The Daily Check-In for Saturday, May 7th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Congratulations. I’m glad you’re here again. We are all beginners each day. Success is that you picked yourself up, dusted yourself down and stepped forwards. It takes courage and each time we become more resilient. You know what you know. And that is that you won’t have to drink today. That we can commit to not drinking today. Good luck friend,

  2. YES - if I've got a problem and I drink, I have a minimum of two problems, thanks for the reminder! IWNDWYT 🙂

  3. Have a peaceful weekend Flower. 😇. The halo does feel nice though for those perfect moments. 😂

  4. Hunkered down against the cold and the mother's day bombardment... sober and warm in bed with my cat. Making my spicy Asian chicken soup... hot enough to make my nose run. 🤤

  5. You’re doing great and I’m so glad you’re already seeing the benefits. Life is happier despite the problems. Can’t ask for more than that. And it’s achieved by one decision each day and it does get easier. It’s fantastic!

  6. Was just woken up in the middle of the night by what sounded like a loud clatter and turned out to be something falling in my shower and not an intruder. Needless to say I’m awake now at 2:30am and am having trouble getting back to sleep.

  7. I'm in! Nothing or nobody takes away my morning, I'm looking foreward to this peaceful me-time all night before:)

  8. Saturday morning fresh! Looking forward to a sober Saturday- after last Saturdays carnage - which resulted in me blacking out and passing out. So not worth it.

  9. I've been sober for over a month, thanks in part to you lovely people. Friday was hard. Work was stressful, an interview went horribly wrong, kids are not feeling good. BUT Still not drinking with you today!

  10. I've been on the go since last Sunday building a new cabin in the back yard. Very early starts and late finishes. Rewarding work and utterly exhausting. Could not have even thought about this level of commitment when on the sauce.

  11. IWNDWYT - had a great Friday and thought my withdrawal symptoms had faded but this evening I’m struggling a bit. Itchy, restless arms and legs and tired but can’t sleep. Still not going to drink. I don’t wish this on anyone!

  12. I use one of my favourite words for this “discombobulation”. It makes me laugh and reduces my state if that makes sense. Well done to get to day 15, that’s a fantastic achievement and you must be feeling great.

  13. Thanks missP, I’ve pledged each day but just haven’t been able to give it my time as I’ve been dealing with family. I see them clearly, in such turmoil and pain - flailing (what a great word you used). It perfectly describes the bounce around reaction to events in life. Drink is used to self medicate which is a crux. That used to be me.

  14. I used to worry about the weekends as that was when my drinking really went overboard. Now I look forward to getting into nature with my son and my dog.

  15. Just had breakfast at my hotel. Heard lots of drunk people in the street outside last night. I felt so happy for being sober and in bed. Just thought about how terrible it would be to wake up with hangover. No hangover on me and I am ready to face a new day. IWNDWYT.

  16. MissBmore, you’ve been inspiring, insightful, attentive, caring and available, thank you so much, you’ve held us all this week, your family are lucky 💐

  17. Starting day 3 and it's my first day here. Your stories and achievements are helping my resolve to stay sober. IWNDWYT (hope i got that right! took a while to figure out what it meant lol)

  18. IWNDWYT ☀️ I’m really proud of myself and my second Saturday waking up sober and deciding to stay sober. This daily pledge really helps!

  19. So, I host Mother's Day every year, and this year is no exception. Fourteen people and all of them drink...but not like me! It's all family, so I'm pretty keen on their habits, and I always watch. Every one of them can have 2 or three mimosas , or drink of choice, then stop. I despise mimosas, so I'd have my own (harder) stash out of sight. You know the drill...sneak pound that alone in the kitchen, then walk around with a half glass mimosa all day!

  20. Closing in on that 1-month-mark, I’ve got a bit of a test coming up tonight. I’m meeting two colleagues from work who set out to drink and vent about a particularly annoying project. I definitely need to vent about it too, but I definitely don’t need to drink with them or with you today (:

  21. Well we’ll day 5 and today is the day I really test. Myself. Feeling confident and me and the gf starting chatting again. So that’s a relief and pressure of my shoulders. I now feel I will get through today without drinking

  22. Thank you for hosting, Miss B. I hope the universe stops flinging turds at your loved ones soon, but I am glad you’re able to be there and be helpful. That’s a good feeling even when things suck.

  23. guys i went out and didn’t drink!! it was my first night out, it wasn’t a big party night (so i definitely still have more milestones to hit before i feel confident) but i went to dinner with people i usually love to drink with and was defffffinitely tempted, especially because they had really fucking great sounding cocktails, but i didn’t have a drop. i got some weird funky pickled cherry limeade soda thing instead. then we went to the bar i had my last drink in (its a regular haunt of ours) and someone asked and i said “im taking a break” and that was that. what’s crazy is i know if i had caved and had a single drink at dinner, i’d have been fucking wasted by the time we got to the bar, and blacked out before 2am. and i’d be waking up in the morning feeling like fucking hell, and having done some insane stupid shit i’d be having anxiety about for days after. but i did it, im sober, im fucking happy and proud. so im gonna try again today. IWNDWYT, and i won’t be hungover with you in the morning. have a beautiful saturday everyone 🤎

  24. Happy with no drinking first Friday yesterday. Going to the theatre and dinner tonight sober as well. IWNDWYT.

  25. ....damn I'm tired of this stop start cycle I'm in. Here's to making it stick! Thank you all for being out there.

  26. Saturday morning after a stressful end of the week, an evening out with a friend and a dinner out with my partner. Came home sober as a baby. 💪

  27. Pickle juice ! Anyone ever drank pickle juice?Claimed to be hangover remedy. I love dill pickles anyway . I've been going for pickles and juice at night a few times . I'm happy to be just curing a craving and not a hangover !! 🥒

  28. Iwndwyt! Most days I don't crave alcohol any more but sometimes it comes back and I start feeling sorry for myself. It's hard to snap out of it so gonna have a quiet Sat night in and watch some shows.

  29. Not today. 1 month, I’m coming for you. Only a week away. Today I’m gonna check out some guitars and then play with the kids. I can’t wait.

  30. Hey from one Baltimoron to another, I confess it was oddly satisfying to see a local posting these each morning. Good job, Hon!

  31. Thanks for the check ins this week MissB have really enjoyed your posts. Very happy to be sober today. It’s time soon now for me to knock the cigs on the head too, want the money back let alone the health benefits. I want to start running a bit too so that should give me some motivation. IWNDWYT

  32. IWNDWYT, happy weekend everyone! woke up at 6 am this morning feeling marvellous. just checked the time and realised i fixed all my errands before 12, awesome!

  33. Hey all! It's getting more and more normal not to drink for me - so great not to spend my evenings debating whether to have just one more. I'm down a couple more pounds too! IWNDWYT

  34. Thanks, BMore, for your wonderful leadership this week and helping me put another +7 on the counter. It has been a pleasure. Sorry that life is throwing turds at your loved ones, that sucks. Nice job simply being present in the moment.

  35. “It makes it possible for me to cope with multiple issues.” That is one of the great parts of sobriety. Sometimes I still want to run away into oblivion with drink, but that won’t help me live my life. I’m grateful for this day as a sober person. I will not drink with you today.

  36. Sometimes things suck, and its ok. Sometimes life changes, and thats ok too. We are at the top of the food chain because we can deal with those things, adapt, overcome etc all that good stuff. Thats my belief at least.

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