Literally my worst fear. Queen Mary propellor room.

  1. I agree but just imagine you accidentally fell in…… that would be the 7 circles of hell and pretty sure I’d die from fear.

  2. Some have a shroud like a short tube around the prop to increase efficiency, known as a Kort nozzle usually used on freight ships.

  3. This is the exact room in which I discovered my fear of this stuff. There was a diver mannequin down in the water there too that was creepy as fuck.

  4. I realized mine when I was young. We always visited a local dam and the spillway always had me rooted in place. I couldn't help but stand and stare at the rushing water with a feeling of fear and fascination. Also the time we visited an old mill on a field trip. There was an "exhibit" under the mill, showcasing the turbines that were still half submerged in water.

  5. I too discovered my fear in this room. Went from a fun time exploring the engine room to seeing THAT, losing my breath, and running back out.

  6. Yep. This is it. This triggers the phobia. Triggered, from my tablet hundreds of thousands of miles away, in the safety and security of my room.

  7. Same. My dad and brother toured it and there’s apparently a mannequin “diver” down there that really gives you a sense of scale. Noooo fucking thank you.

  8. Is it the shade? That shade gives me a sense of proportion in the picture, makes me uneasy. I'm feeling alert for some reason.

  9. Fun fact! iirc it did use to spin at a very low speed, but they shut it down because even though it was slow it still stirred up all the dirt and made the water so murky you couldn’t really see the prop

  10. Your fear might of been the fate of a few sailors during WWII when the Queen Mary ripped in half her escorting C class cruiser...

  11. Imagine being thrown in and you hear a low rumble. The propellor shutters a bit like it’s trying to turn. You swim away in a panic, the grating scream of the metal behind you slowly starting to spin. You feel the pull of a current like a massive hand enveloping you, you look back just in time to see the gargantuan propellor reach full speed. This is the last thing you see. (Edit: gramma and more description)

  12. And that’s the moment you realize that you gotta cut down on doing bath salts near decommissioned display ships.

  13. I went to see this in 3rd grade and saw the diver mannequin. I thought that was a real diver doing work down there. It really freaked me out back then and still gives me the heeby-jeebies.

  14. Omg same! My husband thought I was the only one, glad to know I’m not lol I close my eyes when you walk by that room, my kids love it, it fills me with a sense of dread I can’t even describe

  15. The Queen Mary is a former cruise ship from the 1930s that they permanently moored and turned into a hotel sometime in the late 60s. They placed a building over one of the propeller blades so guests could get a closer look at it. It's one of the more creepy things you can see at the hotel/ship.

  16. I’m in no way trying to be disrespectful, but what about this scares everyone here? I thought this was just a group mechanical stuff under water, I didn’t realize it was an actual fear.

  17. Like many others, this exact room sparked my submechanophobia. That “diver” was the limit. It didn’t help that this room came at the end of a very dark and cavernous engine room (they’ve added some lights since, and I suspect closed off some portions). I went back 5 years or so ago and it took a few minutes of working up to be able to peek my head in. JUST as bad as I remembered.

  18. I don't remember this when I visited the Queen Mary in 2008! Maybe it was closed off when I went? Or I just didn't go to that part, because I definitely would've remembered that! What I do remember is my dad and I exploring a room with a bunch of pipes (I don't know if it was the Engine Room, it's getting harder to recall things from over ten years ago like I used to, as I inch closer to 35) down a small flight of stairs and under the walkway, and my dad encouraging me to sneak off away from the public and wander around below the pipes! It was really cool seeing the ship from a perspective not many get to see! We weren't in danger, but I doubt any employees would've been happy had they found us, but there was only one other small three-person group in the room with us, so no one really noticed. I did find a cold spot under the pipes while we were down there! Either I pointed it out to my father or he pointed out to me, but definitely had a "Hey! Did you notice how the temperature suddenly dropped in this particular spot compared to the rest of the area? Did the air conditioning kick on? Are we in a spot where the air conditioning can reach us? No? Huh. Yeah, it's definitely this one spot here that's much cooler than anywhere else we walk! Well, that's weird." moment.

  19. If I remember correctly the Queen Mary suffered a collision with a cruiser during the war, many men who escaped the sinking ship were sucked into those propellers.

  20. It's a room built for tourists to see the prop. It was not this way when the ship was sailing.

  21. I don’t have submechanophobia...aside from seeing this in person, it emits a really weird energy, it’s killed people, no doubt in my mind. Scariest part of horror nights there!

  22. Hey folks....They made a room,.....the literally constructed a room that contained the hellish hellscape of one of your most irrational fears, lit it with searchlights and a dark atmosphere. Think about what they did to us........arrrghh.....!

  23. The propeller room just has an opening to the sea or is that glass? Either way absolutely terrifying especially with that lighting

  24. .. I was almost back to sleep scrolling my Reddit feed, this woke me up instantly 😳

  25. does anyone else have invasive thoughts about being teleported underwater into the middle of the ocean? it happens to me at least once a week.

  26. This room is terrifying, you can't tell if it's day or night in there. I've never held my phone so tight when I went to try and take a picture of it.

  27. Oh man I love ocean liners but at the same time I've always been a bit freaked out esp. with the props in the movie Titanic and all that. I came up on this one without knowing about it on the tour and for a second I was like "wtf is this .....ohhhh" How the hell did they do it?

  28. IIRC that's the room with the most paranormal activity on the boat. I remember watching some video of the Queen Mary ages ago.

  29. I find this terrifying but also have an urge to jump in and conquer my fear knowing its just dark water and as long as nobody turns on the propeller i can just swim down around it and back up no prob

  30. Somebody with a more acute fear than I, explain what exactly goes through your mind when you see this image to the best of your ability.

  31. I feel like my brain wants to be scared by this but just isn’t. A little uncomfortable but not scared. I’ve seen various pics of this as well. It’s almost like I want to be scared but also, maybe I should take advantage of the fact that I’m not hmm..

  32. this is exactly what started my submechanophobia…you couldnt pay me enough to enter that room, even just being near that room would make me have a panic attack

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