How do I stop?

  1. Then I would say your best option is to find a job with insurance and hold on until you get it. Or take the plunge and further your debt. I was lucky enough to have it covered by insurance. I would also look into free medical detox if you live near a major city. I was a bottle and a half drinker of vodka a day for years. I tried tapering. I tried everything. I think tapering made me worse. It felt like more of a way to drink all day with the Sinclair method. I just woke up one day and was so mad at myself and pissed off that I couldn’t quit. So I checked in the next day. I was only there 4 days. I checked in after not drinking for about 3 hours and still blew a .26. They give you benzos. You feel comfortable and actually get some sleep. The whole felt quick. I left feeling like I had my life back. It was still hard. I still had urges to drink. But I had to learn to deflect it. Instead of spending 20-30$ a day on liquor, when I felt the urge to drink. I would go drive Uber. Instead of spending that money I was making money. I bought a guitar because I hadn’t touched mine in years because of the debt from drinking and having to sell them. I started making models. I’ve always been a space lover. This isn’t to gloat about myself. But I had to find ways to keep me busy. Things I liked. And I think that is the key to stopping. Whether you go cold turkey, taper, or detox. Stay busy. Keep your mind active and engaged and learn new habits for when you feel the urge to drink. Go walk. Go drive if you’re sober. Play call of duty. Find what you have to do and give it all you have.

  2. What if you don't have healthare because the drinking made me lose my job and hence my insurance (I'm from the US obviously)? I'm well over $100k in debt at the moment strictly from medical bills.

  3. What state are you in? Medicaid covers many detoxes, it took me 3 times in medical detoxes for it to stick as long as it has. And like you, I've had seizures (7, I think) over the course of trying to quit, one where I cracked my skull and had a brain bleed - luckily I suffered no permanent damage. Please read up on the kindling effect if you have not. I imagine you are experiencing this, and thus should be very careful with trying to taper or quit without benzos to help stave off the seizures, which become more and more likely the more times you flood and drain your GABA receptors. Best of luck to you.

  4. I was going to be cute and say "I won't say the state's name but we have a few Great Lakes," which gives it away anyway. So Michigan.

  5. For me I started to take mushrooms in the hopes that I could change my mind set, what ended up happening was the enjoyment of taking shrooms and drinking a bit on it as it was a wild ride all up until the last batch that was so frekn strong it scared the living shit out of me, and everytime I think of drinking or taking shrooms I have flashbacks of that day and don't want to go there again, this worked for me but probably won't work for others but what I can say is don't loose years of your life to booze, it's not worth it. I'm 38 years old now and wish I could have the last decade of my life back, don't end up being like me, it's not worth it.

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