Would you date a SB that lived in a different state?

  1. this subreddit has hidden gems I noticed. anyone willing to go to the distance to meet in person definitely has to be a good planner and patient. maybe even have a back up plan on standby

  2. If you can plan a week in advance, pay for her flights and she will be willing to spend sufficient time with you and still be fresh and not tired..then go for it..

  3. I am too fond of doing random things with my SBs to have one that lived more than an hour away, let alone a flight away.

  4. I’ve dated several. One lasted a year and lived in the PNW and she was in SoCal. Another lived in SLC and I was in the PNW.

  5. IMO the question is wrong. It's not about different state but distance. In NYC, I would probably date a girl from NJ. No way I would date LA girl if I'm in SF - even that is the same state. I would not fly to date SB.

  6. My SGF is a 3 hour flight away. We take the time, and make the time, and it works for us. She took a new job 8 months into our SR, and I support her goals. If that means being apart most of the time, then we make up for it when we are together.

  7. I am in NYC and would love to getaway constantly because it is really hectic here , so yes but no more than 1 hour flight or 3 or 4 hours drive

  8. flight/drive time is notable. im curious how far someone is willing to drive. I live in Dallas so I consider Houston and Austin SDs.. but then I consider is OKC or Little Rock too far? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to broaden the search

  9. I have. Of course I live within 30 minutes of three different states, so it is not unusual to have an interstate relationship. My current SB is 20 minutes away in a different state.

  10. If i were a SD, i wouldnt mind having a long distance SR. As long as communication is present, and we make time for one another when we can, it shouldnt be a problem. As stated before, COMMUNICATION is key.

  11. My GF lives in a different state. I mean it is a 45 to hour drive from me to her, but yes, I would! ;) Does that count?

  12. Only if I lived in an area that did not have ONE attractive SB. We are talking about increasing the sugaring cost by a factor of 2X depending on travel costs.

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