Weekly 'Anything Goes' Thread - July 13, 2022

  1. i hate myself for not knowing that one of my fave shinee songs is called 'honestly' because i would've voted for this song T-T

  2. if we get an event similar to ssjyp should i complete my im the aespa or yeppi yeppi le? i rlly like yeppi yeppi pics but the border is kinda basic on the other hand i also like im the aespa and the border is nice but idkkk

  3. Do you think I should sell all my non-LE cards (except R cards)? I don't really have anywhere near the dias and rps I should have for the anniversary.

  4. if you plan to PUC during anniversary it's probably good to keep the cards. but if you don't, then yea I guess sell away! anniversary likely will give out so many cards through packs that you'll get a lot again

  5. I just wonder, does the phone screen size affect how you play? for instance, do you fsp more in larger screen (6.5"~) or smaller screen (5.8"~). for me, i think it depends which size you're used to. last year i play in a smaller screen (5.8") and i was able to get more fsp than i did before). and now i'm back to using my other phone which has larger screen (6.5") and i think i'm not used to it anymore, therefore, affecting how i play. What about you?

  6. I had the iphone 7 up until last year, then i upgraded to the 12 pro max which is WAY bigger and i have to say i play way better than before🤷‍♂️

  7. 1/150 yesterday for æspa, then came the mission and code rewards, all Karina cards. Sometimes, idk anymore

  8. donate a karina.. i have bought 3 r cards cause i rlly like this theme and they were all winter 😭

  9. I'm currently 1/300 .... lol...it was a Giselle card....to top it off, the coupon code gave me...another Giselle. Oh But to top that, the 5 time play song challenge reward also gave me...... another Giselle card.....

  10. pulled 5 packs and got everyones card, so i thought i would test my luck and open some more so i could just upgrade them. not a single member came out why dalcom. got a bunch of karina GOT cards though

  11. how do you guys get used to playing on a new phone? i recently bought a new phone as my old phone has been having problems. my new phone is a s22+ and it's longer than my old phone which i'm not used to

  12. how similar will the sm anniversary be? im hoping it wont be the same because the event wasnt fun for me until the event glitched and they unlocked all the levels.

  13. pulled 10 aespa packs and got 2 winter cards, used the coupon and got a winter card, played 5 times and got a winter card

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