The Daily Check-In for Thursday, May 5th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Traveling and can’t sleep! 😠 I blame it on the energy drink I had at the airport yesterday at 5pm. It even had a warning label on it that it was meant for 18 and over…. When will I learn to stop drinking caffeine after noon!? I hope y’all have a great day and IWNDWYT! ❤️

  2. I hear you! I basically decided to quit caffeine entirely and it's been amazing (very hard for the first week)... used the Allen Carr alcohol method and realised that caffeine creates the craving for caffeine. I used to fail hard if I couldn't get caffeine by 10am... now I wake up ready and refreshed every day... not saying you should give it up, but it's been great for me!

  3. This whole being first competition thing has made me laugh this morning. Congratulations on that and hope the rest of your day kicks ass! ❤️❤️

  4. Literally just walked into the airport after refreshing SD for the last hour and you bastards are all ahead of me. Sober on!

  5. There might be hundreds of sober days next to my name but the only one that counts is today! Let's all equal the world record for the 24 hour sobriety race.

  6. Ty for saying something- I almost said something about Cinco De Mayo, but realized “Pretty sure that’s a Yank thing.” (Didn’t look it up.) Take care! IWNDWYT

  7. Went to my second meeting last night, picked up my 1 month chip. But more than that I picked up at least one item of wisdom from each and every share in the room... really pleased I went.

  8. Went to a work party where everyone was drinking. Well, in the past I would’ve thought “everyone” was drinking without noticing the people heading home early, drinking water etc. I didn’t drink and I feel amazing today.

  9. I feel rubbish after a heavy binge all day yesterday. Today, I am anxious, dry heaving, nauseous, achy all over. I blacked out and terrified about missed memories. I'm in bed shivering and feeling like I will never be permanently sober as I keep relapsing.

  10. Day two (badge is old) and IWNDWYT ✌🏻 I couldn't sleep the last two nights, but I'll see two sunrises in a row!! Sleep will come back eventually.

  11. Thanks MissB and SD for being here! IWNDWYT and I’m grateful to live life sober. Love that I’m finally getting used to facing the day and the feelings head on. Thank you SD for being here. We can do this!

  12. I've just gone past my one year milestone. It's been a ride, but it's easier today than it was yesterday, and yesterday was easier than the day before and so it goes. All the way back to when I had my last drink.

  13. Yay Thursday! I actually woke up at a good time today because I didn’t stay up that late. There’s a name for what I do, staying up too late: revenge bedtime procrastination. We may feel like we don’t have enough control over things during the day so we stay up later, feeling like we’re reclaiming some time. The more you know.

  14. My husband has taught me a lot about reframing, although I may be a slow learner in this area (my internal pessimist is pretty stubborn 😉). A couple of days ago, we were talking about the climate change crisis. I was feeling really sad knowing that we've passed a tipping point such that we cannot prevent serious impacts on many parts of the world, but my husband was more focused on the fact that we can still prevent the worst possible outcomes. He said that if we frame a situation as "We're f***ed," there's no incentive for anyone to try to change things; we've already declared it a lost cause. He added that when we say, "The situation is bad, but we can stop it from becoming catastrophic," we nurture a sense of hope that can spur action.

  15. Researching, instead of failing. That’s such an amazing reframe. I for one, have tried to keep alcohol in the house, and learned the hard way that I can’t do that at this point. So thanks to the research, I don’t keep it in the house.

  16. Had scary emotional panic attack yesterday. I guess I had to purge old trauma. I just woke but stilll exhausted. IWNDWYT.

  17. Morning friends! I too had 100s of day ones. In fact it was about three years ago around this time that i decided to just “quit drinking” and I I found this sub and realized I’m not alone. And I’ve been learning ever since how hard yet possible it can be to quit drinking. I understand so well the phrase “It’s easy to quit drinking; I’ve done it hundreds of times.” And yeah, reframing things absolutely helps. Last night I was reading a magazine called Food and Drink that is put out by our provincial alcohol regulator. It is a gorgeous, slick publication full of pictures of alcohol and recipes. I found myself really triggered by the marketing and I had to flick through pages really quickly to get past the alcohol pictures and remind myself that it’s all smoke and mirrors, Those pictures don’t tell the real story of what happens when I drink. They don’t show the puffy face and eyes, the sadness and depression, 3 am wake ups, paranoia and fights with my fiancé, not wanting to bother with any of the things that bring me real joy in life so I can sit and drink.

  18. IWNDWYT! it's amazing how this small post can help me keep making a good decision all day long. Thanks for being here everyone.

  19. After a few rough nights I finally got a decent night's sleep in...hang in there. Caffeine can get you in q vicous cycle (coffee drinker here.)

  20. I have to reframe how I view drinking and remind myself all the time. It’s not I can’t have that drink, it’s that I don’t want the poison. I’m not depriving myself, or missing out on anything. I’m simply choosing to live life aware, feeling all the things. I’m choosing me and my family over booze.

  21. Yesterday was a terrible day from morning till night. Seems like every thing that could go wrong went wrong, and I was soooo close to taking that first drink. I popped on here and scrolled through some posts, and read a few that were really touching. The one line that stood out (forgot the poster to give credit) was "not just playing the tape forward, but playing it to the end". If you really want that drink, I suppose you can stop that tape wherever you want when you fast forward, but the end is the end, and we all know where drinking leaves that big sweaty, anxious, nauseous, riling, shaking, heap of shit pile.

  22. IWNDWYT 37. Had a dream last night where I was around people drinking something I apparently missed drinking so I walked away. Also woke up half an hour before my alarm feeling restored which never happened while drinking.

  23. Day 10 of the experiment! I felt really down about it all on Sunday but the positive feelings are starting to return.

  24. First time swimming laps in almost 10 years, and accomplished almost 3,000 yards this morning. My technique is definitely rusty and didn’t feel all that great, but being back in the water was magical.

  25. Happy mini Friday SD! I have arrived to this check in this morning exhausted. Not sure why - but my body needs a snooze button today. So I am going to be kind to myself today and stick to the slow lane. Hoping everyone finds the speed that suits them today! IWNDWYT!

  26. OoooOoofff reading this I remember a part in my dream where I was accidentally served a real cocktail but chose to drink it, and had to reset my counter. yuck.

  27. Been a rough couple of days, I was in the hospital getting my heart shocked back into a normal rhythm. Good news is that I’m sure has heck not going to drink over that! Lol. IWNDWYT!

  28. I don’t know how for all these years I disregarded that alcohol is poison. Once I put 2 +2 together, I was done. I felt like duh Fitbit, you feel like 💩 because your pouring poison down your throat. IWNDWYT

  29. I reframe things, for instance work irritation. I know it is just me being irritable so I need to work on me and let my work colleagues do their thing. It is helpful however that they are all great people. Well most of them. IWNDWYT

  30. Good morning from beautiful sunny Vermont. I’m taking a creative writing therapy group right now and I think that the purpose is all about looking at how you see things (difficult ones) and then talking about it with your fellow group members. It really is about reframing and learning from each other, and I find it incredibly eye opening and helpful. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and IWNDWYT!!

  31. I try to reframe my circumstances a lot, though it definitely takes practice. I need to do that more here on reddit. If someone calls me stupid, I could remind myself that they don't know me at all, so how do they know I'm "stupid"?

  32. I first started questioning my relationship with alcohol about 6 years ago. At that time, I was killing a bottle to a bottle and a half of wine every night.

  33. IWNDWYT All. Day. Long. 🌻 Today is a harder day to me. The anniversary of my mom's death. 19 years. Still no easier as the years roll on. I used to drink to dull pain. That did not work. Today, I'm feeling my feelings, and leaning into the pain. Soberly. Thank you SD, for not being judgy as to reasons, but being supportive of all the days. Especially the hard ones. All that being said, today WILL NOT be a new day one. Nope. Today, I will not drink. The daily check in matters. It helps. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

  34. Just completed another day one in the Southern Hemisphere. I love the reframing and thinking of it as research. There isn’t any shame in starting again. Glad to be here!!

  35. I do try to reframe things. And I remind myself to get curious and open my heart and mind to the possibilities. There are so many other options out there if I'm willing to let go of my expectations and trying to control things. IWNDWYT! 🙂🐱

  36. Reframing the way I see alcohol has helped greatly and I believe it has nothing positive to add anymore. My last day 1 was soooo hard to get to and I felt resolved to be done, finally. IWNDWYT friends! ☘️

  37. Love the prompt today! My biggest struggle quitting in the past was believing the illusion that alcohol was a positive asset in my life. I’m slowly learning that it’s the exact opposite. I’m thankful to be sober today and to make that commitment every day in this community where we can share this journey together. IWNDWYT

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