Sugar Daddy Meet isn't the worst.

  1. I'd agree. It was definitely a place one could find real prospects. Maybe not as many as on seeking, but certainly enough to make it worth it, and it is cheaper, though not significantly so.

  2. Sugardaddy meet and Secret Benefits are one in the same. A lady contacted me on Secret benefits. But when we spoke she said she messaged me from Sugardaddy meet and I had a profile on there. Well I sure as hell didn't create a profile there !

  3. The structure of their search filters is abysmal, at least in the UK where there is no way to filter beyond council levels or country level (Greater London anyone?)

  4. I agree. I live within a 20 min drive of 4 States in the US. Hate running 4 searches when 90% in each search is way too far away.

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