Comparing Secret benefits vs. Seeking …?

  1. I use the two sites differently based on their pay structure. SA is flat fee for 1 month. When I'm highly motivated to find a sugarbaby quickly, I use SA. SB is a credit system. The credits never expire. I slowly scan SB and only contact new members that perk my interest. I just got back from a M&G with a POT from SB today; we plan on meeting again.

  2. I did a test of SB a few weeks ago. Search for it. The site wants you to pay for messages so they send you a ton of fake messages so you will reply. Total waste of money & time.

  3. Yes! I’m a SB and the site sends my automatic message for people I don’t even looked the profile… it appears that I always initiate the conversation but I didn’t

  4. If you use SB, only deal with profiles that have the verified logo on them. Otherwise, you're almost assuredly dealing with a fake or scammer.

  5. Since 86 out of 100 accounts on SA are fake nowadays, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's probably like 96 out of 100 on SB if there is indeed more.

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