- I didn’t! I ate a salad and drank some water and feel much better for it this morning. Exercising mental strength against my vices feels good! I’m patting myself on the back! 😂😁😬

  13. That’s impressive Aly! I need to exercise restraint against eating compulsively. I tackled it last year and it was good, but gave up smoking and now it’s worse than ever! So frustrating!

  14. IWNDWYT - here’s to another sober weekend! I used to look forward to the weekends for all the drinking I did, now it’s peace, space. Time to sleep, relax, think, get things done - anything but drink!

  15. IWNDWYT! Tomorrow my catered holiday begins, so I’m mentally prepping for being surrounded by free and copious amounts of wine. Feeling good ✨ happy Friday all

  16. Have a full 36 hours in the house by myself - no partner, no kids and off work. Times like this have broken my sobriety in the past. The no-one else but me will know and I won't feel guilty drinking under the watchful eye of anyone.

  17. Drinking? Who has time or energy for that?! I enjoy my sleep and waking up hangover free. Besides, I have a bathroom to redo tomorrow. New flooring. Painting. Installing a new toilet, faucets, and hardware. Bring it Friday, I’m not drinking with you today! ❤️

  18. Yesterday was definitely one of those days that would have had me at the wine store. Some of my colleagues are super toxic and I really need to get serious about looking for a new job. I did shove some chocolate in my face, but wasn’t particularly craving alcohol. Calling it a win! Have a great weekend, sober team. IWNDWYT!

  19. Having dinner with my daughter's family tonight and I do believe it will be a marvelous time to not drink. Happy Friday and Blessings to all. IWNDWYT. Cheers, AJ

  20. Last night my husband and I were at a group event. First time dancing without a drink. Had so much fun, everyone else was drinking except us. Woke up this morning feeling great with no worries about stupid shit I may have said if I had been drinking. Happy Friday all, IWNDWYT!

  21. Checking in! Last night was a close one, I'm not even sure why but I managed to stay clear by having something to eat then going to bed. Feeling good I didn't slip just a little confused where the cravings came from.

  22. Good morning everyone! I missed the check in yesterday. Recovering from some surgery that I had on Wednesday. I am fine though, just sore. Anyway, I would not drink right now even if I wanted to, it would just make me feel worse. As for other vices, I do like to smoke cigars but I didn't do that either, being afraid smoke would get into the stitches. But even with all that, I got quite a bit done this week along with beaucoup preparation for Monday. I will not drink with you today!

  23. My addict brain wants to reward itself even though I didn't accomplish much, haha. This time around there is no surge in well-being, despite being 1 mo. in, but the lows are not as low, the sadness not as heavy, the daily not as grim. It's enough for me so that IWNDWYT

  24. I’m calling that voice telling me I’m not done with alcohol my gremlin. This gremlin always starts my day with saying your always going to be this way. I change the tune and exercise or make myself busy. If it happens at night I have dessert. So far distraction have been working. My sober mind knows this sober life is the way forward. IWNDWYT

  25. Happy Friday Sobernauts. Weekends are no longer associated with anxiety but the kind of contentment I used to try and achieve by poisoning myself. IWNDWYT

  26. In the middle of a hot summer here and yes my sneaky brain tries to trick me into a cool ale as a reward for one thing or another. It stings for a sec then I quickly move on. I would hate to think what would become of me if I started drinking again

  27. Looking forward to another not lost weekend with a long chore list I know will actually get done, instead of getting the occasional guilty, resentful side glance as it sits untouched on the coffee (high ABV IPA) table.

  28. That damn groundhog! Of course it’s gonna be winter six more weeks anyway, but a little bit of hope for an early spring woulda been nice.

  29. It’s Friday, I drank my greens (🤢) and now get to have my coffee. Being healthy is hard. Normally they don’t bother me, but today I’m sensitive. Oh well. I drank burning-my-throat poison for years, I can drink not-so-pleasant green stuff for a few minutes.

  30. Hello you lovely sober community. Thanks for a wonderful DCI post, Dreams. It helps me feel less alone as I stand up to my addict brain. It may be cunning but I'm prepared for its lies. It's certainly baffling so I'll keep using all my sober tools.

  31. I've had a busy week at work this week, and I'm ready for the weekend. Dinner, laughs, and fun with friends I don't see often on the agenda. And I don't need booze to enjoy myself or unwind.... I'm enough!

  32. Day 34 IWNDWYT remember, sober Fridays lead to hangover free Saturdays- and literally nothing is better than waking up hangover free on a Saturday morning

  33. Here in New Hampshire, it's always a pretty good bet that we'll have at least six more weeks of winter after Groundhog's Day, regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil says.

  34. I completely forgot to check about whether the groundhog saw its shadow. It’s funny because when I lived northeast 2/2 was a very important day. I hate winter and any sign of it being over was a big deal to me lol.

  35. Got a crate of NA cider next to me. I ain't drinking! Although I feel a bit anxious about my first sober rugby tournament on the TV. I'm so used to having a drink when it's on. But I can do this!

  36. IWNDWYT 🌸 Although might have to replace ice cream for a hot cocoa as my Friday night treat! Too cold!! Darn groundhog 😂

  37. Checking in here to say that I won't be drinking with y'all today! Have a great Friday/Saturday/weekend, folks! Wishing the best to you all, wherever you may be on your journey. We got this!

  38. It’s Friday. I have a cold. I woke up too early because my cat said to get up and feed him asap at 330 am. IWNDWYT!!

  39. Morning all. For those of you in the cold north I’m sorry to hear that Phil ignored all the FAFO threats he received from the SD yesterday. I hope that you get some warmth and sunshine soon. I’ve been ‘pushed and pulled’ by various crappy forces all week. But I’ve stayed sober and I’m starting to have clarity about what needs doing to change what I can and accept the rest. And IWNDWYT !

  40. My addict brain is such a pain in the ass. I am really close to cutting bangs because I’m stressed and I need to satisfy that impulsive need of doing something drastic. HALT reminds me I’m all of the above and to stay away from the salon 🤣 I need some connection and rest this weekend. I hope you all get it too! IWNDWYT 💜

  41. Checking in. With finishing this day (ca. 11.5 h to go) I will have 4 weeks without poison. IWNDWYT 💯🍀💪

  42. Work is in a really hectic state right now. My team is behind on a project and we're looking at a 3 month slog to wrap everything up. A little over a month ago this situation would have felt like the end of the world. It's not necessarily a walk in the park now, but I'm able to breathe through the stress and not get as worked up. My threshold for burnout is higher. Or maybe it's the same, but I don't approach it as quickly as I used to. Staying sober will be key to getting through the next few months with minimal damage.

  43. Day 91...what a difference a few months can make. I am so grateful to every single human here. I truly could not have made the steps in the right direction without your stories whether it be good, bad or ugly. ❤️

  44. Checking in on day 92! Late start today and admittedly aggravated at everything! But I’m sober and am here making a commitment to remain sober for the next 24 hours!! Every day doesn’t have to be a huge win, it’s enough for me that it isn’t a loss!! Going for a run to get back to center and I’m going to make a conscious effort to see positives!! Sobering on!! IWNDWYT! ✌️❤️😵‍💫

  45. Opposite of “productive week”, I had a “just survive this” week with a lot of stressors, sick kid all week (so working with no childcare), school canceled for weather, etc. A previous version of me would have totally reached for the wine — because “you deserve it!”, they say — but the truth is that only ever made things worse. IWNDWYT as I head into a weekend of moving more slowly and processing all that’s happened.

  46. I wasn’t “abusing alcohol.” I was abusing myself with alcohol. Today I will reward myself in kind ways; Coffee w friends, hot yoga, volunteering, rest. Let’s see the magic in our sober weekend.

  47. Omg, I slept like a big ol log last night, and now running late for a morning commitment I made! It feels so good though to be able to keep my wits about me, and get done what needs to get done. No stopping or slowing down because I feel dizzy, nauseous, sweaty, and like I'm going to die! I love feeling great....all thanks to kicking alcohol to the curb! The self confidence that sobriety gives never gets old!

  48. I will not drink today and FYA. Today is a travel day and I will tell alcohol to fuck right off in the airports today. Drinking sucks. You rock!

  49. 373 days. Made myself do 30 mins on a bike yesterday and feel way better for it mentally. It’s crazy what physical activity does to your brain.

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