New Arrival & New Theme Update - MINHO “Heartbreak” & New Limited Edition Theme Update - aespa “Dreams Come True”

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  2. Well, to be fair, every arrival theme has to be a normal theme. If Heartbreak were an LE and you can't get all of them in 7 days, you'll have to wait another week until you get another MINHO card.

  3. GOT will have a normal theme that's for sure in Oh!GG's case Dalcom should update a le for them we don't know when Oh!GG cb to be honest this is the only chance right now lol

  4. Just curious but do you know if GOT has been confirmed as a new group? Since they didn't get an MV I was wondering if they were really going to be added as a fixed group.

  5. another aespa LE :/ aespa is one of my ults but the number of LEs theyve been getting compared to their normal themes.. hope they'll give them more normal themes. but on the other hand i love the LE though so no complaints. and my bias finally got added to the game omg. will probably r99 once he gets an LE. also not really related to the themes but i dont like the new ads ive been getting. its just annoying because usually i could get out of the ad easily but now its just unskippable ads and when i try to close the ad itll redirect me to the app store

  6. omg same with the ads!!! i was wondering what was up with those. they don't even show the x button anywhere until you start clicking around and it shuttles you off to the app store. hoping it's a bug and they fix it soon. 😭

  7. The worst is when the add doesn't work so you can't get out of them and has to close the game in order to be able to play xP

  8. fr I can’t believe I’m gonna spend rp for this just bc of this damned wallpaper and I don’t even stan aespa but it’s so pretty ugh

  9. Are you kidding me!?? We just had æspa le and another le?? Æspa has reached a point where I'll only spend resources when they will release a normal theme..

  10. I don’t see ohgg happening at all but got might. I’m hoping for one too bc I like to torture myself (7 cards to collect omg SEVEN. all the dias…)

  11. the frustrating part about getting new aespa les is that they're pretty... it's just not smart to put them in top 5 because before u know it, u want to make the new pretty theme your equipped one and then bye bye upgrade progress

  12. I will save my dias for potential GOT and Oh!GG update in the future. Step Back is stuck in ny head since Day 1 and I will get their event bg image for sure cause I really love their line up bruh BoA, Taeyeon, Wendy and Winter in 1 bg image c'mon that's a must have!!! I will try to get the Aespa le using rp cause I like phone themed le and just glad they added Aespa's version of Dreams Come True cause I really like the remake!!

  13. this is such a pretty LE that gives my SYNK theme a run for its money but come on, at this point it’s getting harder and harder to maintain the R-max due to the huge influx of their LEs.

  14. i love aespa but they're becoming rv, getting LEs every two weeks. worse part is at least rv already has bunch of normal theme cards while aespa quite literally has two :(

  15. I feel like at least RV have a lot of songs in the game too to balance things out a bit, but it's getting out of hand that aespa has 11 themes, 9 of which are LE, but only 9 songs...

  16. It’s a sad comparison how RV debuted in a time where LEs weren’t really a thing in the game, and Aespa debuted when Dalcom really started pumping LEs. I don’t mind RV getting many LEs because like you mentioned, many of their earlier themes were normal ones, but the ratio of Aespa LE to normal themes is getting absurd… Every time I see a new LE for Aespa I think to myself “wow, is Dalcom really that shameless?” but at the end of the day we aren’t obligated to buy them and some people out there will continue to pay money for every theme, so I can’t really blame Dalcom for capitalizing on the easy cash grabs..

  17. This is not a fair comparison considering Red Velvet actually got 3 normal theme updates last year and they have never had a Red Velvet LE event twice in a row.

  18. whoa got stupidly lucky for the aespa theme got winter from the free B card , winter and giselle from one 30 card pack and karina from a R card pull i probably just used up all my luck for this year 😭😭

  19. This is a reminder that this post will serve as the megathread for all card pulls, questions, and relevant discussion about the theme update. Any other threads will be removed by moderators.

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